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    "I Got The Music in Me..." How music influences our life

    in Comedy

    "Sing, sing a song
    Sing out loud
    Sing out strong
    Sing of good things not bad
    Sing of happy not sad..."           --The Carpenters

     Join Deb Durst and Ellenor Kirkconnell on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 9:00AM EDT when they discuss how music influences our life.

    They'll also discuss some famous songs, bands, and lyrics, all with a comedic twist.

    Deb Durst is a national speaker, marketing professional and co-author of "There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!" 

    Ellenor Kirkconnell is a motivational speaker and accomplished business professional in the nonprofit sector. 


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    The Joke's on You

    in Comedy

    "I started a joke, which started the whole world crying, but I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no." -- Bee Gees

    Join Debbie and Ellenor on Thursday, April 3rd when they will be discussing the history of April Fool's Day and why so many people enjoy playing practical jokes on others.  

    They'll also share some very interesting parctical jokes with their audience as well as open the phone lines to hear your favorite practical jokes. 

    Here's a few points they'll address during the show:

    1) Does it take a good sense of humor to enjoy a practical joke?

    2) Why laughter IS the best medicine.

    3) What to do when a practical joke go seriously downhill?

    4) What do you do when the practical jokes is on you?

    5) If you can't beat 'em, punk 'em!

    6) And, how do you create an award-winning pracitical joke?

    Deb Durst is a national speaker, marketing and sales professional and co-author of "There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!" To schedule Durst for speaking engagements, media appearances, interviews, or book signings contact durstdeb@gmail.com.  

    Ellenor Kirkconnell is a motivational speaker and accomplished business professional in the nonprofit sector. To schedule Kirkconnell for speaking engagements, appearances, or interviews, contact ekirkconnell@gmail.com



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    Oh Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup...

    in Comedy

    - Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.

    - Hush, don’t shout, or the others will want it too.

    Join Deb Durst and Ellenor Kirkconnell on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 10:00AM EDT when they discuss bugs and the influence insects have on our mental and physical well being.

    They'll also explain some famous quotes and proverbs about insects with a comedic twist. 

    The mosquito is the state bird of New Jersey.  ~Andy Warhol

    Take time to smell the roses and eventually you'll inhale a bee.  ~Author Unknown

    She's got ants in her pants.

    As busy as a bee.

    She thinks she's the bee's knees.

    As snug as a bug in a rug.

    Put a bug in someone's ear.

    A social butterfly.

    A closed mouth catches no flies.

    Knee-high to a grasshopper.

    Tune in to hear some great pointers on how to rid your home or grounds of insects and slugs by using items found in your kitchen. Such as; zip lock bags, pennies, cinnamon, cloves, tequila and more. 

    Deb Durst is a national speaker, marketing professional and co-author of "There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!" 

    Ellenor Kirkconnell is a motivational speaker and accomplished business professional in the nonprofit sector. 

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons, public domain, Stu Spivack


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    Please PRINT and PRINT Your Name on the Dotted Line

    in Comedy

    Join us (Debbie and Ellenor) on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 10:00AM EDT when we discuss why the decision NOT to teach handwriting in school has far-reaching effects.

    1. No more analysis of personality through handwriting. However, we do foresee a future in the analysis of personality by the phone you carry. 

    2. Future serial killers will taunt police via text messages using emoji and emoticons. 

    3. Childern born today will have the option of studying a new foreign language in college, Cursive.

    4. Children cannot read letters or cards from grandparents. Well, at least money still talks. 

    5.  What will we do with all the unused, lined, copy books?

    Cursive Handwriting image: By Vacuumfan7072 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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    Maria McBride, Chef/Owner of Pasta Tuesday

    in Comedy

    Please join Deb Durst (co-author of There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!) and Ellenor Kirkconnell (motivational speaker) when they welcome Maria McBride (Chef and owner of Pasta Tuesday) to the show on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 11:00AM EDT.

    We are so excited to have Maria on the show--she will open up to share her life and love of family and food. And how Pasta Tuesday was created In honor of her Dad and Mom, and why it has been a labor of love and joy to serve her community.

    McBride's greatest desire is to serve the elderly. Pasta Tuesday is a weekly meal for seniors, and they've been delivering these dinners for the past four years. Some menu specialties are featured on Pasta Tuesday's blog: http://imiglioriauguri.blogspot.com/.

