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    Email Marketing With Style

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     Join me on a learning adventure taking your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

    There is more to email marketing than just sending emails. Tune in to learn about the different STYLES of email marketing.

    Now is the time to take advantage of this learning opportunity and receive a 30% discount for the next three months using Constant Contact. Get started today and be a part of my exclusive “club” which is free when you sign up with Constant Contact using my link (http://powersellingmom.constantcontact.com) After you sign up, email me and I will send you the invite. ( dannacrawford@gmail.com ) AND I will send you the special code to receive the discount.


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    Introduction to Email Marketing

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    Today we'll dive into the basics of email marketing. You'll discover how email marketing can help your maintain your client relationships while also reaching out to bring new peeps into your tribe. You'll hear some of the best practices in email marketing, how to intice peope to opt into your email marketing and a few of the things you don't want to do.

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    Starbucks and Email Marketing

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    You don't want to miss this!

    Free Cup of Coffee Every Month

    Enjoy a free cup of coffee while using the marketing power of Constant Contact!


    Sign up with Constant Contact today using any of the packages starting at $20.00 a month and I will send you a Starbucks Gift Card for use every month during the LIFE of the Constant Contact account! 

    Keep Marketing Easy while you Sip!

    Log into the free wifi while at Starbucks. Open up the Constant Contact account and send out a quick announcement or sale to your customers and the WORLD using all the social sites before finishing a FREE lovely cup of your favorite drink (coffee, Tea, or smoothie) each and every month! (The chi tea and Mango smoothies are amazing BTW)


    After you create your account with CC. Send me an email and I will "snail mail" a special Starbucks Gift card just for you! ANY QUESTIONS, give me a call at: 352.2092792 

    **cheers** and Happy Marketing!

  • GEI 47: The Ins and Outs of Email Marketing with Neil Kristianson

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    We've got the Founder of EmailSplat here with us to teach us how to properly use email marketing to accelerate our business!

    Neil discovered marketing automation and systems during his 15 years owning a remodeling company. He and his brother built the company up to over $1.7 million in annual sales - twice. The second time using all direct response marketing principals. He sold that business in 2013. Now he enjoys helping businesses get a higher return with their email marketing using automation and systems.




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    Email Marketing Techniques, Grow Your List, and Holiday Emails

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    Want to hear a whole show about email marketing? Well you are in luck! We are going to give you tips to double your email signups, 12 non-tech tips to get email signups, and when you should be sending holiday themed emails.

    This week on Edge of the Web Radio, sponsored by the Marketing Technology Blog, we discuss the latest marketing technology on the web. We frequently have leading marketers and the founders of marketing technology companies that we discuss these platforms with. Every week we provide guidance to marketing professionals - whether you're running your own company or you're a CMO at an international corporation - we always have information that you can use to increase the performance of your online marketing.


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    Email Marketing Strategy: The Making of Your Email Marketing Action Plan

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    By no means should you ease up your email marketing communication strategy. Contrary to some, email marketing is alive and well! An effective email marketing strategy is all about sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationships with your current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and acquire repeat business on a very personal one-to-one basis. How you design, implement, measure, and manage your email marketing strategy can make a significant impact and generate greater results relative to your overall digital marketing plan. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Is Email Marketing the Answer? The Experts Weigh In

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    Around just about as long as the Internet email marketing has been pooh-poohed as "old school" and no longer relevant. Our guests Mckenna Hallett and Scott Fox beg to differ.

    In 1992, Mckenna launched her own business selling jewelry. Living in Hawaii she had to figure out how to reach a much wider audience. She turned to the fledgling Internet, built a website and developed an email marketing campaign. Since then Mckenna has sold more than 40,000 pieces of jewelry to more than 200 shops. Today she continues to sell steadily to over 50 shops and galleries across the nation. 

    Best-selling author, Scott Fox was in Silicon Valley as the Internet was exploding into new opportunities. Instead of pursuing his intended law career he became engaged in strategizing on how to capitalize on the new technology, starting and consulting in many e-business start ups. Today he hosts a popular online business training forum, podcasts about online business opportunities, consults on new online businesses and coaches entrepreneurs worldwide.

