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    Conscious Body Movement- What is all that emotional energy doing to your body?

    in Fitness

    Think about all of the events in your life. all of them create an emotional response, and energy related to that. What is that doing for you and to your body?

    Pain? Dis-ease? Weight gain? Depression?

    What if you could clear the "negative" or even remove the significance of any of it?

    Join us this Wednesday as we explore the possibilities!

    Conscious. Body. Movement.

    Inspiring people to find more Bliss in Embodyment!


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    in Spirituality

                                                            Michael Ellegion!

                                              Channeling Galactics for 34 Years!


                                   Don't miss this one-time call with Michael Ellegion!

                 Michael has been channeling The Galactic Federation of Light for 34 years.  


    Michael came into this Earth embodyment without veils ... with full recall!


    Michael has twice been taken aboard the ships, having his DNA altered, enabling transmissions through him of encodings embedded into our recorded readings. As we listen, and re-listen, old memories begin awakening ... recall is invited.


    Tonight we will hear direct from Michael his personal story, his direct connection with the Federation, and the embedded codings we may hear over and again ... nudging our recall.


    This one-hour call is a Special.  Because we are so close to the Landings, this will have special significance relative to Reunion with our Cosmic families and friends.



    Micchael's web page on HollowEarthNetwork.com

    My Life's Purpose?




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    Embodiment of the Goddess

    in Spirituality

    An online show dedicated to the Goddess within and around us, in the middle of the Navaratri days...10 days in fall, where whole India is celebrating the Goddess with all her faces all over the planet.Join that huge abundant flow of Blessing by listening our online show presented by Kata Szenasi.You can expect to have talk, meditative breathing and a LIVE channel from the Goddess Lakshmi.Join us live, or listen later at any time!

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show: Gary Trimble

    in Rock Music

    Hi all and welcome to another JCHC Slam and Dance Show hosted by myself, Donovan de Necker out of South Africa where we play hard music and share interviews I have had with bands and individuals within the Christian hard music scene.
    Tonights guest is another good friend and stand up folk, Gary Trimble, of the solo punk project, The Plank Eyed Saints, If you enjoy bands like The Misfits, Ramones and The Huntingtons then you should look up the band camp link I have placed below at the end of the show discription. So looking forward to sharing that with you.
    Bands you will hear on this episode: Close Your Eyes, Cleophus, Dependancy, Deliverance, Eyes of Servants, Frustuck, God So Loved The World, Plank Eyed Saints, Hippos of Doom, Heart Like War, Havalina Rail Co., Icon For Hire, Ishmael United, Joy Electric, Kevin And The Octives, The Way, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Band With No Name, Undercover, Witzend, XDisciple A.D.X, XLooking ForwardX, XSolidarityX, Embodyment, Queen City Saints, The Witness Protection Program, White Flags Burning, The Lead, Headnoise, Saint Hooligan .

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    The Magical Adventure Called You - Body Image

    in Spirituality

    Are you about to step out into something new and things seems to fall apart around you? Your soul is pushing you into something greater and you feel a little doubt or fear? Guess what, fear is not real so get over it and just do it! Change triggers a lot of old crap and things come up in your system and reality with discomfort and intensity. Nothing to worry about and nothing to do with. Get ready to embark on the magical journey called you.
    Together with my beautiful friend Mike Apke we will this show talk about body image and joyful embodyment.
    Mike and i have both recently taken huge steps jumping out into the unknown. How can we contribute to the changes you are going thorugh? Please call in if you would like any assistance or coaching directly from us or email questions before the show.
    Thomas: www.thomasdancingsoul.com thomas79johansen@gmail.com
    Mike Apke: www.michaelapke.weebly.com michaelapke11@gmail.com