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    Into the Cosmos - Episode 5

    in Sports

    This week on #IntotheCosmos, your hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa get you ready for arguably the biggest match of the spring portion of the campaign.

    The first place Railhawks have set the precedence with wins in all four of their outings in 2016, which has left the Cosmos six points behind the table leaders, and three points behind Minnesota, who we know handed the Cosmos a tough 1 - 0 defeat last weekend, despite the Cosmos playing up a man for most of the second half.

    We have two interviews to air this week, as Austin da Luz from the Railhawks pays the guys a visit with his goal scoring touch the talk of the town so far. Da Luz leads the NASL with three goals scored, tied with Cvitanich and Ramirez.

    Gabriel Farfan of the NY Cosmos also stops by for a chat, so sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of the Into the Cosmos Team Podcast!

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    Cosmos Connection on Cosmos Radio with TJ Morris ET Contactee - Psychic Tarot Readings Universal Co

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    Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris is back offering free tarot readings to those who want to share a fun and entertaining time! TJ is a well known psychic to the stars and has been reading Tarot for over 30 years and knows a few things about the paranormal work of phenomenology. TJ loves people and enters her own connection to do what Life Coaches like to share as assisting humans get from point A to point B. These are short mini readings for those who happen to believe in synchronicity and can tune in to see what the Cosmos may have to offer someone who connects through and oracle. You know like the older lady who bakes the cookies in the Matrix!  Come see what all the change is about in the shift that happens to us all! Prepare for the best and know that things change in 2016 for us all!

    http://ascensionpsychics.com, and http://theresajmorris.com


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    Into the Cosmos ~ Episode 3

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    Welcome to the #IntotheCosmos team podcast, as we arrive to week three in the NASL Spring portion of the campaign.

    The Cosmos have taken all six points from their first two outings of the year, and are coming off another impressive performance against the Jacksonville Armada this past weekend at Shuart Stadium.

    Our guest this week is nominated for Goal of the Week in the NASL, as Adam Moffat joins Ej and Frank to talk about the goal, which was assisted by Niko Kranjcar just outside the Armada 18 yard box.

    Adam also discusses his time in the MLS, the injuries that held him out of last year's post season, while giving us some insight on the preparation for four road games over the next five contests for the NY Cosmos.

    Vote for Adam's goal on the NASL home page, and get prepared for the big outing with Indy Eleven this weekend! Indy and the Cosmos have met six times over the past two seasons, and neither club has taken three points from the other. Six draws have played out all six times the two have met.

    Catch the match at Michael A Carroll Stadium (The Mike) Saturday at 7:30 PM ET on One World Sports!

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    Into the Cosmos - Episode 4

    in Sports

    Welcome to this week's edition of the #IntotheCosmos team podcast.

    As we enter the fourth weekend of the spring portion of the NASL schedule, the NY Cosmos find themselves tied in second place with Minnesota on six points, and low and behold, the Cosmos take on the Loons this weekend at NSC Stadium.

    Hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa welcome Michael Lahoud to the show, as the midfielder makes his first appearance on the podcast. Mike opens up about his charity work that helps to provide an education in his native Sierra Leone for those who may not have the opportunity otherwise.

    Be sure to vote for Mike, who is up as a nominee for Humanitarian of the Year through All Sports United, as $10,000 is on the line to support his 'Schools for Salone' charity.

    Thanks for tuning in this week, and be sure to lookout for the 5 points support for Ecuador!

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    Into the Cosmos - Episode 2

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    This week on #IntotheCosmos, our hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa bring you all the news and highlights from a smashing first round of action that transpired this past weekend, and review the round of matches on deck for week 2.

    The New York Cosmos home opener was a success, as the club came away with a 3 - 0 over the Ottawa Fury to start the 2016 campaign off with three points, and an appearance atop the the NASL standings.

    Juan Arango came away with the NASL Player of the Week honor, and he was joined by Jairo Arrieta on the NASL Best XI team of the week as well.

    The Cosmos host the Jacksonville Armada in week 2 at Shuart Stadium, which kicks off at 6 PM ET. The theme of the weekend is Star Wars. Come to the game dressed as your favorite Droid, Jedi or Sith and take a selfie with Darth Vader, while also putting yourself in the running to win $150 for first place in the costume contest.

