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    Do you threaten others to get your way?  Do you manipulate people to make them do what you want?  Do you ever feel forced into things by the emotional threats of others?  Let's talk about it!!

  • FAWC (For Anyone Who Care)

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    Brandon Coleman: What You Need to Know About Poor Care at the Phoenix VA

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    Brandon Coleman appeared  Sept. 22, 2015 before the Senate Committee entitled”

    “Improving VA Accountability”,  providing first hand accountability statements of Whistle Blowers reporting violations of standard of care to suicidal Veterans.

    Coleman detailed the nature of the violations committed by the VA as well as retaliation against him personally as a result of reporting issues that should have been properly reported.

    Coleman is covered under Whistle Blower laws that protect those who report acts of negligence or any series of acts which breach fiduciary responsibility, but what about those Whistle Blowers whom have no such protection?

    Coleman discusses the issues which caused him to go forward and why he came forward when others did not and have not and /or are part of the problem as well as many other issues.

    We have heard about the lack of care at the Phoenix VA for vets. Get a clinician's first hand account of it during this broadscast.

    Support us by visiting http://www.WalterDavisEnterprises.com

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    Carmen Harris: Sh*t Happens; Magic Follows

    in Self Help

    Healer and Professional TV writer Carmen Harris wants to talk with us about “brown stuff” and “magic.” She has identified 16 magical elements in the universe we can use to bring greater harmony to our lives. And then, there’s the “brown stuff,” which needs to be moved out of the way in order to live the lives we want to live. We’re talking about both these “sides” of life, including Carmen’s wisdom about how to work with, transform and enjoy them—depending upon which of these we’re discussing, of course!

    Don’t you just love the title of Carmen Harris’ book? It makes me think she really has something to say, and is going to get “right down to it” when we talk this week! I want you to know that personally, I have enough information about the “Sh*t” part. I’m holding out to learn much more about the magic! Click here to visit Carmen Harris' Facebook page!

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    Healing The Pain From Childhood Trauma - Find Your Passion

    in Spirituality

    This episode looks at our passion and what happens when we put it in lock down. When we avoid moving into joy, we create all sorts of health disorders. Today we look at disorders affecting our physical, bowl, our hips. Issues of the bladder, large intestines, colon, prostate, ovaries and uterus.

    We are born on the planet in drama and emotional struggles. Our first moment is a painful struggle for our mother and ourself. This impacts us, severely. Without knowledge, our childhood journey will follow us into adulthood creating mental, emotional and physical disease.

    Sonia Nadina Haynes takes you on a journey of reflection and healing to change your unconscious story. She helps you to heal in a powerful way. She is an emotional healer who works from the energetic and emotional level to help you heal your physical pain. Sonia is author of The Power Of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself, Law of Attraction In Design, Oneness, Reincarnation, Separation and Integration. 

    All available on Amazon and her website. www.soniahaynes.com.  Contact Sonia Nadina to book a healing session at 778-786-1301 or contact@soniahaynes.com 

  • The Captain's Very Special Guest: Kimberly Deese

    in Current Events

    However She Is Not Allowed To Adopt Her Grandson Who Is Her Granddaughters Brother Because Cps Has Promised The Child To A Foster Family To Adopt

    The Child Since Being In Foster Care Has Been Noticeably Physically Abused And Noticeably Under Fed

    When Cps Has Been Approached About This - Their Answer Is "He Falls A Lot"  . . . That Is Not The Correct Answer

    Cps Is Using Our Nations Children As Little Profit Centers And Are Getting Away With It

    It Is Time To Stand And Fight - Not Only For Those Children And Families Who Are Being Abused By The System - But You As Well So You Do Not Become The Next Victim

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    Countdown to the @PHAvoice Forum 2015: Meet Peter Goldbach, MD @HealthDialog

    in Health

    On Thursday, October 8th, 2015 our special edition of the Countdown to the Population Health Alliance (PHA) Forum series continues with special guest Peter Goldbach, MD, the Chief Medical Officer, Health Dialog, a total population healthcare services provider that offers risk-bearing entities (health plans, employers and providers) an integrated suite of services driven by powerful analytics. .

    Dr. Goldbach brings more than 30 years of medical experience to Health Dialog’s management team, including 15 years in medical administration and 17 years maintaining a primary care and pulmonary disease practice. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for Health Dialog’s sister company RediClinic, a retail clinic service provider.

    Prior to joining Health Dialog and RediClinic, Dr. Goldbach served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Med-Vantage Inc., a healthcare informatics and engagement company. Earlier in his career, he served as Medical Director for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, where he provided medical direction for the company's "Pay for Performance" and eHealth programs, and held CEO, trustee, and medical staff president positions with two Boston-area community hospitals. 

    Register for PHA Forum here. 

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    It's YOUR Turn Radio Show-Deborah Ivanoff

    in Women


     Deborah Ivanoff, the BEING COACH, is a Certified Mediator and Master Level Life-Work coach.

    She is the author of the book, “How to Make More Good Stuff Happen.”

    For over 15 years, Deborah has worked with over 4000 realtors, executives and entrepreneurs across the globe; teaching them how to get what they want by aligning their “inner game” with their outer actions.

    Her tried and true methods get right to the heart of what’s troubling; to quickly resolve the resistance and emotional tug-of-war that often shows up during the transformation process, so that people can move forward without delay!

    You're going to love her engaging attitude and the blend of sensibility, insight and inspiration she always brings to any group. 

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    Psychic Awareness

    in Spirituality

    Laura Schwalm-Anthony is a modern-day Spiritualist who incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Laura was named Laura the Voice of Truth by her clients, for her accuracy and authenticity. Laura is a psychic medium and certified Holistic Health coach, master healer, Conscious wellness Coach and Metaphysical speaker and educator in the art and alchemy of healing. She specializes soul readings and removing emotional imprints that cause energy blockages. She helps clients achieve optimum balance in all areas of their lives by bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

    Laura  is certified by The American Association of Drugless Practictioners in New York. She performs many different types of  psychic readings and Spiritual Healing and Clearing rituals. To read more about Laura, her services, testimonials and upcoming events and showings go to-  www.pureenergyhealer.com. For classes and workshops Laura teaches, go to meetup.com/holistic-and-spiritual-transitions/

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