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    Dan Ellsberg & Glenn Greenwald: Circe's Potion

    in History

    Dan Ellsberg relates a conversation with Henry Kissenger in which he — Ellsberg — describes what happens to people as they become privy to closely held and sensitive government information. The year was 1969 and Kissinger had made his first presentation to the National Security Council. Glenn Greenwald brings it forward in time and reflects on WikiLeaks.
    Recorded in 2011 with Jay Ackroyd.

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    in Entertainment

    Michael C. Donaldson is an entertainment attorney who has been fighting for independent filmmakers for over 30 yrs. which has made him an expert at the art of negotiation. He is the founding partner of Donaldson & Callif, a Beverly Hills law firm specializing in entertainment & copyright law, with particular emphasis on the representation of independent film producers. As President of the International Documentary Association, he negotiated with the cable networks to prevent the wholesale migration of credits from the screen to the internet by organizing and leading the Documentary Credit Coalition. Michael is a much lauded author and sought-after public speaker, as well. He is the author of Do It Yourself! Trademarks & Copyrights, released in 1995 and Clearance & Copyright, used in 50 film schools and winner of three national book awards.

    Lisa Callif, named by Variety as one of The Best & The Brightest (2011), is an entertainment attorney whose focus is on representing indie filmmakers in all aspects of their filmmaking, including development, production & distribution. Lisa does a significant amount of clearance work for documentaries as well as being one of the few attorneys in the entertainment industry to represent live theaters. Lisa has worked on such films as “Invisible War” (Grand Jury Prize, Best Documentary, Sundance 2012), “Inside Job” (Academy Award® winner 2011), “Insidious” (from the producers of Paranormal Activity), “How to Die In Oregon” (Grand Jury Prize, Best Documentary, Sundance 2011), “I’m Still Here” (starring Joaquin Phoenix), “Teenage Paparazzo” (starring Adrian Grenier), “Waiting for Superman,” “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” (Academy Award® nominee 2010).

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    Wendy Addison, Speak Out, Speak Up: 21st Century Whistle Blowers

    in Culture

    Wendy Addison's life is the stuff that makes up a great film.

    Wendy shares her experience as a whistleblower who spoke out long before Assange and Snowden made it mainstream and prior to protective legislation being in place. Her ability to have won an eleven year war of attrition is motivational as is her ability to forgive, her drive to walk a path less travelled and the stepping stones she has laid down for others to follow her lead. Wendy's battle has been for what's 'right'. It's an exposure of much of what is 'wrong' in the world. It's about Truth or Dare or rather 'Daring to tell the truth'.  

    She has shared speaker platforms with Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Whistleblower), Coleen Rowley (FBI whistleblower), Dr Phil Zimbardo (Stanford Prison experiments) and Professor Roger Steare of ethicability. Find out more here: www.speakout-speakup.org

    Linda Lombardo and Tom Goglia host.

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    Daniel Ellsberg: Secrets - Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers

    in War

    From University of California Television
    In 1971 Defense Department analyst, former U.S. Marine company commander and anti-Communist Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the media. In this talk, Ellsberg presents an explosive inside account of how and why he helped bring an end to the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon's presidency. He also talks about the current potential for war with Iraq and why he feels that would be a major mistake for the United States. Series: Voices [1/2003] [Public Affairs] [Humanities]

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    Dan Ellsberg Virtually Speaking Sunday

    in Politics Progressive

    Dan Ellsberg discusses Wilileaks, the role of whistleblowers, and their endangered future.
    8pm eastern - Maple Syrup Edition - @OurManinAbiko on #quakebook and Dr Dawg on the Canadian General Election and the contempt charges brought against the Govt for withholding information from Parliament.

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    Holly Stephey & Author/Journalist Ivor Davis, The Beatles and Me On Tour!

    in Entertainment

    London-born Ivor Davis first came to America in the early sixties and was appointed West Coast correspondent for the  London Daily Express in l963.His first big assignment came the following year: to hang out, travel with and get to know the four members of a new pop group from Liverpool who were tearing up the world with their music: the Beatles. In the summer of 1964 The Beatles embarked on a record-breaking, pandemonium tour of America. This is the first chronicle of that tour told by someone on the inside: Ivor Davis, then a young reporter for the London Daily Express. For 34 days, he had unrestricted access to the four boys from Liverpool from their hotel suites to the concert arenas to their private jet, fending off girls’ (& their mothers’) attempts to hook up with the band, playing all-night games of Monopoly with John Lennon, ghostwriting a newspaper column for George Harrison, being there as Bob Dylan introduced them to pot. In The Beatles and Me On Tour, Davis recounts the rip-roaring adventures of the most legendary band at a critical moment in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. As a writer for the Express & the Times of London, Ivor covered major events in North America. He penned a weekly entertainment column for the New York Times Syndicate interviewing some of the biggest names in show business. He was a co-author of the l969 book Divided They Stand, which chronicled the Presidential election & witnessed some of the biggest trials in American history: Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of killing Bobby Kennedy , black-power militant Angela Davis, acquitted of murder in l972 Daniel Ellsberg’s trial for leaking the Pentagon Papers, Patty Hearst convicted of robbery after being kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. He co-wrote Five to Die, the first book ever published about the Sharon Tate murders. 

