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    Ellen Miller - Interview

    in Business

    Ellen Miller is the president and founder of TEAM Performance.  She works with forward thinking leaders who are looking for that "leading edge" to grow the people side of their business. 

    For 27 years she has worked with consultants, Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, not for profit organizations and governmental agencies.

    Ellen discusses how she works with companies to create an environment where all employees are valued and everyone is excited to go to work. 

    Hear how she supports leaders in building high-performing, values-driven cultures that draws and retains talented, motivated staff and increases employee engagement.



    TEAM Performance



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    Derek and George Live!

    in Christianity

    Join Derek and George at 8 am Friday to hear the latest in news and stories from around the world. And as you heard last week we answer our e-mails even if they are ripping us apart.So , keep that mail coming! Stay Safe and Stay Strong!!

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    Derek and Jess and the Family Nest

    in Family

    Derek and Jess discuss the love of family, parenting, and life in La Junta, CO.

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    5G SPORTS FIVE G SPORTS with Derek Taylor

    in Radio

           Sports is nothing to PLAY with.  You're either gliding down the ice platform with your hockey stick, trying to get the PUCK out of trouble, or yanking a CAVALIERS KEVIN LOVE ARM to take him out of the game for a long time.  You may be hitting a game TYING shot like Paul Pierce after the time buzzer or you may be out of the loop like the teams that didn't make the playoffs.  Is TABLE TENNIS (Ping Pong) a sport?  Or is volleyball a sport or a way for guys to check women out BOUNCING around with joy, and getting even the best of us excited?  Oh, the 3-2 pitch, or the hail mary pass - DEREK TAYLOR is right there with you, right in the side pocket - 347-205-9366.

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    Mastering the Art of Public Speaking (Part II), With Pam Terry

    in Marketing

    I know that you know that public speaking is a must in order to position yourself as an expert in your industry. We’ve discussed it at length on this show.

    But the lingering question is, can you really make public speaking a career and make money at it?

    Pam Terry is back and the answer she has to that question is YES!

    This time around, you’ll learn:

    How to get started
    How to become known
    No-cost to low-cost technology tools
    Strategies for pricing, about products and more!

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    Vocalist and Author Ellen Johnson returns to #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes vocalist and author Ellen Johnson to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new musical project and what it's been like to share her music with the world.

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    Author Ellen Palestrant stops by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Ellen Palestrant to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her book HAVE YOU HAD A HUNCH.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Pam White of Insight Coaching

    in Self Help

    Sharon, CT – Pam White is a Professional Certified Life Coach and the founder of Insight Coaching, where she works with clients to increase their effectiveness and unlock their creativity.

    “I want to help you clarify your goals and personal vision so you can do what you love and love what you do,” says Pam. “I think of myself as a spiritual personal trainer. My years of study in meditation and my life as an artist have allowed me to see how our belief systems inhibit our awareness and creativity."

    Insight Coaching is all about discovering our most authentic self. She believes we are all artists. Everything we choose to do or think or watch is like the colors of a painting, the steps of a dance. Our ability to listen to our inner voice – the voice of wisdom and knowing – is key. With heart-centered tools and strategies, Pam has helped countless individuals live inspiring and fulfilled lives.

    “My clients are on a spiritual path as well as a life path and their journey is very important to them. They want to fulfill themselves,” says Pam. “My clients are an inspiration to me and a reminder that we are all capable of leading incredible lives.”

    Pam has spent over 35 practicing Vipassana meditation. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation, a means of self-transformation through self-observation. As a writer, photographer, painter, and poet, Pam says she understands process.

    “Just as in art, the choosing of a color or a shape has to be organic,” says Pam. “I know that my strategies work from my own experience and from others who have given me the opportunity to assist in opening their own doors."

    For more information on Insight Coaching, visit www.pammwhite.com

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    Sensual Voices - Ellen and Annaparjata co-authors and inspiring leaders

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to a rich and powerful conversation with women about Sensuality, Desire and Connection.
    In this series of radio shows you can listen to the co-authors of the upcoming Heal My Voice book Sensual Voices: True Stories by Women Exploring Connection and Desire. Show number #5

    Hosts: Andrea Hylen and Marie Ek Lipanovska
    Guest: Ellen Koronet and Annaparjata Sandström

    Ellen Koronet is a seasoned quiz designer, focus group moderator, and social researcher.  She also conducts workshops and conference seminars on Inner Muse & Mentor archetypes, a system she designed to help entrepreneurs and individuals balance Inspired and Logical styles of problem solving and task completion.  The deck and guidebook are published as "Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Creativity & Inspiration Cards," available at www.LNKcreative.com/store

    Annaparjata Jasmine Sandström is a psychologist, specialized in the significance of safe human connection for normal early neurobiological development. She embodies the experience of how being in warm trusting relationships accordingly facilitates long-term growth and healing. Her broad knowledge coupled with a well-nurtured sensitivity for these tender human needs makes her a master at creating that feeling of safety for the people she works with. As the mother of a newborn she joyously lives and breathes this process of wholeness and connection with her child, as well as within herself and in the world. Her life is dedicated to it.

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    Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Mahala World Astrologer

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show!

    My 'special guest' this Monday is Mahala World Astrologer, we are always excited and blessed to have her on the show. Mahala says to get ready because of the higher electro- magnetic energy coming in now we will definately be experiencing more changes. Mahala calls it the 'Earth Resonate Rising' as we continue to make this shift into our light bodies. Get on line early if you have a question for Mahala call 347-838-9142, Annie the moderator will get you in. To contact Mahala web-site www.mahalasastrology.com and sign up for her 'free' monthly newsletter planetlaert@hotmail.com and check out your past-life chart by Edgar Casey.