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    Korbid's Corner: The King James Radio Network Audiobook Collection

    in Sports

        We feature the King James Radio Network Audiobook Collection, which is rebranded as Korbid's Corner, courtesy of narrator and KJRN founder, Korbid Thompson.

        There are some new titles available in the collection, and we showcase them here. You can get any of our titles on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and on the King James Radio Network website at www.jamesisking.com. 

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    Thoughts, Love, & Reflections with HOST James DeShay

    in Podcasting

    Thoughts, Love, & Reflections with HOST James DeShay

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    Art Critic James Cooper on the Culture Wars

    in Art

    What are the culture wars and how can we win them? Join us as noted art scholar and critic James Cooper talks about art and culture today.

    James Cooper is an art scholar and noted critic. He is the Founding Director of the Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center. He is the Editor of American Arts Quarterly. He is the author of several books, including The Hudson River School and the Moral Landscape.  Mr. Cooper served on the President’s Committee for National Standards for Arts Education K-12. He has been a vocal critic of government funding  to the arts. He was the first to challenge the obscenity, lack of quality of grants awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Subsequently he was appointed to serve as a juror on several juries for the National Endowment for the Arts, and met with many congressmen. Cooper believes that EXCELLENCE and BEAUTY are the criteria for public art and education, not political correctness or propaganda. He thinks that the American people have not been alerted to the CULTURE WAR that is deconstructing the core values of America. His goal is cultural renewal.    

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    Thoughts, Love, & Reflections with HOST James DeShay

    in Podcasting

    Host: James T. DeShay Show: Thoughts Love And Reflection Time: Every Tuesday 6:00pm Eastern Time Call in @ 657-383-0309

    Topic: Put some respect on my name: Is this the way new Rappers gang respect these days. Come to an interview with a pack of hood members to demand respect from the Breakfast Club. Have people just stopped train people how to conduct business.


    Topic: Can America risk having some one Donald Trump becoming the leader of the free world?


    Topic: Can Beyoncé get any better with marketing herself? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=okGJ-Fto36Q

    I am asking you and others to use my show as the vehicle that allows your voices to be heard. We have to reflex on so many issues impacting our lives and the future of our children. Thoughts Love & Reflection is on three times a week and we need your support.

    Tuesday at 6pm eastern time: 657-383-0309

    Thursday at 6pm eastern time: 347-855-8867

    Saturday at 8pm eastern time: 657-383-0309 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RNBPiVyiAqY

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    The Sports Shack with John and James: Debut Episode 4/22/2016

    in Sports

    Tonight you will witness the debut episode of The Sports Shack with John and James. Tonight we talk NHL and NBA playoffs and the epic Jake Arietta no-hitter. Also, during our second hour, we speak to Greg Jovi from Pro Wrestling Championship Series and Travis Cook of Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. Tune in at 8/7 central to hear enlightening and entertaining commentary from hosts John Kirk and James Southard.

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    The Stoop with Mick James

    in Music

    Noted singer, songwriter and producer Mick James hangs out on "The Stoop" tonight!

    This is going to be a great show as hosts Jonathan Ragus and Jeff Porrini talk to Mick about his newest album "Mick James is Dead", his amazing career writing music for TV, Movies and more.

    As always, the hosts will debut a brand spanking new Top 5 list, talk about some of the latest news/current events in Sports, Movies, Music, etc. and many laughs will be had.

    You can follow Mick James on:
    Twitter: @MickJamesbitch

    You can follow The Stoop on:
    Twitter: @TheStoopRadio1
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/stoopradio

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    The Political Cesspool w James Edwards

    in Politics Conservative

    The Political Cesspool Podcast

    Hour 1

    Hosts James Edwards and Keith Alexander take a break from the incessant news coverage surrounding this program and slow things down in order to speak directly to the most loyal and loving audience in all of political talk radio.

    Hour 2

    James and Keith talk about the death of “conservatism” and what needs to come next.

    Hour 3

    Confederate History Month continues on TPC!



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    #HMBradio Presents: My Mom's Favorite Podcast with James Bailey- CRAP Comedy

    in Entertainment

    James Bailey is joined by Tampa Bay comedians from CRAP Comedy, Vinnie Ward & Mason Hill on another 'sode of #MMFP.  Get more from CRAP on their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/officiallycrapcomedy

    Leave a message for the show @: (813) 693-2124

    Follow James on Social Media:

    Follow the #HMB on Facebook (www.facebook.com/thehomemadebroadcast) & Twitter (https://twitter.com/home_made_man). Get in contact with the show via email: thehomemadebroadcast@radiostpete.com or leave a voicemail on our google voice line (813) 693-2124 or check us out online at www.HMBradio.com

    Follow #HMBradio on Social Media:



    Get more exclusive content available on www.HMBradio.com

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    #26 Identifying your errors in thinking: Guest - Kim Ades, M.B.A.

    in Motivation

    Anytime we have internal or external conflict we are using a thinking errors. Thinking errors are the lens we use to create our perception. Our perception becomes our belief. Our belief causes us to have certain thoughts which then tell us how to feel. Our feelings in turn tell our body how to respond. Each person will have a specific version of their thinking error based on their core beliefs about how they fit in the world. You may be surprised at how often you use a thinking error in your day. Once you are aware of it it will reduce conflict in your life and allow you to focus on things that really matter.

    Kim Ades, M.B.A. is the president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal Engine Software. She shares her personal struggle of overcoming adversity in her life as well as identifying areas of growth and development. She coaches her clients in ways to identify where their thinking is interfering with their ability to take action. FrameOfMindCoaching.com 

    For more information about James Miller visit:  JamesMillerLifeology.com.  Subscribe to this Podcast and to YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive daily lessons. At JamesMillerLifeology.com you may enroll in the Lifeology Academy courses created specifically for successful people like you. Consult with James to simplify and transform your life.

    Be sure to subscribe to this podcast through any of your podcast portals. Please rate the podcast as well as leave a comment. 

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Audible. Get your FREE audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/JamesMillerLifeology.