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    Word Play With Factory Defectiv

    in Poetry

    We will be discussing the value of words in todays society where acronyms and emojis are taking over. Factory Defectiv, poetess and student of life will be sharing her poetry and views of life. Audience members are able to call in and listen, ask questions and share feedback based on topic at hand. 

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    Noir Unicorn w/ Crys The Fabulous Watson

    in Lifestyle

    Topic: "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

    The popular saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is what is said when one finds a person attractive and others disagree. 

    But now days, if one believes that a person is attractive and others disagree, not only is that person retweeted with negative comments and laughing emojis, the person that is admired by the beholder is insulted and the butt of meme jokes for weeks to come.

    This week's show is about embracing our unique beauty despite what others on social media might say. It's time to put an end to the beauty comparisons and social media bullying.

    Guest: Louis Cuthbert

    Louis Cuthbert, celebrity/fashion photographer and image consultant, has taken quite a journey from his childhood days in Carson, California.  Graduating from Carson High School, Louis relocated and continued his education at Riverside Community College. Studying business, graphic design and music, Louis took some of his semester-learned skills to the streets and began creating promotional material for local businesses.

    Louis’s first business venture, Showbiz Prints, evolved into the now, Louis Cuthbert Photography: Image, Design, and Print. Specializing in producing, capturing, and editing still and motion images. Businesses, models, photographers, and others, now have access to a new advertising platform that takes still photography to another level. Incorporating motion photography and motion graphics the advertiser is capable reaching and capturing their audience’s attention for a longer duration of time, leaving a lasting impression.  

    2015 will be the new benchmark in his career. With plans to own and operate a new production facility, Louis Cuthbert, will offer opportunities for youth, helping cultivate their creative side in a safe forward moving environment. 

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    The Ladies Room: EP4-The Unwritten Rules of Texting While Dating

    in Women

    Are you a late night "texter" or an @texteranonymous? Do you meet someone and solicit all talk via emojis and witty repartee? Join the women of The Ladies Room to discuss this and much more!

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    Confrontation Is Essential To Your Happiness

    in Self Help

    Hesitation to voice our opinions is a form of insecurity. Have you ever sent a serious text message to someone and buffered your feelings with casual text speak or emojis? Do you pretend you’re tipsy when you are voicing strong opinions and blame it on the alcohol? Sometimes the things we want to shout from the rooftops are not things that other people necessarily want to hear. Living in fear only creates distance, which affects the foundation of relationships we have already established.



    Joshua-Paul Angell has been an activist in the areas of animal rescue, animal welfare, animal rights, LGBTQ rights and political issues since 1999. He is the host of a syndicated radio show, “The Joshua-Paul Show” which airs live 5 days a week. Starting his show initially as a podcast, he has taken it to new heights and the show is now available on several different options and reaches 110,000 listeners. Angell initially gained political notoriety while working on several different civil rights issues while living in Austin, TX. Touching fame as a fashion designer; his high profile status began to allow him a platform to inform the public on what many would consider the “tough” issues. He has worked with several celebrities including Betty Buckley and Gloria Loring. On his radio show, he promotes several activists, animal rescues and as he describes “the movers and shakers” of America.


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    Debut Show!

    in Entertainment

    This is Smoove Talk Radio's debut show we will be covering alot of things in social media, and how the play a factor in relationships. Call in tonite and voice your opinion on our show 

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    The Winter Soldier Gets Even Closer! The Mid Week in Review @7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

     As you count down to the day of the release of the Captain America: Winter Soldier film, Wednesday's Mid Week in Review of Afronerd Radio will be an excellent "lead-in" to the movie.  Join Dburt and Captain Kirk at 7:30pm eastern as they shed light on the following issues:  more on the (unfair) ostracizing (and potential boycott) of L.A. Laker, Kobe Bryant (his friend, sports analyst, Stephen A. Smith appears to be the voice of reason); a young man of Ghanaian descent bears the distinction of being accepted at all eight Ivy League schools simultaneously; an industrious Facebook youth is being sued by Ferrari for actually helping the famed auto manufacturer; an Ebony magazine editor gets into a twitter beef with Black Conservatives; a new study alleges that White video gamers act more aggresively after having used a Black avatar during gameplay and lastly The Root attempts to give assistance to a White reader that is reticent about wearing a Black culture ("Chocolate City") themed t-shirt that represents her cycling group (a slow news day?).  Call in live at 646-915-9620.     

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    Seniors Speak January 2014

    in Youth

    Teen hosts Drew, Morh'ese, and Rachel welcome the new year by discussing what's new in the lives of young people, including senioritis, popular culture, and future aspirations.

    Teen Talk is supported in part by Audible. Visit audibletrial.com/teentalkcny to benefit Teen Talk and start your 30-day trial.

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