    Pasta Tuesday offers four different entrees each week for $9.00 a meal. Each week they take phone orders or e-mails orders for the upcoming Tuesday. Pasta Tuesday currently serves the local towns of Sewell and Turnersville in Washington Township, New Jersey.

    The best way to support Pasta Tuesday is to refer the business to the senior communities in your local South Jersey towns or around the Philadelphia region. Maria also has a goal of opening a small restaurant so seniors will have the option to go out to enjoy a Pasta Tuesday entree. 

    For more story information on Maria McBride and Pasta Tuesday, see full story on our website.

    Maria can be reached via e-mail: mariademagistris@gmail.com




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    Are You There, God? It's Me, Hormonal Hannah.

    in Comedy

    Join Deb Durst (co-author of There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!) when she welcomes Ellenor Kirkconnell (national motivational speaker) back to the show to teach our listeners how to offer up menopause and the symptoms of menopause. Durst and Kirkconnell will add a comical twist to menopause: "If it bleeds, it feeds" and why every woman over the age of 40 should have a garage stocked with ShamWows!

    Offer It Up!

    As part of my Catholic upbringing, I was often told by the nuns to Offer It Up.  For those who are not familiar with this term; it means to offer your suffering to God as a sacrifice. This can be done with small annoyances or large issues. 

    So, I got to thinking...What if we could turn Hormonal Hannah into a positive experience?  What if we applied the offer it up theory to menopause? It just might work. Therefore, I decided to "offer up" my insomnia to compile a list of  humorous offerings for the friends of our show who suffer from menopause, and for those who will venture down this path soon enough.  

    Mark your calendars!  Join us on Wednesday, 2/26/14 at 10:00AM EST to listen, learn and laugh!

    Thank you,

    Deb Durst




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    Bedknobs, Broomsticks and B**bs

    in Comedy

    Please welcome Ellenor back to the studio to discuss how to spot the perfect modern day nanny.

    Ellenor has never served a spoonful of sugar along with a dose of cough medicine, but she'll explain why the modern day nanny carries her own feather duster, and others have a membership to the local nudist colony. 

    Long gone are the days of Angela Lansbury turning tricks in bed or Julie Andrews teaching your girls how to swallow. 

    Joins us for 60-minutes of non-stop fun--we'll go where others fear to go with a feather duster.  Oh, next time you spot a nanny at the park or beach, please thank her for being so perky.













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    Nuns and Rulers and Red Pens! Oh My!

    in Comedy

    "You don't scare me...I was taught by nuns!"  --Ellenor Kirkconnell   Ellenor joins us on Wednesday, October 2, at 11:00AM as we trip down the halls of Catholic school...   You bold, brazen article!  Are you Catholic or Public? Where's the lavatory? The best made-up sins. Saddle shoes are a fashon statement. Soliders of Christ wear polyester.  What you learn from sitting in the cloakroom. Offer it up to God! I got blisters on my fingers!  God's children only use their right hand to write! Bring your memories and marble copybooks!  

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    America's Fav from #sytycd 6 Starts DanceCo - Ellenore Scott

    in Lifestyle

    ”This is what I want to do. I want to choreograph.” ~ Ellenore Scott
    Ellenore embodies what this show is all about: Doing what's necessary to turn dreams into reality. 
    Ellenor, a professional dancer & freelance choreographer, is best known for being a finalist & one of Americas favorite dancers, season 6, #SYTYCD.
    She's performed with Janet Jackson & has danced on  "Smash", "The Ellen Show" "One Life to Live" "The View" "Academy Awards" & "Dancing with the Stars".
    In addition to teaching at NY's Broadway Dance Center, Ellenore is founder & director of ELSCO Dance, a modern dance company that combines two worlds: concert & commercial dance.
    Ellenore's choreography has been presented at a number of festivals, choreography projects & artists series. 
    She‘s been commissioned to create evening length works for various companies & has choreographed a music video for recording artists, CJ Tyson.
    Ellenore uses social media to connect with audiences. Her works are collaborative in that she views audiences as partners, not just observers.  Listen to find out more. 
    https://www.facebook.com/ELSCODance  https://www.facebook.com/EllenorePScott
    twitter @ellenore, instagram @ellenorescott
    #Life101 with Laurie Johnson relies on you, the listener & aspiring artists, to tell me what you want to hear on this show. Let me know: www.facebook.com/lauriejohnsonfanpage. Twitter.com/laurietalks
    Instagram @laurietalks_