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    Mitchell Interviews Courtney Amundson, Teachings from God

    in Lifestyle

     Mitchell’s guest this evening is author of Teachings from God, Courtney Amundson.

    Courtney began her path as a seeker at a young age, progressing to the point that these teachings began to flow through her, effortlessly and with complete love and joy, starting at age 16. In the beginning, the wisdom was received for her own evolution and understanding, but after a short time she was guided to share it with as many people as possible through a book. Since then she has worked single-mindedly on getting these teachings out to the public, through the work of the book and expanding into sharing her insights through publishing articles and speaking.

    To order Courtney’s Book

    In addition to her dedication to the advancement of the teachings, Courtney is actively progressing toward qigong healing  and craniosacral therapy certifications.  She has completed Spring Forest Qigong Levels I-IV, and CranioSacral Therapy Level I at the Upledger Institute. As a classically trained violinist, she is engaging her passion for music in a new, more free flowing expression.


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    Mitchell Interviews Lester Brown, Environmental scientist on The Water Crisis

    in Lifestyle

    Mitchell’s guest this evening is founder of The Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute, world-renowned environmental scientist and author Lester Brown.

    Purchase Lester Brown’s Books here.

    The Washington Post calls Lester Brown “one of the world’s most influential thinkers.” The Telegraph of Calcutta refers to him as “the guru of the environmental movement.” In 1986, the Library of Congress requested his personal papers noting that his writings “have already strongly affected thinking about problems of world population and resources.”

    Brown has authored or coauthored 54 books. One of the world’s most widely published authors, his books have appeared in some 40 languages. Among his earlier books are Man, Land and Food, World Without Borders, and Building a Sustainable Society. His 1995 book Who Will Feed China? challenged the official view of China’s food prospect, spawning hundreds of conferences and seminars.

    He is the recipient of many prizes and awards, including 25 honorary degrees, a MacArthur Fellowship, the 1987 United Nations’ Environment Prize, the 1989 World Wide Fund for Nature Gold Medal, and the 1994 Blue Planet Prize for his “exceptional contributions to solving global environmental problems.” In 2012, he was inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto.

    On June 30, 2015, at the age of 81, he stepped down from the Earth Policy Institute and closed the Institute.  In July, 2014, Lester Brown was a guest of Mitchell’s on the Progressive Film Hour, focusing on the film Plan B. Go to: http://abetterworld.tv/lester-brown-film-plan-b.

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    The Power of Purpose w/Dr. Emma Fraser-Pendleton

    in Motivation


    Tonight's guest is Dr. Emma Fraser-Pendleton. Dr. Fraser-Pendleton is a Life Mastery Coach, author, ordained minister, and motivational speaker. As a coach and motivational speaker she has spoken in multiple forums on topics related to leadership development, group dynamics, and women’s issues. Emma calling and training has equipped her to empower those who must move through their pain, to their purpose, to their passion, to their profit! Her transformational work helps you to put the broken pieces of your life back together again in order to maximize your potential in your personal and professional life.

    Turn Your Scars Into Stars, Tragedy Into Triumph and Mess Into Miracles ~ Dr. Emma Fraser-Pendleton

    To follow Dr. Fraser-Pendleton, go to www.emmafraserpendleton.com

    On April 18, 2016, Willie D of the Geto Boys releaed his new hit entitled, "Coons," calling out people in the African American Community whom he feels are a hinder and a disgrace to our race. During the first hour of the show, we will speak with Too Flyy of Dymonds Live Radio as she in her interpretation call out Coons embedded in the African American Konscious Kommunity.


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    Charles Mitchell - Successful Transitions

    in Self Help

    Join Constance and her special guest, Charles Mitchell. Charles is CEO with Charles Mitchell Productions and has a 25 year career in broadcast Media as an on air personality and radio programmer. He currently is the owner of an online radio station 1015thevibe.com. He will share success principles of how to successfully transition in life and have long-lasting success. You will learn the importance of developing your skill, the role of God in your long-lasting success, the power of a success mindset and vision and what to do when you feel your back is against the wall.



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    Clearing The Bases w/ Chris Mitchell

    in Baseball

    Today, Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Guest Rob Neyer @RobNeyer from FoxSports.com discuss the inmpoact and history of Baseball's Winter Meeting. We will discuss the impact of the meetings on Franchises and the big time trades and signings that have changed the futures of the teams involved. Trades like James Shields and the 2014 Padres explosion in 2014 and signings like Albert Pujols, the barage of signings the Yankees have made, Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder and more, 

    Clearing the Bases w/ Host Chris MItchell Airs Live Today at 4pm Est on Blog Talk Radio 

             ***Baseball Talk and the Winter Meetings 4pm EST ***  .

    .Topics on the Agenda Today:

    Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

    Guests: Rob Neyer @RobNeyer

    Thursday December 17th, 2015 -- 4pm EST

    - What are Rob Neyer's most memorable winte rmeetings moves?

    - How big an impact does the Winter Meetings have on a Franchise?

    - When did it start to take on this kind of impact

    - Impact Trades and Signings from Winter Meetings past

    * Who won and lost this years winter meetings?



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    Bruno Groening Healing Roundtable on A Better World with Mitchell Rabin

    in Lifestyle

    This evening Mitchell hosts a Round Table discussion on the healing work of Bruno Groening.

