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  • Apostle Debra Deanes and the End Time Men and Women of War

    in Religion

    Good evening, I am Apostle Debra Deanes and The End Time Men and Women of War!  We greet you in the Powerful Name of our Lord and Savourio Jesus!!! Welcome to our worship Service!!! We invite you come let your hair down and join in the service with us.  You are welcome to clap your hands, stump your feet,  shout if the Hy Ghost lead you.  We have our worship service every Sunday evening at 4:00 pm eastern time.  See you soon!!!

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    I am Apostle Deanes with the End Time Men and Women of War Global Ministry.

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    Good evening, I am Apostle Debra Deanes with the End Time Men and Woman of War Global Ministry.  Welcome to the Prayer Room. On tonight, We will have our praise or testimonies, we will have our prayer part of the service and prophecy.  Everyone can tune in and request prayer.  If you want us to pray for a certain thing, we will do that too.  If God gives us a word for you, we will release the word. We have faith together with you that God will move mountains in the Name of Jesus.  This Service is call the prayer room. Everyone Is Welcome!!!!

  • The End of Time

    in Poetry

    What does it take for us to know of our salvation? Jesus Christ is coming again but the answer to all these questions surrounding his coming again. People have decide to give up on their salvation and going to church. Look at our nation with rain over flow and storms around us. If we are bible student not so much going to church but student of the word of God.

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    The End of Time

    in Poetry

    Do you want to hear the truth the end of Time by the Prophet Theophilus McPherson Sr

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    Endtime study of the word

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     we are studying in the book of Daniel.  We are on the seventh chapter and 11 verse.  Studying on the four beasts.  We are discussing the image as well.  The head of gold, the arm of  silver, and brass, iron, and iron and clay .  All of this have meaning.  We are trying to find out through the study of his word.  Tonight we will discuss what each beast mean or symbolic of.  Also we will answer any questions that you have.  We have a End time ministry and church.  We have to learn and teach on these things.  Many of these things will happen before Jesus come back.  We need to know.  We are going to connect this to the book of revelation. 


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    A word in due season for the 'End Times', Knowing the Heart of God 2

    in The Bible

    The Author continues to read from the Book of Jeremiah, the Prophet who the Lord of hosts, sends to His peculiar people to give them the word of knowledge, warning and guidance.  The Lord’s chosen people the people of Israel and Judah, continues to disobey the voice of the Lord, and therefore the real complaint is against those higher spirituality that intercept his people, their minds and their ways.  The people commit adultery that is they bow down to idols instead of acknowledging their God, the Lord of hosts.  In this the people also commit wickedness in their sacrificial offer by burning seeds to Molech, which is killing their sons and daughter to a false god.  By putting another before their true Lord God, the people commit sin.  The Lord of hosts abhors this type of consciousness in the people for they are in a degraded state.  The Lord of host speaks that He is the God of all flesh [Jeremiah 32:7] so He shall do as sees to do to His people and evil shall fall upon them.  The Lord continues to complain through His Prophet Jeremiah that He is a living God who sees, knows and acts; therefore no longer will the Lord be known as the God that leads the children of Israel out of Egypt.  Instead He shall be known as the LORD who lives and He shall bring the seed of Israel from wherever the Lord has caused them to scatter and they shall live in their own land.

    The word of the Lord here is that the Lord shall work with the young people in this coming season to prepare them for the new blessings to come upon the earth.  The Lord speaks that He is a living and true God, who watches and knows the thoughts and acts of the people.  The Lord affirms that the seed He has prepared are new people who shall eventually come to rule the earth and the Lord of host as their main Governance. 


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    Sunday Worship Service

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    We have our Sunday evening Worship Celebration every Sunday at 4:00 pm.  We call our worship to order. Then we have our devotion service.  We have a scripture and a prayer.  Then we have our testimony service.  God is worthy to be praise. After that we will have our praise and worship.  We sing Zion songs to the Lord.  After praise and worship, we get prepared for the Word of God.  The Subject on tomorrow is Heart Trouble.   The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; Who can know it?Then after the word of God, we have our Altar Call!!!! We are going before the Throne of Grace!!!'

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    Praise, prayer and prophecy ; Welcome To The Prayer Room!!!!!

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    I greet you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!!!! We, the Endtime Men and Women of War Global ministry want to invite you in the name of  Jesus to join us as we give God what rightfully is his.  If it had not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be. We want lift the Name of Jesus tonight and get everything that he has for us.  You come join us and let your hair down, kick your shoes off, shout if the Holy Spirit lead you too.  We to encourage you get before the Lord and seek His face while he maybe found, call on Him while you have a chance.  We need the Lord and cannot make it without him.  It is so important to have a prayer life.  We can't make without talking to the Lord. The service tonight is call The prayer Room.  Come before the throne


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    Apostle Debra Deanes is our teacher.

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    The End time Men and women of War Global Ministry have our devotion, testimony service, praise and worship, and the preaching of Gods word. Then we have our alter call. This is every Sunday. On Monday  the 18th, we will have the study of Gods word out of the book of Daniel.  We are going to have a Holy Ghost party and a Holy Ghost party font stop!!!! Pray until the power of the Lord come down!!!! We want to encourage you on this day

  • Q&A The End of Time. Let talk about the end of time. The Mark of Rev.13:18

    in Poetry

    If you have a question for the prophet ask him now. Do you want to know your future through the scripture let us talk about it. How do you know that you are saved. How you know that you have the Holy Spirit? I ssuffering part of being a Christian. What do you know about the end of time. Are we living in the last days. Question and Answer time what do you want to know about the Bible . Is the Bible a man made book or should we be looking for another book to read. What verison of scripture shoul I be reading? What about the NIV verison what mistakes is in the book that make you jnow its not God breath in it.

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    One Word From the Lord ~ Pastor Joseph Rowell & Prophet Yvonne Rowell

    in Christianity

    Join us every Tues. night for a Powerful time in the Lord with Apostle Yvonne and Pastor Joseph Rowell   8pm PST, 10pm CST,11pm EST we are going to go back to were it all started...... Pentecost !!!!!   Tell a friend and join us ... Simply press the play button or if you need prayer call in 15 or 10 minutes before your appointed time..

    Call in at 1-347-855-8197 and we will agree with you in prayer....