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    How Ebola Undermines the Millennium Development Goals 4&5&6 (Why Mothers Matter)

    in Radio

    Focus on MDG 4: Reduce child mortality

    MDG5: Improve Maternal Health by 2015  

    Special Guest: Ms. Marion Subah, MSN, CNM, RNC, PNP, FWACN

    Ms. Marion Subah, is a fellow of the West Africa College of Nursing (WACN), a Liberian certified nurse midwife, A Maryland state RN, a certified Maternal Child Health Registered Nurse and public health professional with nearly 30 years of experience in health program management, training, and service delivery with focus in maternal, neonatal child health (MNCH) and reproductive health (RH). She has worked for a number of international NGOs, as well as the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), and is also as a clinician providing direct patient services with last full time service delivery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Perinatal Services Department where she received a “Shining Star” Award for establishing the Dimensional Activities Program for Antenatal Patients and trained staff to implement the program. Ms. Subah is currently Jhpiego/Liberia’s country representative, providing management and technical oversight for Jhpiego/Liberia’s portfolio. She concurrently serves as Program Director & Education and Training Advisor on the Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS) project, a USAID funded Project of the MOHSW, led by JSI and she manages the MNCH, mental health, and RH / family planning (FP) components. Read more

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    El Deporte: Como herramienta de crecimiento personal

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    Este próximo miércoles estaremos tocando la importancia que tiene el ejercicio en la vida nuestra, como el deporte contribuye al crecimiento personal, emocional y espiritual de la persona. La importancia que tiene involucrar a nuestros hijos en algún deporte o actividad física y cómo eso ayuda a su autoestima.

    Para este tema tendré como invitada especial a la joven, Elvira Barcala, una entrenadora profesional del golf y fundadora de “Evolution Golf.” Ella nos estará hablando como ella integra su experiencia de Coach Mental utilizando el método Dharmi.

    Este programa está dirigido a todas aquellas personas que han estado evaluando ingresar a un gimnasio, practicar algún deporte o envolver a los hijos o la familia en una actividad común deportiva.

    Para participar solo tienes que llamar al

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    [MDG} Women Hold up more than half the world

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    THIS WEEK’S TOPIC  :  “ Women Hold up more than half the world”
    Focus on MDG 3 :Promote Gender Equality and  Empower Women
    MDG5 : Improve Maternal Health 
    Special Guest : Sean S Tedjarati MD, MPH, MBA (c)
    Dr. Tedjarati is the Chief & Associate Professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology & Robotic Surgery at New York Medical College and Westchester Medical Center. He is actively involved in clinical research and serves as the principal investigator for the GOG, a research arm of the NCI at NYMC/WCMC. He has been awarded multiple teaching awards. He has been selected as an oral board examiner for the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He has several publications in peer-reviewed journals

    He has a strong interest in international and public health. He has volunteered extensively around the world including Africa, Central and South America, China, Vietnam and other developing nations in addressing the issue of women’s health and their rights. He has lectured extensively on area of international health with emphasis on women’s health as the nucleus of community development and empowerment. His other area of interest is healthcare disparities in minority populations and women’s rights. His focus is on a comprehensive approach to women’s development internationally as health being a gateway to a more sustainable approach to addressing other factors such as economic prowess, education development along with strong emphasis on policies that will change the environment that facilitate and foster a real and lasting change in women’s lives in developing nations. 


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    Writer/ Director Scott Schirmer, "Found"

    in Film

    Writer/ Director Scott Schirmer's first feature length film, "Found," won Best Feature, Best Director and Best Actor at Elvira’s Horror Hunt in 2012. It went on to win Best Horror Feature at The Phoenix Film Festival and the Audience Prize and Jury Prize at the Nevermore Film Festival. It was also an official selection of the 31st Annual Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

    This film features disturbing content as the topic explores a young boy discovering his older brother is a serial killer, yet the strength of the film comes from the relationship between the brothers, the internal motivation and yearnings in both, as well as the dynamic with the parents in this dysfunctional family.

    Scott's in depth look into his characters surely comes from his study of sociology (with a concentration in gender studies) at Indiana University in Bloomington, where he earned his B.A.

    Besides "Found," Scott has written and directed many award-winning short films. Scott also managed his hometown's Von Lee Theatre and hosted the film music appreciation program “Sounds of Cinema” on the city’s community radio station, WFHB.

    "Found" will be showing at the FSC Super Geek Film Festival on Saturday, July 5. http://floridasupercon.com/found.




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    Author Commentary : The Awakening

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, I'll be discussing my first and only completed project in the Sentinel Fandom that is not a cross over with Stargate. Questions in the chatroom, on the phone, or on my LiveJournal listing for this radio show are welcome.

    Title: The Awakening
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Fandom: The Sentinel
    Pairing: Blair/Jim
    Betas: Ladyholder & Kelly
    Status: Complete

    Word Count: 69,152
    Rating: NC-17 (for sex, violence, and very adult themes)
    Warnings: Foul language, explicit sex, violence, murder, blood, discussion of sexual abuse and violence against minor characters, and various other things you might suspect in a story about a Sentinel Cop and his Guide. Mean!Carolyn. Selfish!Naomi.

    Summary: Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.