    Bruno Groening (1906–1959) had a very precise, intuitive understanding of a healing force originating from a higher intelligence.  Healings, even of what are considered incurable diseases, were healed through Bruno and through the Bruno Groenig Circle of Friends Community are still occurring today.

    To discuss this, Mitchell will be joined by two leaders in the Circle of Friends Community.

    Susan Downing is a teacher and translator in Western Massachusetts where she leads a Circle of Friends Community.  While attending her first Circle of Friends Community Hour in 2012, she was healed of migraine headaches which had plagued her for more than 50 years, since childhood. 

    Joining the Round Table is also Eric Guyer  who is an electrical engineer and father of four near Boston.  After having had a spontaneous healing in 2008 he has been leading the Andover, MA Circle of Friends Community. 22 years of debilitating back pain vanished during an introductory lecture on Bruno’s healings.  He has coached and played nearly every sport since, thanks to the regular absorption of the Divine healing stream.

    Tune in to hear some humbling and remarkable stories of healings this evening’s guests and others have experienced.

    For lectures being offered in the Boston area and NYC in April, go to www.abetterworld.tv.

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    "Emma Hardinge Britten" and READINGS

    in Spirituality

    Maxine studied at Harvard Divinity School. Her website is www.moderndayseer.com and her readings are uplifting, enlightening, and informative. PRIORITY FOR READINGS WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO MAKE ANY PAYMENT TO MELVIN’S GOFUNDME PAGE (https://www.gofundme.com/dbg380). This series of shows include: absentee healing, Andrew Jackson Davis, apports, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Automatic Writing, Book Tests, Cross-correspondence tests, Direct Voice, Direct Writing, Emma Hardinge Britten, Inspirational Trance Speaking, Levitation, Materialization, Newspaper Tests, Precipated Spirit Paintings, Private and Investigative Sittings, Proxy Sittings, Psychic Photography, Psychic Raps, Public Demonstrations of Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Spirit Lights, Teleportation, Temperature Changes, Trance Sittings, Trance Sittings, Trance Speaking, Verification of Spirit Guides, Weight Change, and Xenography & Xenoglossy. THIS IS A FABULOUS SERIES OF INFORMATIVE SHOWS WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED AND AT LEAST HALF THE SHOW WILL BE GIVEN TO READINGS. IF YOU WANT A READING, ASK SIMPLY WORDED QUESTIONS. QUESTIONS CAN BE ABOUT A LOVED ONE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, A LIFE ISSUE YOU ARE HAVING, A PAST LIFE IT RELATES TO YOUR PRESENT LIFE, YOUR LIFE JOURNEY, OR YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES AS THEY RELATE TO YOUR LIFE NOW. 

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    On Air With Tamika Hall, Author and Anita Sechesky, Author

    in Entertainment

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show airs every Tuesday at 6:00p.m. EST. Find out more about our host and guests at www.Sharvette.com

    Tamika Hall appearing at 6p.m.

    Anita Sechesky appearing at 6:30p.m.








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    Mitchell Looks at the Larger Picture: Environment, Economy, Politics & US

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, March 23, 6pm EST. This evening Mitchell speaks tonight about what can happen upon our shifting our consciousness and story-telling about what’s possible at this delicate point in human history which could potentially sustain our species and many others, generating a culture and lifestyle not just of sustenance but of thriving. 

    Mitchell will speak of the massive actions taking place on the ground with vision who are taking the future into their own hands and building land-based communities and businesses that are cooperative in nature while in some cases becoming quite profitable at the same time.  He will speak of business models that support eco-friendly, people-friendly relationships while, believe it or not, generating moderate yet “pleasurable profit”.  At the same time, he’ll talk about cultivating a healthy relationship with money based on love and a balanced relationship with the material, 3-D world. 

    The good news is that change is possible, adaptation occurs in our species daily and neuro-plasticity abounds thus creating potential for the moving a few inches to the left of the iceberg, which itself happens to be melting.  The good news is also that Dr. Jill Stein is running again for the Green Party’s candidate for President and if heard, can change the national conversation.  Will they let her in? 

    Tune in for a hard-hitting but uplifting program, speaking to some of the essential issues facing our planet’s inhabitants.

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    Mitchell Rabin on A New Narrative for our Species’ Future

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, April 13, 6pm est:  Mitchell Rabin speaks about the state of the earth and the state of human consciousness and conscience.  With the collapse of eco-systems, institutions and belief systems, with extinctions racking up of ancient species by the day from exploitative, unconscious human enterprises, a sober look at our thoughts and actions is so needed in this time.  Do we have a conscience?  And if so, let’s find it!  

    Tonight will be told a story of its being lost and found.

    This evening’s show will also review the precipice on which much sentient life now sits, and also review the psycho-genetic, epigenetic strengths of our species and its underlying evolutionary thrust toward wholeness and growth, which ultimately uplifts and inspires, even in the midst of Rome again on fire.  

    Reference to be made also to current political horse-race in what’s called the richest nation on Earth, perhaps materially but questionably spiritually.Mitchell Rabin on A New Narrative for our Species’ Future

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    Please join Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Experiencer and Co-Host WES ROBERTS as they broadcast their FINAL episode of "CONTACT" on BlogTalkRadio!  Lesley and Wes are upgrading to a new visual format, and now have their own YouTube Channel, "CONTACT TV" which will debut around the first part of April!  Please continue to visit us on FaceBook for updates!

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