    Don't forget to throw your name in the hat for a chance to win an Under Armour Jersey and two tickets to this weekend's match at Shuart Stadium, by checking out the Cosmos home page or twitter feed for details.

    Thank you for listening, and we thank you for tuning in again this week.

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    Alien Cosmos Expos by AMI Bruce Cunningham, TJ Morris, Katrina Hutchins

    in Entertainment

    Bruce Cunningham is Founder and Director of Ancient Mysteries International. He is Indiana Bruce as a real Indiana Jones and shares the Pyramid Finds and Sacred Sites in his life with others. We share people, places, and artifacts. Bruce shares Ancient Astronauts Clues & Views with us on Facebook. Theresa J Morris is Founder Director of ACO - Alien Contact Org. Ascension Center is at the Core of the Cosmos and ET beings come and go. Ancient Mysteries International and Alien Contact Organization share the Education Research Association Community Online People of Cyberspace Culture to invoke the awakening of the Ascension Age. We share the past,present, future we have as clues and views to the reality that we call the critical mass mind in the universe much like the Internet we now share.Katrina Hutchins and Diana McClintic Join for a Gathering of Synchronicity.What Ancient Astronaut Clues and Views were left for us to find in order for us to progress slowly over time much like those who came prior to us were allowed to do. We are discovering that we are on a neurological journey that leads us on a treasure hunt not only inside our minds but outside of us in the world. Come with us on this 2 hour journey of discovery among those who share interests in phenomenology and artifacts. We share the mysteries we find in our lives in social media and in these recorded archives. dia groups. Bruce and TJ share as Administrators of Ancient Astronauts Clues & Views Group on Facebook.Both Bruce and TJ Ae publishers for others. 

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    Into the Cosmos - NASL Opening Weekend 2016

    in Sports

    It is that time again folks, as we present the second full season of the #IntotheCosmos Team Podcast here at Sports Palooza Radio.

    The 2016 version of the show marks our third season of covering the Cosmos on the network, and this year we once again have Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa hosting the party.

    To open the year, the guys welcome the COO of the NY Cosmos Erik Stover, as their first guest of the season. Erik opens up about Media Day and the kit unveiling at Under Armour in NYC that took place on March 16 in New York City, the importance of the Training and Development Programs, the Cosmos Academy and so much more.

    So many changes were made not only within the Cosmos organization, but around the entire NASL as well. A new season brings new hope to all 12 clubs who will be competing in the league in 2016. We will discuss the team dynamic in New York, as well as recognize some of the big moves made in the off-season by everyone in the NASL.

    Can the Cosmos defend the 2015 Soccer Bowl title? Are you ready for another big season for the organization?

    Opening day for the Cosmos is Sunday, April 3, and kickoff is set for 6 PM ET at Shuart Stadium on the grounds of Hofstra University. Get your tickets through the Cosmos website, and pick one of the numerous plans offered by the club for 2016.

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    ET Spirit Guide Theresa J Morris gives Free Tarot Readings for Cosmos Radio Org

    in Spirituality

    Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is known as Theresa J Morris, and TJ Morris, Intuitive Journalist Author, Speaker, Radio Host of the Paranormal Spirituality – Spiritual Science. Author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of paranormal talk shows. TJ Morris Media since 2004 includes topics of ancient mysteries and new thought teachings. A Motivational Speaker for Ascension, Health and Prosperity for all and Human Rights. Shares Ascension Culture Education including Fortean, science mysteries, exploring artists, authors, and writers of art and science. Health, wellness, prosperity, cosmology, metaphysics, and alien contact preparedness are shared in her self-help motivational speaking. TJ is best known as a Life Coach Intuitive for healing intuition in her tarot readings, radio shows, metaphysics, universal life, Akashic field cyberspace culture for critical mass mind creativity. TJ began ACE-ACO Artists-Authors Club, and TJ Morris Treasure Show. TJ has been a syndicated columnist online since 2004, contributing writer to UFO Digest since Aug 2007, and authored and published as imprint Timely Manor Books.TJ Morris Publishing – News – Media – Hosting.Members Publishing Objective Unbiased Reporting –TJ Morris dba ACIR. American Culture Investigative Journalism. All Rights Reserved. Protected by copyright laws of the United States and international treaties. Written permission of TJ Morris Publishing for BeforeIt\’s News.TJ Morris Radio shares a network with CosmosRadioOrg, Ancient Mysteries International, Alien Contact Org, and ACE Folklife Stociety TJ's ACO CLUB on AscensionPsychics.com. CALL. Pop Culture Education, Entertainment with Advanced Computer Entertainment (ACE). Javier Sandoval associate of Cosmos Radio.Org

