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    CMC Radio Presents: Dr. Mark Rasak - Part 1

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    CMC Radio Presents: Dr. Mark Rasak - Part 1

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    CMC Radio Presents: Dr. Tomy Yawkey - Part 2

    in Real Estate

    CMC Radio Presents: Dr. Tomy Yawkey - Part 2

  • TheKeys107:The Characteristics of an Admired Man feat. author Chris L. Hickey Sr

    in Dads and Family

    Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr. is the Founder and Executive Director of Each One - Teach One Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement and Success, an organization that focuses on efforts to heighten community awareness of the overwhelming importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth. He is also the CEO/President of the Admired Man Leadership Institute, where he lectures and facilitates workshops based on his four year national research, and resulting book, “Admired Man Why: The Making of an Admired Man.” His lectures, workshops book represents a commentary of profoundly provocative findings of the making of An Admired Man. Facebook: Admiredmen Website:  http://admiredman.com 

    The Keys 107 focuses on the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of love, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores the 7 keys: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and the social with emphasis on acts of kindness. It's our intention to invite guests who present information as we believe the 7 keys are the essential building blocks to help you get to the next level as you pursue love, peace, and happiness. Connect with us:

    Website: www.thekeys107network.com

  • How To Market Yourself In a Highly Competitive Industry

    in Business

    It was quite a shock to my ego to discover I wasn't the only person doing the kind of business I do.  And it was humiliating to discover the original marketing idea I thought I had was already successfully being done by someone else.

    In this Episode of Enrichment Radio I will discuss a way to move beyond negative emotions we experience when we discover we are not the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    This Episode is intended for those people who work in an industry which is flooded by many people.  How do you stand out when there are others who can do what you do more effectively and at less cost?  Insurance agents, realtors, auto sales, restauranteurs, coffee shop owners and business consultants in particular will find this Episode of Enrichment Radio useful in their quest for success.

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    Finding Empowerment , Learning Communication and Creating Style

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues Hosted by Lauren Jawno with Special Guest Janna Beatty & Jamelle Sanders:

    Janna Beatty was one of the world’s first image consultants. She is co-author of Quintessential Style, a compilation of beauty, fashion and wardrobe tips that really work! She has a degree in Communications and formerly worked as anchor at one of the country’s top 100 television stations.Excellent credentials, and better yet, 30+ years spent in people’s closets taught me that for every challenge, there are multiple solutions. I love my clients who have trained me well. People are brilliant, and once we clarify what is really going on, we simply make changes that change our lives.

    Jamelle Sanders - I am a life and business strategist, success mentor, radio host, author and EO of Jamelle Sanders International. JSI is devoted to empowering individuals to fulfill purpose and maximize potential. As a leading Empowerment Specialist, I have empowered leaders and entrepreneurs for success. I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and leaders succeed by sharing the secrets and strategies that have contributed to my success. This commitment encompasses books, live events, training systems and empowerment programs. I'm a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and numerous other media outlets. I was just recognized as a huff Post Icon Next. I have been named a Power 30 Under, Who's Who Among Business Leaders and a host of other honors. I have empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world for success.

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    Tampa, FL: Author - Keandra Ward, talks about God's Desire & Your Will.

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    Keandra Ward is a breath of fresh air.  She is a friend and entrepreneur who has made her faith and her career into one blended experience that it is impossible to determine where one stops and the other starts - as it should be.

    We will be talking primarily about her book, God's Divinely Implanted Desires; His Desire, Your Will  In this book Keandra Ward shares her personal testimony of building a true relationship with Christ.   She realized that everyone is fighting a battle, everyone has an issue that they deal with no matter if they are in the church or not. The difference and the defining factor between them are those who choose to get real, address their issues, truly trust in the Lord, believe his word, act according to his word and most importantly make the necessary changes to live the Life that God has strategically designed for them to live!  

    Career wise, Keandra has worked as a self employed business owner for over 20 years. She began working in a salon at the age of 14 and opened her first salon at the age of 18. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Additionally, Keandra currently holds more than 25 certifications in  business, cosmetology and makeup artistry. Her experience as a manager, trainer and quality specialist for a fortune 500 freight logistics company, helped her to develop her business management and training skills.
    Keandra opened NV beauty Industry Consultants now The B.O.M.B Mentoring in 2010 providing business and personal development news, courses and business trainings for start up businesses and businesses looking to rebrand .

