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    EMS Response, Training and Patient Outcomes

    in Education

    We focus a lot on response in EMS. Our response allong with our training can effect patient outcomes. But what about when response is the focus without equal attention to training. Getting there is only part of what we do, yet is often the one marker that is looked at when it comes to a patients outcome.

    This week we talk about EMS response, call types, training and how they reflect on patient outcomes.

    Does the 8-10 minute response have a positive impact or is it better training and equipment?

    Join us for this discussion.

  • The EMS Synopsis

    in Caregiving

    This week we will be discussing different events in EMS. Call in to listen to the show or to participate in the show.

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    When Is It Enough EMS Training?

    in Education

    Paramedics and EMT's seem to be in a constant mode of some type of training. Continuing education, recertifying, skills updates and more. Now to me this is a good thing. I dont think we ever know it all.
    So is there a time when we have enough training? When we can be deemed competent and trusted to treat the wide variety of patients we encounter? What about when someone doesnt get it, makes the same mistakes over and over. Is it time then to stop training and start thinking of another way?
    Join us for this episode and give your thoughts by calling in or chatting live.

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    Alabama EMS Conference

    in Training

    The change we've been talking about is here! It's time! Alabama EMS Conference sponsored by the Alabama EMS Association and multiple other partners! 3 days of emergency medicine con ed. 

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    The EMS Lounge Launch podcast

    in Training

    EMS educational podcast covering various topics that we encounter in EMS. 

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    The Good, The Bad and EMS

    in Training

    Time to police our own in our field. Are we advancing and progressing as a field like we should or are we stagnant. Are we going to accept the lower standards and non progressive stagnant providers and leaders we have or will we take control of our trade? Time to eat the weak! Wage War! 

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    EMS Compassion Or Criminal Conduct?

    in Education

    Recent two FDNY EMS Paramedics have been accused with faking an ambyulance call report after some confusion with a DNR. We all know that the Call Report is a legal document. But did these medics act on compassion based on the patients and family wishes? Or did they make such a grave error as to cost them their jobs and even jail time?

    Join us for a special live show and give your thoughts on the topic.

    Here is a link to the article in the Staten Island Advance. It should get your juices flowing for sure.



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    January 7, FEG Sacramento Sales Training Recap of Wednesday Training

    in Marketing

    On January 6, 2016, my company, 321SetAppointments.com, started working with a life/annuity insurance agency based in Sacramento. Freedom Equity Group (Sacramento) or FEG Insurance Services LLC, headquartered in Santa Barbara County, is part of a network of FEG offices across the United States.

    Today's show will serve as a recap of Wednesday's sales training. The full training session is scheduled for January 9, 2016 at the Sacramento office.

    At the request of the Sacramento FEG manager, 321SetAppointments.com is helping agents learn the art of Selling Without Appearing to Sell or SWAS.

    The actual fee-based, SWAS sales training is a 6-hour session that helps insurance and real estate agents, or any company with a sales component, learn how to sell using traditional sales training practices.

    These sales training overview will be 30 to 60 minutes, each Thursday evening, 730 (PT).

    The first four weeks will not include any conversations with agents from the office. By early February, we will showcase agents who are learning and growing.

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    Sales Training Complexes: Things That Hold Us Back from Successful Selling

    in Marketing

    This show is from a recent sales training class conducted for a Sacramento area client.

    Many salespersons suffer from complexes that hinder production and performance. Interestingly enough, true sales training helps salespersons understand and work through these issues.

    My sales training company, 321SetAppointments.com, recently added the module on managing complexes.

    As discovered, the majority of salespersons agreed that they had some type(s) of complexes which needed to be addressed.

    A solid sales process is the key to minimize the ill-effects of complexes. Salespersons experience anxiety and frustration because most sales training programs do not include this every important conversation. It's definitely not an easy conversation to have with people, but the salesperson attendees were grateful that the subject was brought to the forefront.

    We hope this show helps salespersons, insurance managers and real estate brokers.


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    Training Day