    Discussed Links:

    Forget Me Not:
    Link: http://keiramarcos.livejournal.com/65144.html 

    The Knowing: 
    Link: http://keiramarcos.livejournal.com/110294.html

    Elvira by the Oakridge Boys 
    Link: http://youtu.be/hVHQsmIaDBY

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    Arnold, the Island Boy, and His Life on the Rock

    in Writing

    Although we are just 4 years apart in age and were neighbors about five houses away and students at Sts. Peter and Paul Elementary School, Arnold and I did not know each other very well until now that we are retired and I have returned to our common home. So, let's learn together what Arnold has to say about his life as a child growing up on St. Thomas.

    "I was born at Easter-time 1950 on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands – a 32 square mile island in the middle of the chain of islands that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Sixty-three years later, I'm still living on the same island. But I've had a lifetime of experiences and adventures – some of them positive and exciting, others terrifying and heartbreaking, and still others that were, quite frankly, very embarrassing. I invite you to travel with me down memory lane as I share with you what it was like growing up on this little island that its residents affectionately call 'The Rock'."

    Some might think it is somewhat egotistical that I'm writing my life story. After all, why would anyone be interested in reading it? I guess in a way, that's true. However, I'm writing this mainly for my daughter, granddaughter, and their future descendants. It wasn't until very recently that I became interested in family history and, by that time, my grandparents, my father, and most of my aunts and uncles had already passed away. My wife, Helena Elvira Perkins, is in the same situation because her parents and other ancestors are also now gone. Unfortunately, we didn't think of asking them about their life stories when they were alive and now it's too late. Hopefully, this biography will serve that purpose and, at the same time, be of interest to anyone who has ever lived on St. Thomas.

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    How to Deliver Quality Healthcare

    in Health

    This week Dr. Elvira will be speaking with Sandy Hoar, a practicing Physician Assistant, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Global Health and Health Sciences at George Washington University. They will cover many topics related to the delivery of quality healthcare, including Ms. Hoar's role as a Physician Assistant, her international work, community based health care in Mexico,  and education; specifically, Teaching, Coaching, and online training.



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    How to improve M&E capacity in challenging environments

    in Health

    This week, Dr. Elvira will speak with Eng. Ammar A. Mahdi, Founder and President of MEMECS (Middle East Monitoring, Evaluation and Consulting Services). They will discuss the work of MEMECS in Iraq and the challenges many programs face when conducting evaluations in post-conflict areas.

    They will also discuss MEMECS' collaboration with MIDEGO to translate Health for All NOW in to Arabic.

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    How to integrate family planning and HIV prevention into health programs

    in Health

    This week, Dr. Elvira will be speaking with Nithya Mani, Public Health Advisor for family planning and HIV integration at USAID’s Office of HIV/AIDS. 

    Nithya has worked in international public health for over twelve years focusing on HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health.  She has experience working on health policy and HIV/AIDS prevention programs for most at risk populations, family planning, gender, and collaborating with USG agencies.  In addition, she has nearly nine years’ experience managing and providing technical assistance to HIV/AIDS programs in the US Government, including in the Africa Bureau, Office of HIV/AIDS, USAID/Regional Development Mission Asia (RDMA), and the Office of US Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC).

    Nithya started her public health career in 2001 with USAID's Africa Bureau on the HIV/AIDS team supporting OVC and multisectoral activities, then moved to the Office of HIV/AIDS where she supported USAID Missions in the launch and implementation of the President’s PMTCT Initiative.  In 2003, she was one of the first USAID staff to be seconded to OGAC to help launch PEPFAR and support implementation in the field through the interagency core teams.  She returned to the Office of HIV/AIDS in 2006 as the Asia Regional Advisor and also served as the Technical Advisor on the Policy Project and Health Systems 20/20 project.  In 2007, Nithya moved to USAID/RDMA in Bangkok as a Health Development Advisor on the HIV/AIDS team.  While in Bangkok, Nithya provided technical and programmatic support to RDMA’s policy and HIV prevention programs with a focus on RDMA’s regional and China programs. 

    Nithya holds a BA in Biology from Mary Washington University and Masters in Public Health from the George Washington University with a focus on HIV prevention.

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    The Vibrant Entrepreneur

    in Business

    Elvira Hopper - The Vibrant Multipreneur

    27 years and 2 careers later, Elvira finally had the courage to leave behind a 6 figure corporate job and pursue what God put herehere to do. She inspires you to “Love your vibe”...where you can choose to live in your Vibration of Authentic Power (VAP) so that you create a life of abundance love and joy!

    Following a highly-successful career in pharmaceutical sales Elvira acknowledged her desire to work with performers by assisting them to capture the pinnacle of success. Success as you define it. Elvira believes in our innate greatness and our ability to make a difference in the world.

    Enjoy this Elvira Hopper, this weeks guest on The Transformational Entrepreneur!

    Elvira Hopper Online



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    How to empower communities to demand quality services

    in Health

    This week Dr. Elvira will be speaking with Yousuf Zaki with PACT in Nigeria about the importance of community mobilization in improving health outcomes.

    Yusuf Zaki has over 10 years of experience in Public relations, Strategic behavior change, and community mobilization interventions in various fields of development, particularly on Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and other maternal and child survival intervention campaigns.

    He has worked on a number of large projects with organizations such as FHI as a behavior change communication officer, USAID’s COMPASS project as a social mobilization officer, and most recently, USAID’s TSHIP project as a community mobilization specialist.

    He has a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from Usmanu Danfodiyo University in Sokoto, and a BA degree in Mass Communication/English from Bayero University in Kano

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