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    Real World #4 CERN CERN 666 DEATH AND DESTRUCTION COMING, with Johnny

    in Science

    The world that you can only see when you take the freakin' blindfold off. Either way, it'll be forcefully removed from you sometime soon, so why not wake up now? CERN CERN 666 DEATH & DESTRUCTION COMING. Does CERN headquarter's symbol of Shiva, (AND LOGO OF A 666) dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction, signal the TRUE purpose of CERN's existence? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON 3/12/15 WITH CERN? The Answer, the truth, is waiting, content. Today's main topic, was supposed to be the: Neurophone and Neurophone reversals! (Reverse Speech) But this is way more important! Are time-slips happening right now???? Would you even be able to tell???? DO YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS A GAME?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Netanyahu Is Coming March 3rd to Washington What Does Obama Say?

    in Moms and Family

    Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be addressing the house March 3rd and the word is that the White House is livid! Just what does the president have to say about Netanyahu whom accepted the request made by US House of representative speaker Senator John Boehner. There is no doubt that this is an international embarrassment and is directly due to the negotiations with Iran. We are certainly in perilous times and we may not know how serious a moment we are in. The question is will it be by negotiations or by military force that will bring an end to Iran's quest to have a nuclear weapon.

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    Mimi Hwang from Hwang's Martial Arts

    in Health

    Don't miss special guest, Mimi Hwang from Hwang's Martial Arts as my special guest. 

    Hwang’s Martial Arts wants every family to have fun, AND get healthy together on Saturday, March 7 at the Kentucky International Convention Center, all while raising funds for Kosair Children’s Hospital.  From 12pm to 2pm, there will be fire and safety vehicles, free health screenings, interactive booths provided by local businesses, a rock climbing wall, petting zoo, and bounce houses, along with many other exciting things to experience! 

    From 2 until 4 pm, festival-goers will enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime demonstration by the 1984 Olympic Medalist, Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang.  Along with the spine-tingling martial arts demonstration by Grandmaster Hwang, hundreds of Hwang’s students will be performing exciting demonstrations of their own, featuring heart-stopping weapons routines, high-flying board breaking, and an exhilarating display of precision and technique. 

    Hwang’s Martial Arts offers a variety of different programs for the whole family. HMA offers beginner taekwondo classes, all day summer camps, after school program, birthday parties, and judo/hapkido classes. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    ISIS takes 150-200 Christians hostage and plan on killing them, if President Obama don't stop the Air Raids that the United States Air Force is dropping on them. Also Susan Rice the National Security Advisor to President Obama says "Netnayahu Speech will be destructive" to the relationship between Israel and America. Also an Avalanche has killed at least 124 people in Afghanistan and many more may be dead. Also extreme weather conditions have brought cold tempertures across America and a 40 car pile-up on I-95 in Maine has left 6 injured. Also a 6.2 earthquake hits Japan. Also a Harvard Student in Boston, Mass at the Logan Airport was naked and fell though the ceiling of the woman's bathroom and then bit off a 84 year old man's ear in a "Zombie Apocalypse" attack. Also the Iran Nuke deal leaks that Sec. of State John F. Kerry was planning on keeping Iran out of the enriched urainium process for 10 years before allowing Iran to have limited Nuclear Weapons. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    FTH #77 In-depth on Spec Ops 24

    in Video Games

    We have had a few days of hands on play with Spec Ops 24 and can tell you its pretty awesome. We tackle the Group Boss of course, how to make your way through the missions, and the fact that there are 6 weapons in the set.... kind of. In the end you get to hear me get schooled on what the hell TL;DR means. It was a jam packed show full of voices, energy, and most of all news. Enjoy!


    SpecOps Drop.
    PVP next on the docket
    Group Boss

    Current Sales 

    Staff Of Storms


    New Spartan Shoutouts 

    Agent Disco Booty
    Agent Peppers
    Agent Jill Star
    Agent Hale

    See full notes on www.thehelicarrier.com

    Find everything you need on TheHelicarrier.com

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    Breaking Through Hindrances - Part 2

    in Christianity

    Part 2 of Breaking through hindrances that plague women in the ministry. It's about time management. Everyone has the same amount of time but not everyone uses it wisely. Some use their time to be productive while others waste it without giving any thought to it. Time is a gift from God and we must learn how to appreciate it and utilize it so that we become that "profitable" servant. Any other kind of servant is in trouble with God himself. The things that hinder us are really only tricks that our minds play on us. We must therefore be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We must fill our minds and hearts with the word of God so that no weapon that is formed against us will be able to prosper. The weapons of the enemy are formed only in our minds. When we accept them and act on them or decide not to act because of them, we give our adversary an unearned victory.

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    in Education


          THOR'S TUESDAYS DEBT SHOW. JOIN THOR as we hold our popular, entertaining, weekly economic Consumer Debt Collection show. We will explore the debt collection/buying industry. THOR will educate the Community on how to hold Debt Collectors liable for their Behavior and Conduct, while being compensated for violations of the Consumer protection laws.

           Today we will touch upon recent news regarding alleged Foreclosures, Debt Collection of Credit Cards, and other third party Debts. News on underhanded ways states, local municipalities, private courts, government collect debts while doing business as a corporation.

