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    THURSDAY 05/14/15 at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT/ 7pm PT Join us for "MIKE ON THE MIC" w/Host BIG MIKE ALLBRIGHT And Special Guest JEFF VARNER (Survivor The Australian Outback) to recap #SurvivorWorldsApart! Jeff was Amazing on The Australian Outback! Now he's one of 32 contestants eligible to be selected to compete on Survivor: Second Chances! We'll find out how Jeff feels about the prospect of going back on #Survivor, and what his thoughts are on #SurvivorWorldsApart, their cast, the twists, and who he thinks will win this season.  Will any other Survivor Alumni be calling in? There's always that chance! We also want to hear YOUR questions and newest predictions! Call in and chat with BIG MIKE ALLBRIGHT and JEFF VARNER at 1-347-237-5506! We encourage fan participation!

    Since 2002, MICHAEL "BIG MIKE" ALLBRIGHT has been meeting and interacting with Survivor contestants at charity events, live finales and at parties, etc. around the United States. No fan in the entire WORLD has met more cast members (411) than Big Mike. He is a true insider who is fascinated by all aspects of the show and is always seeking to find out more information and background about Survivor. Big Mike has Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted his competition and is now known and beloved by nearly every player in the show's history, and many of the people behind the creation of show including Russ Landau, Monty Brinton, Jesse Jensen, Lynne Spielman, Jeff Probst, and even Mark Burnett himself! Call in every Thursday night to discuss each episode! Tonight you can talk w/ BIG MIKE and JEFF VARNER at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link and scroll down the page to join us in our Live Chat Room too! Cherry Garcia and Paul from Mn. will be there to Co-Host each show. Let's talk #SURVIVOR!


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    Back From Summer Break! And An Honest Conversation About Balance

    in Lifestyle

    We are back from our summer hiatus, and excited to start a new season of The Bubble Hour!

    We talk a lot about the importance of balance and self-care, and tonight we are going to have an honest conversation about making decisions in our lives that put recovery and balance at the top of our priority list. Sometimes it's hard to take a step back from things we love in order to keep balance in check, and sometimes we have life circumstances that require us to take on more, and maintaining balance can be a challenge.

    Co-hosts Ellie and Amanda will talk tonight about why balance is important, about how we make decisions - even in the face of a lot of change - to maintain our recovery.

    We will also talk about this upcoming season of The Bubble Hour, and some changes we're making to the show based on your input! 


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    Writestream Tuesday with Author Michael Sheldon

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    Join Writestream co-founder and host Daria Anne when author Michael Sheldon joins her to talk about his writing career including The Violet Crow:

    An unfathomable murder stuns the quiet South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. No grieving parents come forward to claim the unknown girl’s body, and there aren’t any clues. The police are inexperienced. The local media are casting blame and demanding answers. A mini-culture war is brewing . . .

    So what do the civic leaders do? They hire Bruno X. Psychic Detective. No joke, the guy’s got talent. And a track record. Sure, his psychic shtick is a bit unorthodox. Yet, somehow, he gets results—solving long-forgotten mysteries locked inside the old brick Quaker meeting house, and uncovering closely held secrets hidden within the biotech company whose symbol is the Violet Crow.


    Michael Sheldon was born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey. He and his wife Ellie left New York City in 1980 and moved west--first to New Mexico, then Montana, and finally to Seattle, where they've lived since 1988. With daughter Giuliana off at college, the household includes Bunny, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Oliver, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Michael and Ellie's global mom-and-pop marketing shop, XMedia Communications.

    Michael has been writing fiction throughout his adult life. Publishing credits include the business memoir of investment pioneer George Russell, Success by Ten (Wiley, 2009) and scores of articles on photography in PDN. He's also an accomplished photographer and has invented a form for photographic novels called photoromance.


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    Ellie Matt live on the Cricket Show

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    Tune in each ans every Saturday to the Ellie Matt Show . This is a programme sponsored by the The Cricket Show.

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    Ellie Matt live on the Cricket Show

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    We wish Ellie Matt well. He has been under the weather for the past few weeks. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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    Ellie Matt live on the Cricket Show

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    Ellie Matt live on the Cricket show

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    The Ellie Matt show live on the Cricket Show

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    Ellie Matt live on the Cricket Show

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    You missed Ellie Mstt , you dont dare miss him this. He is renewed invigored and ready to jam you with his first show in 2015. Tell your friends he is back

  • Ellie Matt live on The Cricket Show

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    Ellie Matt his Special You dare not miss it . Tell the world. Hear who won the Crowns in St Kitts Nevis.