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    Let That Man Be A MAN!

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    Let That Man Be A MAN!

    There's nothing wrong with being an independent woman.  However, the challenging part of a relationship is being an overly independent woman, and not allowing the man in your life to be just that… A MAN!

    This episode was inspired by one of our listeners, Leonie, who admitted that being successful and independent, has gotten in the way of finding a good man or maintaining a healthy relationship due to her inability to “LET THAT MAN BE A MAN”.  So, on this episode, we’re going to examine issues of independent women, and their inability to loosen the reins when it comes to relationships.  We’re going to address issues of trying to change a man; not allowing him to make decisions; demeaning and emasculating a man, and so much more.   

    We’re also pleased and honored to have Comedian Chocolate Storm!  She will talk to us about her life, the ups and downs of being a female comedian, and her upcoming show which opens on May 16th, in Los Angeles. Also, we welcome the lady who inspired this topic, friend and listener, Leonie!!!

    So, join us on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, with Funny Lady, Comedian, Chocolate Storm and Leonie, for the discussion, “LET THAT MAN BE A MAN”.

    9pm Pacific/ 11pm Central/ 12 Midnight Eastern

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    Double Standards.........

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    In 2014, women still can't do things men can without being ridiculed and the same goes for men. Imagine two men dancing on each other at a nightclub....awkward, right? Well if it's not a gay club, but women do it all the time. A man can have sex with 50 women in one week, but imagine a woman revealing such a high count? She'd be labeled a whore. Imagine if we lived in a world where people could really live their lives the way they wanted without being labeled? A liberated woman who enjoys sex just as much as men if not more must have a sex addiction and unable to keep her vagina to herself; just like a very attractive male who does not like sleeping around and prefers being in monogamous relationships must be gay.....Yeah, unfortunately this is how society has prgrammed us to think. Men are supposed to be masculine, free spirited creatures who spread love through their genitals and women should be more refined, conservative submissive creatures giving themselves freely only to their husbands. Cute! Well join us this Wednesday at 10p EST as we discuss Gender Roles that caused these crazy Double Standards!

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    Female "Control Freaks"...

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    The stage is set for next week on 4U Radio... "Control Freaks"...we are going to have real conversation about women who are "Charlene In Charge" type of women. Can highly successful, highly educated women have healthy, balanced relationships and marriages...without emasculating their mates?

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    Masculinity and Sexual Assault

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    Jerry Sandusky's conviction recently brought attention to a crime that has lurked in the shadows for far too long.  Men are also victims/survivors of sexual assault. However, they suffer in an emasculating silence. As a survivor of sexual abuse Tyler Perry shared this in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, " I knew I liked the little girls in the neighborhood, but this man was doing something to me and my body kept betraying me...This is why so many men will not talk about this - the shame of having to admit that." Karen and I will dedicate this episode to our brothers. Please join us.

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    Join me as I discuss the negative side effects of a spoiled black male and the handmaidens who continue to spoil them. It's not Tyler Perry, it's not Hollywood. it's HER who is sucking, stroking, and massaging the testicular fortitude right out of him thus ruining what would otherwise be an amazingly productive man. Her positive reinforcement of foolishness is the reason he can't handle a self-sufficient, developed, mature woman, household chores, or raising his children. I'll be discussing the how-to's of breaking the spell of the spoiled Male.

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    The Feminine Force in Black/African History

    in Culture

    The Feminine Force in Black/African History:           Myth of the Emasculating Black Woman
     Consistent with Dr. Woodson’s desire that our history – Black History -- be a source of inspiration and power every day, every month, every year, in every African life, HC Live & Direct will include various historical themes among the topics we cover throughout the year. During the month of March -- Women's History Month -- we will focus on the tender love, fierce determination, and irrepressible diligence of Black women as driving forces for our survival and  well-being -- past, present and future. Join us. Join in!