            This is a crucial time for all of US/YOU/THOR whereby every turn of your life will be an entity demanding a form of debt from you. Your knowledge of the Consumer Protection Laws are going to be paramount to your survival and the difference in poverty and stability/survival. Religion may help ground your mindset, but you will need education, your Race will not help you, this monster just wants Money, or your body.

            THOR will be tackling this topic on todays show in RAW fashion as the weapons that are formed against the Consumer/People are severe and will prosper if you are not prepared. Brother Sharif' the Lion of Judah is trying to escape from his cage to enter the Jungle and Land of Judah to warn the People. In fact this situation is so serious he has scheduled a Friday show with special Invited Guest Speakers to systematically dissect this entire Prison, Court, Probation, System of Debt Collection. This show will you will not want to miss, as it will draw a line in the sand against the Corruption.

    We are not Attorneys!!


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    Mr. Netanyahu Views on Iran, US and Obama and his speech in Congress

    in Politics Progressive

    GENEVA — Iranian and American officials ended a round of high-level nuclear talks here on Monday considering a proposal that would strictly limit, for at least 10 years, Iran’s ability to produce nuclear material, but gradually ease restrictions on Tehran in the final years of any deal.

    Mr. Netanyahu, in a dramatic speech in September 2012 during which he drew a red line across a cartoon bomb, said at the time that Iran was “well into the second stage” of enriching uranium and could complete the final stage “by next spring, at most by next summer.”

    “When the reactor begins operation, production of plutonium will begin at a quantity sufficient to produce one bomb a year, but there will be no use for the weapons as long as there is no nuclear fuel reprocessing plant,” said the six-page document. “Bottom line: though Iran at this stage is not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons, it is working to close gaps in areas that appear legitimate, such as enrichment, reactors, which will reduce the time required to produce weapons from the time the instruction is actually given.”.

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    Conquering the Spirit of Antichrist

    in Christianity

    On today's episode of Faith Time, we will learn the secret to conquering the Spirit of Antichrist. We need this teaching to help Christians overcome this hour of great turmoil and darkness. God has given us all the weapons we need to win warfare against the enemy- All you have to do is ACT.

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    Bill Martinez Live-Great guests-Politically incorrect thinking-WE LOVE AMERICA

    in Politics

    Todya´s show features Chriss Farrell of Judicial Watch, Phil Elmore and Patrice Lewis on technology ansd surviving any Crisis, peter Pry on EMP ATtacks and Nate Goodman author of the 14th Protocol.

    Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, hosted by an unapologetic AMERICAN U.S. Marine of Mexican descent who knows why people come to America but demands that immigrants come through the front door and that the rule of law be respected. Bill Martinez Live waves just one flag and has no use for hyphenated hearts torn between the Stars and Stripes and some other foreign banner.  We put the United States over party politics and broadcast our unstinting praise of this great land to 250 American cities through CRN, BML syndication and the ever popular Blog Talk Radio platform. 

    Republicans & Democrats have lost a grasp on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for America. Bill Martinez Live helps us regain it. Listen in to the show to hear every facet of the issues but keep your eye on God and the exceptionalism to which he has urged on America and its people. Our nation is at a crossroads but remember your solemn birthright fellow Americans as "We the People".  Our regular guests include former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey; Steve Evans the Movie Guy; Samantha  Mills who features spectacularly touching stories from the internet; Kevin "Coach" Collins-a NY City retired Honor Legion cop with a doctorate in Public Administration and a post doctoral degree is BS detection and Jen Horn on cultural happenings!  Would YOU like to be a rapid fire guest? Contact my producer Bill McIntosh at 305-396-2806 and leave a message if he doesnt pick up or email a 30 word intro of yourself and send us your land and cell phone numbers (if you have both) to: ocasomedia@gmail.com  

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    It is Sunday Night Gospel @ H O W C BeatRice AL. I Know you went to Church.

    in Radio

    Lesson for February 22, 2015: Clothed and Ready (Ephesians 6:10-20)

    Believer’s battle with the devil. Weapons For Battle with the Devil Satan. 6 Things You Need To Fight The Devil: (#6) God’s Word =In Ephesians, the apostle Paul says the sixth thing necessary in spiritual warfare is to use the Word of God as a sword. So, the full armor of God includes integrity, purity, serenity, certainty, sanity and maturity

    The Christian’s Conflict  |  Ephesians 6:10-12

    Preparation for Battle  |  Ephesians 6:13-17

    Prayer Always  |  Ephesians 6:18-20

    HOME DAILY BIBLE READINGS February 16: Luke 4:1-12February 17: 1 Samuel 17:19-30February 18: 1 Samuel 17:31-39February 19: 1 Samuel 17:40-50February 20: Romans 13:8-14February 21: Colossians 3:12-17February 22: Ephesians 6:10-20

    Weapons For Battle with the Devil Satan

    A spiritual battle is going on in this world and you and I are a part of this battle. ... but he is also subtle and deceptive, and we fight against “the wiles of the devil.” ... Thanksgiving is a great prayer weapon for defeating Satan.

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