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    David Bradford- Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking to the Top

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    Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way to the Top by David Bradford

    No matter where you are on your career trajectory, a new college graduate, a CEO, or anywhere in between, networking is essential to your success. Here, David Bradford shows us, "network" doesn't have to be a four-letter word.  Bradford, "The Bottlecap Kid", rose from humble beginnings to become CEO of two of the country's top 50 tech companies and is arguably the most connected human on planet Earth. In this book, he shares with us his six "UP Principles" - The very same strategies he attributes to his tremendous success.

    Today, David is Executive Chairman of VIEW- Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds aka FluentWorlds. Imagine a 3D virtual classroom where instead of having video games interfering with classroom instruction, video game technology is at the core of your instructional paradigm. The VIEW is transforming the way education and language training is done.

    His website is http://www.davidbradford.com/   

    To order the book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    UCB Radio Special Edition: NLDS Game 1

    in Sports

    It's an historic matchup between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs and the United Cardinal Bloggers are here to break it down for you.  Tonight, Dan Buffa (StL Sports Minutes) and Kevin Reynolds (About.com) talk about all the ins and outs of the first game of the National League Divisional Series.  They'll talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what today's result means for the rest of the series, plus take a peek at Saturday's Game 2.

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    Tales of of a Hustler (The Dope Game Backwards) w/ Karl Price AND 1ST 48 PRESHOW

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    Tales of a hustler (the dope game backwards) w/ Karl Price AND 1st 48 PreSHOW

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  • Let's Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha - "Steppin' Up Yo Pen Game"

    in Radio

    Special Guests: Author/ Publisher Danielle Marcus

                            Author/Publisher  Racquel Williams

                            Author/Publisher  Cynthia Blue

                            Author Necole Turner

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    Finally Friday

    in Comedy

    A man in India chopped his wife's head off, then walked around with it before he was arrested. He said he was window chopping with his wife.

    How did the women that Bill Cosby allegedly have sex with, know what he was doing? The were doped up!

    Woman tells man that another man is fine. Man tells woman that most likely the other man is gay. She gets mad. Man tells woman that another woman is fine. Woman tells man that the other woman is most likely a hoe...why do we do that?

    Remember when people used to stick their car alarm remote against their face to set the alarm, thinking it made a difference? I wonder if people still do that.

    Who used to throw their old Nintendo controller at the console when the game kicked our ass...now the controllers are worth more than the games.

    Runners always run to stay healthy, but look like the sickest people ever. Burn victims are prettier.

    San Francisco now has an online report that tells you when people had shit on the sidewalk. 

    Chinese symbol tattoos don't really mean anything. But I bet there's a lot of people in China with English tattoos.

    Are people still doing hashtags, and are they making a difference?


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    NFL has a negative impact on High School Football; MLB playoff update / recap

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    Ligonier Valley High School entered tonights high school football action 5-0 and had a tought opponent in HuntingdonHigh School. This was a competitive game with Huntingdon jumping out to a 14-6, and then a 21-6 halftime lead. Ligonier Valley made some great halftime adjustments to stop the powerful running game, and created some turnovers. However, during the course of this game I saw players throwing their arms up in the air wanting a pass interference call, grabbing the neck of their jersey wanting a holding call, and arguing and pleading with the referees play after play. Are we to the point that if the offense doesnt get positive yards they want a penalty? Also, if the defense doesn't stop the offense they want a penalty? Call me old school and maybe I just want to watch a competitive football game without the side show.  What are your thoughts?

    The wild card games are over and the MLB divisional playoffs are underway with all teams in action today.  We will look at each series and talk about the momentum that some teams have, and if there are any teams that should be concerned.  There is a lot of baseball to be played, but when teams are hot in the postseason they can make that magical run. Listen in and call the show.


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    The Hypocrite: A Racist is Sick

    in Religion

    Studying the word of Yah(God) for our sanctification and salvation.


    1. American military bomb Afghan hospital

    2. 12 year old black boy gets suspended for playing staring game with caucasian girl classmate.

    3. The Lord changeth not: A universal law

    4. Policies of the devil against the nations of the world

    5. A sick minded people

    6. Yeshua is the Son of Yah because He said He is

    7. Body of Christ or belly of the beast.

    8. 'White' by definition

    9. A nation whose history tells it all

    10. Time to come out of her and be saved





  • Elohim Hour:Urantrian Barber Shop Vol 4"Keshe Plasma Thought Adjusters

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    Workshops are every thursday.... 

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    Season 1 Madden16 Week 5" Teams Are Battling For Position"

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    Hello myEcon world, its been a great 1/4 of the way so far in the myEcon league where competition is at an all time high. The Broncos remain #1 after beating the #2 ranked Vikings in a close match, while the Rams continue to move up taking over the #2 slot by showing new coming the Cards why he's a 3x champ. The Bills made quite a statement beating the undefeated Giants and moved up to the #3 slot, while the Bengals lost a close game without his QB Dalton. The Panthers, Falcons, Vikings, Chiefs, Giants,Bears,and Bucs round out the Elite 11 for week 4. There are so many teams that are right there in the mix, and with a little more will power, the shift in power can change very quick. 


  • DDRWFP Podcast

    in Hockey

    Matt and Amanda break down the Wings 4-0 Win over the Maple Leafs tonight. What went right for the Wings and how did Jeff Blashill fair against Mike Babcock's Maple Leafs. They'll also get into Tomorrow's game vs Carolina as Petr Mrazek get the start. Plus the Rise and Fall of Daniel Cleary and more.