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    Matt Damon's Elysium

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    Elysium, Neill Blomkamp’s second feature, is our main review this week alongside his first sci-fi actioner, District 9. Also: The Lord of the Flies, 42.

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    Black Geeks Review: Elysium

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    This week the Black Geeks review the much anticipated "Elysium" directed by "District 9"s Neill Blomkamp. This sci-fi action flick, based on an original idea, stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  
    From IMDB - Set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.
    Tune in today at 3:30 to find out whether your favorite black geeks will rate it a hit or miss! BNB Forever!

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    Elysium, Planes, And Percy Jackson Review

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    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Elysium. We also check in with Planes and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters... though only one of us may be able to catch them all.
    Tune in to find out if these are worth your time, and don't forget that you could win the Blu-Ray of every movie we review in 2013!

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    Episode 16: Elysium, The Spectacular Now

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    The end of Summer is not taking it easy on us here at the PDC.  With no less than 7 films coming out this past week from Wednesday to Friday there will be no time for the jibba jabba...but you know us better than that. We'll be hitting everything from gritty sci-fi blockbusters like Elysium starring Matt Damon to high flying animated family faire with Disney's Planes. 

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    GLMX #158: The Way to the Real 'Elysium'

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    The new science fiction movie, Elysium, depicts a futuristic dystopian society where Earth is overpopulated by the diseased and impoverished masses, while the wealthy and well-to-do live on an expansive space colony known as Elysium. The government of Elysium prevents those who live on Earth from immigrating and becoming citizens of Elysium. Those who try to do so are killed by the government of Elysium.

    The word "elysium" is a reference to the Greek idea of Paradise. The Greek philosophers and writers believed that Elysium, or the mythical Elysian Fields, was a beautiful, peaceful eternal destination reserved for the righteous and those favored by the gods. It was a place of peace -- a lush, green paradise where those who had lived well could enjoy the afterlife.

    In the film Elysium, Max is an ex-convict trying to survive in a dilapidated, run-down Los Angeles. He is friends with a woman who has a daughter named Matilda. Matilda is dying from Leukemia. At the factory where Max works, he is exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and is informed that he has only five days to live. Knowing that he can be cured in one of the advanced medical treatment centers on Elysium, he determines to find a way to get to the space colony to find healing for himself and Matilda. He connects with a smuggler named Spider, and they both begin to plot a way for all of those on Earth to become citizens of Elysium.

    Max's desperate attempt to gain healing on Elysium is reminiscent of man's search for escape from the desperate, down-trodden conditions of Earth. Like the Earth depicted in the film, our world is broken, filled with masses of people who are sick, physically and spiritually. We are people who long for Heaven.

    + Plus, listen to Jeremy Camp singing "Better is One Day in Your Courts"

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    Ep. 28- Josh Gad; Elysium

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    On this week's show, director Joshua Michael Stern and co-star Josh Gad join Cinema Royale to discuss Jobs, the new Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as the legendary tech giant. How does Kutcher measure up playing the late Apple founder?
    Plus, reviews of Neill Blomkamp's anticipated sci-fi blockbuster, Elysium, and We're the Millers starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis.

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    MOVIE REVIEWS:We're the Millers,Planes,Elysium,Percy Jackson

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    CALL (347) 215-7225 & discuss MOVIES out in theatres currently including, We're the Millers, Planes, Elysium, and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters!

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 8/10/2013: Exodus to Elysium!

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    On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable dissects Elysium!  Is it a truly a “thinking man’s” sci-fi actioner, like District 9?  Has writer/director Neill Blomkamp fallen victim to the dreaded sophomore slump?  Is he this generation’s Stanley Kubrick, or merely a grittier James Cameron?  Is Matt Damon a credible action hero outside of the Bourne films?  What drew him to such a project?  How did Blomkamp and his crew manage such seamless FX work on a relatively modest budget?  Do films like Elysium offer a cheaper and more efficient way to make blockbuster entertainment?
    We’ll also be celebrating the 25 anniversary of N.W.A’s infamous debut, Straight Outta Compton!  Is it the single most influential album of all time?  Did it single handedly change the course of Hip-Hop forever?  Where there any positive aspects to the changes it brought about?  Is it truly as negative as its reputation suggests?  Is “ tha Police” a righteous protest song a la “Fight the Power,” or is it merely a rallying cry for Black America’s lowest element?  Would the first renaissance of West Coast Gangsta rap have been possible without it?   Can Wu-Tang be considered New York’s answer to N.W.A?  Just how much of an influence did RUN D.M.C, The Beastie Boys, and BDP exert over this album?        

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    Profile:Rich Walters/Music Editor/Emmy Nom 2/Elysium/Chappie/Hugh Jackman

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    Music Composer Rich Walters was recently just nominated for his 2nd Leo award in as many years.  As well, over the past five years he’s been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his score in the television mini series, Ring Of Fire.  He was also fortunate enough to have won a Leo Award for that same mini series last year.  He’s also been the recipient of two Emmy Award Nominations for the television mini series, Tin Man and Alice. Currently Rich is busy composing the score for Neill Blomkamps next feature film for Sony Pictures and MRC starring Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Wearver, Sharlto Copley and Dev Patel titled “Chappie”.  He’s also looking forward to beginning work on a new television series for SYFY Universal titled “Olympus”. Over the past few years, Rich has recorded with the Czech National Symphony in Prague.  As well, he’s recorded with the London Philharmonic at Abbey Road Studios and been fortunate enough to have worked at Air Studios Lyndhurst in London. After high school Rich continued his study of music at Capilano University where he focused on Jazz, music theory and composition.  It was also at this point where he began to study Piano and Guitar. Although his primary interests have always been jazz and electronica, Rich continually finds himself enamored with the avant-garde side of modern music which keeps inspiring him as a composer for film, television and multimedia productions.You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Robert X..Elysium Ecology of Fear

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    Play It Or Slay It: "Elysium"

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    A unique movie review show where the critics talk about the movie before seeing it, take a break and then go to see the movie. Were their predictions correct? http://www.cazadorradio.com

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