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    11 Days Tele-Summit Round Table & Kurt Johnson, Entomologist

    in Culture

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860

    Wednesday, September 3, 6pm EDT: During the first hour, Mitchell will be covering 11 Days of Global Unity, sponsored by We, The World, non-profit organization

    The 11 Days Tele-Summit for the Summer of Peace is from September 11-21, plus a special preview on September 9th, and culminating on September 21

    Mitchell's first guest in this roundtable discussion is colleague & friend, Founder & Board Chair of We, The World, Rick UlfikPurchase Rick's Music

    Mitchell's second guest is Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace at The Shift Network and director of The Summer of PeacePurchase Philip's Books

    Mitchell's third guest is Dr. Dot Maver, Kosmos Associates Project Director.

    Mitchell's fourth guest is Jon Eliot Ramer, American entrepreneur, civic leader, inventor, and musician.

    Check out event details:click here.

    For the second hour of the show, Mitchell will speak with scientist and spirtual teacher, Dr. Kurt Johnson Purchase Kurt's Books

    Kurt is heading up a special inter-spiritual event in NYC. For information: Click Here

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    in Lifestyle

    Was Edward Snowden Justified? Two teams faced off on the motion "Snowden was justified" in his release of highly classified national security documents. The team that sways the most people by the end of the debate is declared the winner. AGAINST THE MOTION Andrew C. McCarthy, a contributing editor at National Review and a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, is a former top federal prosecutor. A former chief assistant U.S. attorney, he is best known for leading the prosecution against Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others for waging a terrorist war against the U.S., including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. Ambassador R. James Woolsey, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, chairs the board of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and is a venture partner with Lux Capital Management. Previously, he served in the U.S. government on five different occasions, where he held presidential appointments in two Republican and two Democratic administrations. FOR THE MOTION Daniel Ellsberg is a former U.S. military analyst who, in 1971, leaked the Pentagon Papers, which revealed how the U.S. public had been misled about the Vietnam War. After serving in the Marine Corps, he became in 1959 a strategic analyst at the RAND Corporation and consultant to the White House and Defense Department, which he joined before transferring to the State Department to serve in Saigon. Ellsberg's trial on 12 felony counts was dismissed on grounds of governmental misconduct against him. Ben Wizner, legal adviser to Edward Snowden, directs the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, which is dedicated to protecting and expanding the freedoms of expression, association, and inquiry. He has litigated numerous cases involving post-9/11 civil liberties abuses, including challenges to airport security policies, government watch lists, extraordinary rendition and torture.

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    Sandy Hook: Fact or Fiction — Jack Blood vs. Jim Fetzer

    in News

    After listening to the debate, visit Hot Button Debates to vote on who you think won.

    Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Jack Blood and Jim Fetzer, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.

    The debate will follow this format:

    The moderator will ask questions to each participant where they will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence. If less than the allotted time is used, it will be set aside for a less structured discussion towards the end. At the end of the debate, each participant will have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.

    If there are callers, they will be taken during the final hour.

    Jack Blood has been a radio talk show host for the last 19 years and has interviewed some of the top experts, researchers, investigative reporters, historians, artists, whistleblowers, and political policy makers the world over:

    Jerry Brown, Oliver North, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Howard Zinn, Jim Marrs, Pat Buchanan, Greg Palast, Jerome Corsi, Daniel Ellsberg, Randy Weaver and Cindy Sheehan.

    Jack will argue that the Sandy Hook Elementary School event was an actual mass-casualty incident.

    James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, has published widely and is a contributor and editor at Veterans Today and hosts a radio show, "The Real Deal", M/W/F

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    National Security? PAALEZZZZ!!

    in Politics Progressive

    Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Daniel Elllsberg, Julian Assange, the Geneva Conventions, the Law of Armed Conflict, the United Nations Charter, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the NSA, the CIA, the National Security Act of 1947, and more!

    Bob will be discussing these issues and more!

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    Episode 43: Obama, the UK, France, and Canada Launch Air Strikes on Libya, Daniel Ellsberg, Etc.

    in Politics

    In the forty-third episode, temporary co-host and libertarian/voluntaryist Jay Hailey and his panelists libertarian attorney and The Libertarian Coalition (Third Party Alliance) co-founder A.J. Arias and anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist Edgardo Peregrino discussed the U.S. and British military air strikes on Libya by firing over 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles, the French Air Force and British Royal Air Force undertaking sorties across the homeland, a naval blockade being launched by the Royal Navy, Pentagon Papers source Daniel Ellsberg and anti-war protesters objecting to imprisoned Bradley Manning's treatment and ending up arrested, the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant reactors being rendered inoperative after it was flooded by a tsunami caused by an earthquake measured at 9.0 on the Richter scale, 13-year-old rising pop queen Rebecca Black and her god-awful song "Friday," Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich calling for Obama's impeachment for dispatching troops to Libya, some pro-Liberty activists supporting Peacemakers Militia member Schaeffer Cox who's charged with conspiracy to murder 5 Alaskan state troopers and a federal judge, and why violence against the State is stupid, immoral, unethical, and in violation of the Non-Aggression Principle.

    [*Note: I didn't host show tonight's show because I was hospitalized due to my lower left leg being infected due to my diabetes. However, Jay took over for me, and from what I can tell, it went very well. :)]