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    Is Sugar Good or Bad For You?

    in Health

    What are the side effects of too much or too little sugar? How does sugar effect your brain function?

    Host Paulette Young:  Can sugar cause out of control behavior? Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportion in the US. Too much sugar in ones diet can have a devasting effect. Listen to tonight broadcast and stay inform on the lastest concerns on sugar intake for everyone. How many diseases have been created because of too much sugar in ones diet? Too many people with kidney failure or renal failure. Diet plays a direct role in some of the diseases people have been plaque with. Making everyday changes may prolong your life expectance. 

  • Why Is The Agency I Work So Hard For Doing This To Me?!!?

    in Health

    The TEAM WORK READY RADIO SHOW is hosted by Jeff Rose, Ms. Carmen Watkins, Frankie Sanders, Mrs. Pamela Rose, and others plus great guests.

    FEATURED GUEST: Lenny Perez - Federal Workers Compensation Consultants, www.federal-workers-comp.com

    Segment 1: "How Impairment Ratings Impact Your Job"

    Segment 2: "Medical Injury Restrictions Shouldn’t Restrict Your Claim"

    Segment 3: "Why Are They Doing This To Me?"

    Segment 4: "What Can I Do About It?"

    Team Work Ready, 877-983-2696 or 713-661-2100, www.TeamWorkReady.com

  • HRExaminer Radio: Cathy Missildine, Co-Founder, Intellectual Capital Consultants

    in Business

    Cathy Missildine has extensive experience in many areas of strategic Human Resources Management. She has worked closely with executives in the areas of performance, productivity, organizational metrics, training, employee and customer engagement, workforce planning, organizational change and strategic implementation. Her past experience in operations and sales management in the technical, insurance and hospitality industries has given her a broad understanding of business issues and a solid foundation for building performance enhancing systems that support the business.

    A graduate of Kennesaw State University where she earned an MBA with an emphasis Human Resource Management and Development, she is also a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and holds their professional certification, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

    Cathy is currently serving as Immediate Past President for SHRM-Atlanta for 2014, where she is working to execute the strategy to “Move HR Business Partners to Business Leaders.”

    Cathy is serving as an adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University, teaches an online and live  SHRM certification course. She is a nationally recognized speaker addressing audiences from SHRM, ASTD, and AAHAM.

    In addition to her domestic speaking, Cathy has traveled to Shanghai, China to deliver “Moving from Transactional to Strategic: Becoming an Effective HR Business Leader’ to HR professionals representing multi-national organizations. 

    In May 1997, Cathy and her business partner Barbara Hughes started their own consulting firm, Intellectual Capital Consulting (ICC), specializing in profitability through human capital. Their corporate mission is as follows, “to increase performance through maximizing an organization’s human capital.” 

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    CMC Radio Presents: Neil Golden - Part 8

    in Finance

    CMC Radio Presents: Neil Golden - Part 8

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    Medical Malpractice Prosecution and Defense with Michael V. Favia, J.D.

    in Legal

    The Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants is a group of highly experienced attorneys and investigators who represent and defend licensed professionals. These featured attorneys, previously worked for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, and will represent and/or defend licensed professionals in cases involving the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Illinois Department of Public Aid and Illinois Department of Public Health.

    Topics and questions covered in this 30-minute show:

    Introducing Michael V. Favia
    How is medical malpractice unique compared to personal injuries or negligence?
    What are some common events giving rise to a medical malpractice case?
    What are the elements necessary to prove or defend a medical malpractice action?
    How does an attorney litigate or resolve a medical malpractice claim, what is typical protocol?

    Michael V. Favia is a former Asst. Illinois Attorney General and the Chief Prosecutor for the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation (IDPR), now known as the Illinois Dept. of Professional and Financial Regulation (IDFPR). Favia is the owner of a Professional Licensing Consulting Company where he and affiliated former prosecutors, investigators and professional licensing board members assist licensed professionals in their business, regulatory and IDFPR related matters. (773) 631-4580.