    They are both passionate about email marketing and see it as the best way to reach others - in their inboxes. They share a commitment to helping others use the power of the Internet to design successful lives. 

    We talk about:

    building and growing your email list
    integrating your website with your email marketing
    ways to manage your list and possible providers
    best practices in reaching your audience
    the top reasons for using email marketing 
    email vs Facebook and other social media
    optimizing for mobile


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    Email Marketing for non-profits

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    Email marketing for non-profit associations is a different ball game. People on those lists likely are more enthusiastic about the content offered them – they are members after all. Chris Donald from the Inbox Group (they work with a lot of associations/non-profits) and email marketing blogger Scott Cohen, who works with University newsletters, join us to talk about non-profit email marketing.

    Talking points:

    When ROI isn’t about revenue
    100% delivery to the Inbox with images on
    Internal newsletters for large companies and Orgs.
    No you can’t unsubscribe from the newsletter
    Profit for Non-Profits

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    Email Marketing That Works

    in Entrepreneur

    Email marketing can be one of the strongest and most powerful strategies you can use to produce results, increase revenue and build customer loyalty. But what makes an email marketing campaign successful?
    In today's Launch Talk conversation, Karyn Greenstreet will share her secrets about creating successful email marketing campaigns.
    Our Guest: Karyn Greenstreet is an internationally-known self-employment expert and small business consultant, and has owned five businesses since 1981. She helps you transform your business with proven techniques and strategies to increase profit, create clear goals and cohesive plans that work. She has spoken at numerous national conferences on business strategy and marketing topics, and has taught over 260,000 people worldwide. She is the President of Passion For Business and operates four websites.
    Your Host: Tai Goodwin is an intuitive life and business coach who guides clients in owning their brilliance and getting their message out so they can have more impact and income. She is also editor of Launch While Working.com and host of the popular Launch Talk online radio show.
    Learn more by visiting www.taigoodwin.com.

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    Explode Your Business With Email Marketing

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    Take Drastic Steps to Explode Your Business With Email Marketing

    On Friday, October 4, 2013, we welcome professional speaker, Toni Harris, The Turnaround Queen. In addition to being a speaker, Toni is also a Corporate trainer, author, coach and radio Host,

    She authored Take A Drastic Step, a book which tells her own story of how she took several drastic steps to turn her own life around, filling her with wisdom and specialized knowledge to help others do the same, and which she joyfully shares in her vibrant messages.

    Toni joins us on Friday for a conversation about Taking A Drastic Step To Explode Your Business With Email Marketing  (a very profitable but often neglected area for most business owners). 

    Visit her website: ToniHarrisspeaks.com.

    Let your readers learn about the fun and lucrative world of writing promotional letters for the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry. Follow simple yet powerful techniques and receive personal and financial freedom.



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    The Email Marketing Frequency Show

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    eMailRadio presents The Frequency Show
    Live at 1PM EST on Tuesday, May 10 Please join us on Tuesday May 17th at 1PM for eMailRadio as Jeff Ginsberg, your host, will discuss email frequency, cadence, scheduling and throttling.
    The show includes a guest interview with Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx, always known for being a provocateur who pushes us harder as email marketers. Tune in to hear Dela’s edgy point-of-view and to dialogue about email frequency with The eMail Guide community at 1PM EDT, May 17.
    The Frequency Show will explore the value of sending more and less, when and when not, and to whom. Learn how frequency helps to maximize your customer engagement.
    Effective eMail Marketing is more than just sending. Jeff and Dela will share the ways you can measure and refine your frequency to get emails opened, clicked-through, and converted.
    Join us at 1PM EDT to listen in, call, and participate as we share the strategies that eMail Ninjas use to plan, execute, and improve. The Frequency Show is your opportunity to learn new ways from others in the industry and to share what you know works best. Participate LIVE to give and get from the eMail Guide community.
    Want to give us an eMail Marketing frequency tip? Share it in advance and we’ll make sure to mention it on the show: eMailRadio@theemailguide.com.
    You can call in or Skype 1-347-637-3461. We all want to deepen our wisdom, so please participate. Call in or email your ideas for The Frequency Show!
    CALL IN Tuesday at 1 PM EST and join our LIVE broadcast.