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    Improving Emotional Health

    in Religion

    Emotionally healthy people are in charge of their lives emotionally and behaviorally. They are successful in their work and relationships and are able to develop healthy habits. Mary Kaleli and Martha Macharia will give us tips on improving emotional health. Listen live tonight, Tue 2/24:  8PM EST, 7PM CST, 6 PM MST, 5 PM PST: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/
    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Emotional Health: Gateway to Living Life Powerfully Part 3

    in Self Help

    This show belongs at the top of your priority list as we continue with part 3 of our Health Series! Tune in as we delve into our Emotional Health as the third gateway to Living Life Powerfully. What are the fundamentals of being emotionally healthy? Instead of suppressing, fearing, or denying your emotions, you will learn to process your emotions so that you can say/do what you mean and mean what you say/do. In other words, authentic and healthy living is finally within reach!

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    Conversations with Cameron - Emotional Health Week

    in Spirituality

    Join psychic medium Cameron Bayliss and special guest Lindel Smeley for a special broadcast at 6:30PM discussing the importance of emotional health to coincide with EMOTIONAL HEALTH WEEK on Camerons business Facebook page. Cameron and Lindel will be broadcasting live from the Q1 building on the Gold Coast.

  • Having Emotional Health with Dr. Buffy Wooten

    in Self Help

    Clinical Psychologist Dr. Buffy Wooten is our guest speaker on this re-broadcast show. Her discussion bullet points are: - Understanding your emotions and using them for your good - Many times our emotions are considered a hinderance or a liability--that they confuse our judgment and create obstacles in the process of making good and sound decisions. However what's little understood is that our emotions are hardwired in us and therefore serve a specific and higher purpose. They are actually intended to aid us in our judgement and facilitate decision making that serves us and causes our decisions to represent who we are and what we want and need.

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    Spiritual and Emotional Health/ Kim Love

    in Lifestyle

    Your emotional health and well being is so important to your everyday living. How you feel on the inside can affect what you are doing on the outside. Sometimes, it can be so hard to try and get beyond your thoughts and feelings so that you can focus on what is happening at work, let alone focus on your family and other activities.

    When people are doing well emotionally, they are extremely aware of their thoughts, and how they are functioning. According to familydoctor.org, "They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life." This could mean an upcoming deadline at work, and it's something that doesn't change your life completely, but it makes you aware of the amount of work you have to do, so that you can plan how you are going to use your time everyday to get the project done. When planning for the time to work on this project, everyone in your family and you will be aware that you need time away from them to work, so they don't view it as an emotional upheaval, and they know you aren't distancing yourself.

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    Roberta Temes: Alternative Therapies for Emotional Health

    in Self Help

    Have you always wanted to know more about alternative therapies such as hypnosis and tapping?

    Tune in for this conversation with Dr. Roberta Temes. Dr. Roberta will clarify how these therapies can be powerful tools to regain your emotional health.

    Roberta Temes, Ph.D. is an accomplished author, editor and writing instructor, as well as a seasoned psychotherapist and psychology faculty member. She lectures around the country at corporate meetings, medical conferences and health spas.

    Dr. Temes' newest book, “How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days” is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. She is also the author of the award-winning Living with an Empty Chair and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis.

    Temes is a mother and grandmother, living in both New Jersey and Florida with her husband. 


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

    Follow Cloris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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    Conversations with Cameron - Emotional Health Week

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Medium Cameron Bayliss talks about Emotional and Mental Health and it's importance in our lives. There is also a quick meditation that Cameron will guide you through that you can use in your every day life to help you find balance when you need it in a stressful time, followed by 30 minutes of meditation music that you can utilize to continue the meditation on your own.

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    Your Path to Emotional Health and Happiness with Tina D. Bennett

    in Self Help

    Tina D. Bennett is a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Intuitive Healer based in Toronto, ON and she offers several services including Inner Child Work with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring, Intuitive Counselling, as well as Angel and Energy readings.  Tina is also the founder of Blue Flame Healing.

    Everyone deserves to say "I love my life!" and Blue Flame Healing offers practical techniques along with counseling and energy work to assist others in realizing their own unique talents and to silence the inner critic that limits one's vision for a better life. Tina's ability to connect to Spirit via Angel and Spirit Guide energy, allows her to find energetic blocks to help effectively clear emotional and psychological limitations that may be hindering a person's happiness and self-worth. 

    Through ethical standards and fair treatment, Blue Flame Healing's primary goal is to help you explore your untapped potential and inner resources and clear your energy field of negative energy to help you move forward into the life you know you are deserving of.

    The use of practical techniques such as Inner Child Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Spiritual Coaching, along with Tina's natural intuitive ability, will allow for a unique and deep healing experience that incorporates mind, body and soul.

    To learn more about Tina and Blue Flame Healing please visit www.blueflamehealing.ca


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    The Female Solution: Heal Thy Life Magazine Examines Emotional Health, Marriage

    in Religion

    When asked about their goal in life, little girls used to say "I want to grow up and get married" as if marriage itself is te goal in life. For female children, it used to be. Ones aspirations were simply to be someones wife, to have the title "Mrs." in front of ones name. Today women grow up expecting much more out of life, and marriage is expected to happen along the way to becoming a doctor, lawyer, architect, scientist, writer, actress, or whatever one plans as a career. But what happens when that "Mrs." title is never received? Some women feel like failures if they never find a husband. Other women find husbands but never find themselves, they stop seeking personal goals after they become wives. They too can end up feeling like failures. In Islam marriage is said to be half the faith. What happens when you can't fulfill that half? Today we examine the emotional health of marriage and how women's self esteem is affected by the presence or absence of a spouse. Later we'll be joined by the publisher of Heal Thy Life Magazine, Sis. Maryam Muhammad, to discuss how women's identities are affected by marriage.

  • Heal Thy Life Magazine Examines Emotional Health of Marriage

    in Women

    When asked about their goal in life, little girls used to say, "I want to grow up and get married," as if marriage itself is the goal in life. For female children, it used to be. Ones aspirations were simply to be someone's wife, to have the letters MRS. in front of ones name. Today, women grow up expecting much more out of life, and marriage is something that is hoped to happen along the way to becoming a doctor, lawyer, scientist, architect, writer, actress, and any other profession. Women are achieving great things, but sometimes that "MRS" title never comes. Some women feel like failures if they never find a husband. Other women find husbands but never find themselves. As if marriage itself is the objective  of life, these women never strive to achieve their own goals. In many cases women suffer depression, either because they have a full life and lack a husband or have a husband but lack a full life. Today we'll discuss how marriage effects the emotional health of women, with the Publisher of Heal Thy Life magazine, sister Maryam Muhammad


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    The Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show (Emotional Health 1)

    in Business

    Today Talking about forming the habits of Emotional Health

    My name is Charlie Childs. Host of the Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show It is my Job to give you at least one thing to think about changing to the positive something in your Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body. We talk about your path to success. The tools and habits needed for success in your Business,Family and Faith.

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