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    How to Assess an EMR for your medical practice

    in Management

    Our guest on More For Your Practice Radio is Kristin Walker, the owner of EVEHR (everything electronic health records), a behavioral health provider advocacy and consulting firm that helps clients assess the most appropriate electronic health record system for their practice needs and funding level.  She will be sharing her tips on how to evaluate an EMR and what tricks to watch for during an EMR demo. 

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    "The Secret of Quality is Love"

    in Health

    Dr Jonas, your host, holds a late night session about morbid measurement, murderous metrics which are killing healthcare.  The NYT article "How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers" by Robert Wachter in the Sunday Review is a timely message of importance to the nation.  We will discuss it.

    How does this relate to Family Medicine?  Many ways.  We have abandoned our essence as unmeasurable fluff.  We have agreed to be measured by wigeteers and come up short for our patients.  Patient autonomy be damned and meaningful use be honored seemed to be our motto.  We failed to exert the leadership that would protect our patients from massive amounts of bonus based healthcare.  The EMR outranked medical ethics.  Is there hope?


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    MTHFR, B Vits, EMR, Clinical Decisions, Grief

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    Discussion of MTHFR, use of methyl B vitamins, EMR rants from my blog, Clinical Decision Making, a few more incidentaloma comments and Grief in December from another of my blog posts.  Dr Synonymous (Pat Jonas, MD) reviews blogs, tweets and the medical literature.  He is a Board-Certified Family Physician who is holistic minded and curious about the human condition.

    Listen in as he reflects on the health care system, Family Medicine and holistic health.

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    EMR and YOU

    in Health

    How you can benefit from owing an EMR. How it can help save your life in an emergency, disaster or accident. The Boy and Girl Scouts taught us to "Be Prepared" but I bet 90% of you, if I asked, could not remember their medications , names, doses and what they were for if it were an emergency.
    Funny we always think, "It will never happen to me" until it does and then we try to scramble to pick up the pieces. Why put yourself in harms way? Not only can you store your medical information but vital documents, pictures, insurance policies, wills, licenses, passports and much more. In short you could carry your entire life in your hands without any worry because it is password protected and encrypted with military grade 256AES encryption.
    Our first show will be more of statements than an Q & A, but I would like you to put some questions down on paper so you could ask me the next time or email me at norman@sgmscorp.com and i will answer your questions, every one of them.
    Thanks and I will see you on the Radio....Norman

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    EHR Trickery: Watch Out for EMR Sales "Hocus Pocus"

    in Business

    Confused by which elecronic medical record software system you should use in your medical practice? Most sales demos are not very helpful; in fact, they are full of trickery. On our next More For Your Practice, Kristin Walker, owner of EVEHR (Everything Electronic Health Records) pulls back the curtain and reveals what's really behind all the bells and whistles that your EMR rep is trying to persuade you to buy. 

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    Where Behavioral Health EHR Vendors are Missing In Action with Doug Edwards

    in Psychology

    Join Doug Edwards, Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Behavioral Healthcare division, joins us to today to discuss what is trending in Behavioral Healthcare today and what EHR vendors are missing when it comes to marketing their software.  

    Some of the questions we asked Doug are listed below:

    What big trends have you seen in the behavioral health field during your 15 year career? 

    Why do you think investors are interested in behavioral healthcare now? 

    Should providers be concerned about the amount of “new money” flowing into the field? 

    Does the increased investment in the field only apply to for-profits? What about for not-for-profits? 

    What is the role of information technology and EHRs in relation to the investment flowing into treatment centers? 

    Where can providers turn to for information on selecting EHRs?

    What trends should providers be preparing for now? 

    How can listeners become more engaged with Behavioral Healthcare magazine? 

    Please read the full blog article here.

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    EMR & YOU (2)

    in Health

    The continuation of the EMR story. Guest to include Dr. James Joy, surgeon to discuss the role of the EMR and physicians.

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    Electronic Medical Revenue - A New EMR Paradigm

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with Steven Ferguson, Patient Management Officer, at Hello Health, Inc. as he discusses a new paradigm for EMRs....Electronic Medical Revenue. Steven outlines the opportunities for practices to generate incremental revenue streams based on the Hello Health EMR platform. This is a must-listen for any practice currently seeking to invest in an electronic medical record either for the first time or as a replacement.

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    EMR & You (3)

    in Health

    Today we will cover some of the changes in the Health Care Law HR-1 & HR 3200 both passed by President Obama, and how it effects the EMR use.
    We will also go in depth on why we decided never to put any part of our program on line due to all the hacking of records. We will cover medical fraud compared to credit card fraud and why crooks are leaning towards medical fraud 10-1..

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    Simple Steps to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation in Your Home

    in Health

    If you've been watching the news recently, you may have seen the increased coverage that has been given to the dangers of EMR (electromagnetic radiation), especially in your home. Many people have taken on some "bad habits" that could have serious long-term health consequences (i.e. sleeping with our phones next to our heads...yikes!)

    You may not even realize that your home is a hot bed for a TON of electormagnetic radiation, especially if you are like most people and enjoy using your phones, wifi, and other electronic devices daily. 

    Join me as I chat with EMR Expert Ray Pealer on my show to talk about simple steps you can take to reduce the electromagnetic radiation in your home. 

    Join us to learn: 

    1. What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and why does it matter? 

    2. How do I know if there is electomagnetic radiation in my home? 

    3. What are some simple steps that I can take right now to protect my family from EMR? 


    With over 20 years experience measuring EMR radiation, Ray works together with his clients so that they learn what is happening in their home, and they often end up having a life-changing experience. To learn more visit: www.emrsafety.net

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    Browser Based Behavioral Health EHR: Checkpoint by Integrity Support

    in Psychology

    Integrity Support is a North Carolina based electronic health record software company created for Behavioral Health providers. They have a unique and browser-based product. The founding members are comprised of a clinical psychologist and software engineer.  Please read their accompanying blog article here.  We interviewed both their CEO and Vice President on our show and covered the questions below:

    1. How and why did you get started?

    2. Why the name Integrity Support? 

    3. Why do you do what you do?

    4. What are your company strengths? 

    5. What makes your Checkpoint software different from other EHR’s? 

    6. What are your biggest challenges?

    7. How have you competed with the big EHR’s? 

    8. You’ve said that the most common feedback you hear about your Checkpoint software is that it is the easiest system available. Why is that?

    9. How sustainable is Checkpoint by Integrity Support for the future?