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    Popular Things Employers Do To Get Sued

    in Legal

    Do you know how to implement the proper classification of your employees?  Are you making sure that your supervisors are receiving proper training before dealing with employee issues?  Are you aware of how vacation policies and overtime are supposed to be utilized and what the law requires should it become necessary to terminate an employee?  In this show, Bill and Rick discuss these and many more issues which have been a “popular” source of lawsuits that otherwise could have been avoided.  Learn how you can help your business stay off the courthouse steps, resulting in both a safer and more productive workplace for your business.

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    Background Checks and Verification of Protect Employers

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    Background Checks and Verification of Protect Employers is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. If you are a business owner, manager, or work in the human resources department of a company, you’ve probably hired employees who have been less than truthful on their resumes. In fact, recent studies indicate that 75 percent of all resumes contain some form of falsification and fully 89 percent are misleading.
    The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. If you are looking for business financing, please call Apple Capital Group's offices at 866-611-7457 or go to www.applecapitalgroup.com. #applecapitalgroup #thecorecorebusinessshow #timjacquet #backgroundchecks

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    Employers measure workers' waistlines for bonuses and some with get penalizes

    in Entertainment

    Your mother isn't the only one who wants you to eat right and exercise. Employers are increasingly prodding their workers to lose weight and get more active.

    Companies are going beyond just handing out pedometers and offering Weight Watchers. Now more are measuring waist sizes, recording body fat levels and  penalizing  those who carry around too many extra pounds.

    Wellness programs have been around for years, but they are evolving. Companies are doing more biometric screenings, where they measure metricssuch as waist circumferences, cholesterol, glucose (sugar levels) and blood pressure, using independent third-party vendors to protect confidential employee data.


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    Linda Duffy - New Laws all CA Employers Should Know

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions who shares updated information and discusses Employer Best Practices.

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  • Employers Worldwide Step Up Investments in Workers’ Wellness

    in Business

    Wellness in the workplace is a rising trend all across the globe - and many employers are looking to wellness programs to drive company performance. Buck Consultants at Xerox explored this trend and more in its sixth annual Global Wellness Survey, a a study of wellness programs at more than 1,000 organizations in 37 countries worldwide. Dave Ratcliffe, principal, Buck Consultants at Xerox joins us to discuss survey results and how employers can put their best foot forward when implementing a wellness program.

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    Common Questions from Employers - Medical Marijuana Law

    in Legal

    Interested in learning more about the new Medical Marijuana Law in Illinois?  Cameron Monti, a Partner at Lavelle Law, Ltd. has authored a new book detailing the aspects of the new Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program in Illinois. Available on Amazon, “Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook” lays out the details of the new law and explains how it will impact various constituencies including employers, attorneys, landlords, patients, and those who will be operating businesses related to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.


    This Podcast with Cameron Monti will detail the commonly asked questions associated with the new legislation.  Be sure to tune in!

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    Trippy Beat Introduction

    in Business

    Who is Trippy Beat?

    Trippy Beat is an educational show that highlights current trending topics in education, workforce readiness and evaluation.

    Why did we name the show Trippy Beat?

    We named the show Trippy Beat because we wanted for our audience to have a full understanding of how some people were feeling during the economic shift of 2008, and the recovery process that is still under way. The rise of unemployment/entrepreneurialism, the lack of access for older workers, employers perspective on the unemployed, and other barriers such as generational gap, institutional standards (For-profit Vs.nonprofit). The workforce beat is consistent, but it is the job seeker's duty to create balance.


    Trippy Beat's Purpose is to have an open dialogue about the reality of unemployment, and the workforce as a whole.


    Our mission is to invite our audience to share their unemployment stories.


    Our vision is to support, elevate, and educate the workforce.

    If you would like to share your workforce stories, please e-mail us at  nltrippybeat@gmail.com

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    Employment Discrimination – The Employers Perspective

    in Legal

    What can employers do to protect themselves from discrimination claims?  How should an employer respond to a charge of discrimination?  This Podcast with Lance C. Ziebell will investigate the employers perspective in an employment discrimination claim. 

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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Disability and Productivity at School and Work

    in Education

    We celebrate Black History Month. Ask Dr. Applewhite IN Person at the African American Symposium on Disabilities in Phoenix, AZ, on February 27, 2015, More info at www.abil.org.Can a person with mental disabilities and emotional challenges achieve peak performance and develop as a transformational leader? There are too many people, including Veterans, assuming that they are unable to succeed at school and work because of their state of mind. Adult students, teachers, and employers join Dr. Danita Applewhite in discussing how to adapt to PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and other mood disorders. Special Guest Dr. Vernet Joseph, author, consultant in productivity training, and a military officer will discuss how he helps individuals to discover and develop their passions and produce success! Veterans join our VET2VET™ segment for news updates and commentary at the end of the show.
    this show is a re-broadcast aired on 4-5-2014 as “Becoming A Productive Student and Employee”. We appreciate your one time or monthly donation of at least $5 or more to continue our radio broadcasts and help our students and Veterans with disabilities, in reaching their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE. Click on Radio to listen to episodes of the Student2Teacher ™ radio show any day or time of the week.”

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    How Are Private Exchanges Impacting Employee Benefits?

    in Business

    On this week's program, Doug and Brent welcome two guests to the program as part of an hour-long discussion of private exchanges and their impact on the employee benefits landscape. 

    The first guest will be Jim O'Connor, president of employee benefits at CBIZ. In this segment, Jim and the hosts will discuss how private exchanges have developed with time and their current and potential impact on the health care market. Jim will discuss trends he sees in the employee benefits space and the role that private exchanges will have in this space -- especially among small and mid-sized businesses. Jim and the hosts will also discuss the ultimate impact of private exchanges on employers’ bottom lines.  

    For the second segment, starting at 11:30 a.m. (ET), the hosts will welcome Alan Cohen, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Liazon, to the program. This conversation will quench listeners' thirst for learning about private exchanges from their onset in 2007. As one of the earliest leaders in the private exchange market, Alan Cohen will provide an enlightening overview of the early lessons learned from running and operating a private exchange and offer insights to those who want to learn more about embarking on a private exchange implementation.

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    Hayley Hines - Culture of Health

    in Entrepreneur

    Hayley Hines has been involved in wellness for over twenty years. She helps employers develop health management programs. In this interview with Jack, she discusses how today’s health management is so much more than sticking a treadmill in the break room.

    Companies used to make a half-hearted effort at wellness by doing an annual health fair and perhaps adding a healthy food machine in the break room.

    Armed with years of data from health insurance companies, Hayley helps employers realize that strategic and comprehensive wellness programs impact not only employees’ lives, but the company’s bottom line, as well.
    In order for a company’s wellness program to work well, everyone has to be fully involved, from the top-level senior management all the way down the company’s ranks at the bottom.

    Hayley points out that a culture of health is more than offering choices of healthy food in the cafeteria. For example, according to Hayley, stress management can impact a company’s finances more positively than even a weight control program. Therefore, all aspects of health should be addressed when putting together a program.

    The impact of having a complete wellness strategy can be felt in as few as a few weeks all the way to seeing the real outcomes and results by the third year of implementation. One example she shared was of a company that had added a health clinic to their campus. Two to three weeks after this, an employee’s life was saved when he was diagnosed to be having a heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room by the clinic’s staff.

    This interview is eye opening for companies of all sizes. If you own a company or are an employee, this information will definitely be useful.

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