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    January 16, 2011 Show – “When a Woman speaks with the sharp Ginsu Knife in her mouth!

    in Self Help

    January 16, 2011 Show – “When a Woman speaks with the sharp Ginsu Knife in her mouth – How some women’s mouths absolutely destroy men…”

    God willing, on this Sunday January 16, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. EST, Brother Marcus will address the topic “When a Woman speaks with the sharpest Ginsu Knife in her mouth – How do some women’s mouths absolutely destroy men?” Who is teaching wives and women in general how to talk to their husbands and men in general? Does this so – called society encourage women to belittle and berate men? Is there a better way to talk to and motivate a man when a woman is angry and upset? Why is the enemy striving to thoroughly corrupt the true, beautiful, feminine essence of a woman to become more and more masculine in her expressions? Why is that the biggest turn off to any man in 2011, the unfeminine woman? Why do so many women have no conscious idea how piercing their words are to those around them, especially to men? Is a woman guilty of emasculating a man when she is speaking the truth to him that he doesn't want to hear? Why don’t some women seem to truly know that appreciation and respect is a man's fuel to do even more for her than he is already doing? How could a woman use the power of her speech to inspire and encourage a man to be better and more productive? What are some of the triggers that men exhibit that make some women go there?

    With God’s help, Brother Marcus will share in the 2nd Half of the Show an exclusive presentation from Brother Nuri Muhammad, the Indianapolis, Indiana Student Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He will speak to men on what God expects from men in 2011 so that we may earn the respect of our women and children in 2011. It’s very powerful!

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    The C.O.W.S. w/ Jeremiah Camara

    in Education

    Jeremiah Camara shares his views on the System of White Supremacy. Camara has published several texts analyzing the detrimental impact of Christianity on black people - Holy Lockdown: Does The Church Limit Black Progress? & The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks & Blind Belief. We'll ask Jeremiah Camara to deconstruct the emasculating nature of the Christian church. He declares, "In the long run, Christianity is effeminizing the Black man. Preachers who espouse this lean-on-Jesus doctrine are doing a disservice to potentially strong men." We'll ask Camara to provide a comprehensive analysis of the spiritual debt incurred from worshiping the image and religious teachings of our opponents, White people.

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    When love is killing you -Part 2 -He loves me he loves me not

    in Women

    Love and stress is someone emasculating you - Working to break you down into their shadow or doormat. Are you sprouting gray hairs and living in a constant state of uncertainty. Learn how to break the chains that bind you and move on to a loving relationship with someone who loves you. This show is for the good guy who likes the bad girl and the good girl who loves the bad guy. Learn how to manage your self destructive patterns and lead a more full-filled life. Learn how to be a functional human instead of a dysfunctional being. Make 2011 your year of happy and real love. Learn to love those who love you back, learn to take and give unconditional love. Join WOJO Talk Host Tara Pannell and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicole Cutts of Cutts Consulting and co-author of Many Paths Many Feet as we discuss finding your love factor. The ability to love those that love you and the strength to say no to those who seek to continue emasculating you.

    You are in a relationship, but how do you know rather or not you’re involved in a ring or fling situation. The ring relationship is one that involves a committed relationship with a serious person whose looking to establish stability. The fling is the exact opposite. The fling is just about sex or friendship. So are you a ring or fling..

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    Wednesday Night Open Rant.America's Trees Bare Strange Fruits.The Black Conservative,Gangsta

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight we shall discuss how 400 years of captivity produced the Strange Fruits of the Black on Black crime,Black self hate and also the Black Conservative who hates his own race and champions the interest of the White man.Forget the fact that the Dred Scott decision is still in the heart of most White Conservatives.Why would anyone be with anyone who believes his race is inferior?The Strange Fruits.Only in America do you
    have so called Black Conservatives the lost deaf dumb and blind.This is the systematic brainwashing and emasculating of the Black male to fight for his captor not himself.His captors Constitution,woman,economy,empire.There is a new Black man emerging one that wants nothing less than NATIONHOOD AND PAN AFRICAN CULTURE!!!!!!!Tonight I will delivery a rant you dont want to miss!!!!!!!!BROTHER KoonKlownKong
    aka Brother KKK will get it tonight!

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