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    Cosmos Radio Org Experiencers and Historians Paranormal Phenomenology

    in Entertainment

    Author, Neal Vanderstelt Interview-

    Karen Christine Patrick - Theresa J Morris - Janet Kira Lessin - Comparative Sociology -.

    Cosmos Radio Organization presents the Organization of various people who are coming together to share their own minds with the clues and views that are becoming our own reality. We are basing our future on what we do with our energy on the planet. We will discuss the clues and views that are leading us to a new place in the future. Share your time with us and learn about these people who are willing to share their own mysterical life path as a journey into the future. Mission driven spiritual communication of information they are willing to share with each other that was once taboo. We have various groups incuding the Alien Contact Org, Asccension Center Spiritual Network, Ascension Psychics, ERA COP,  conspiracy theory shows. ACO UFO Club and many members in our social meda groups on Facebook who either listen or participate. We want to know more about each other. Theresa J Morris, Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christin Patrick, and friends will be hosting and co-hosting future paranormal and shares on the Cosmos Radio Organizatio shared with itunes and others.  TJ Morris ET Radio and Aquarian Radio are Affiliate Co-Marketing.

  • Cosmos Radio Org - Ufology 101 w/Javier Sandoval and Theresa J Morris

    in Entertainment

    Javier Sandoval of Ca. Cosmos Radio Organization shares Ufology 101 with Javier Sandoval and Theresa J Morris. Sharing the Divine Inner Spirit in us all. Theresa and Javier are ET Contactees and share the knowing benvolent ET beings who teach the inner being with a knowing that Alien Civilizations Exist! The knowing that we are more than energy, essence, and consciousness is part of our eternal being. We know that we exist for more than being here now with our senses to discover the spiritual journey. We share that we are the stewards of this planet and we plan on networking with those who want to be part of our ET Family. ERA COP Magazine and Alien Contact Org are shared with TheresaJMorris.com and TJMorrisRadio.com. Extraterrestrials comong and going from this planet is not new. It just seems that way to most who are not open to this fact of life defining. We plan on spreading the information so people will begin to communicate more about their own life experiences. We are coming out! Javaier Sandoval is happy to share his life as an entrepreneur who feels a calling to share his new way of consciousness in the ET UFO Community.  Diana McClintic, Life Coach and Ascension Energetics Organization ACO Co-Host.Theresa Janette aka TJ Morris shares her TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio Show weekly with Guest Call ins. Tarot Readings are Free. TJ uses her gift for those who want to share their lives with her in her Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio Group. ACO metaphysical community shares discussions.ACE Metaphysics, is part of the ACO Club and shares the Ascension Age Paradigm of Conscious Awakening.Cosmos Radio Org is a combination of phenomenology and parapsychology that also deals with social pop culture education. Theresa is a member of BMI as a Singer-Songwriter-Producer and enjoys life as a Life Coach.Theresa J Morris available on Amazon and Lulu.

  • ET Spirit Guide Readings by Theresa J Morris-Cosmos Radio Org-Guest Call in Free

    in Entertainment

    Theresa Janette aka TJ Morris shares her TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio Show weekly with Guest Call ins. Tarot Readings are Free. TJ uses her gift for those who want to share their lives with her in her Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio Group. Theresa ask that you like her radio show and that you sign up in her spiritual metaphysical community and share in her panel discussions during the week and weekends. ACE Metaphysics, is part of the ACO Club and all share the Ascension Age. Cosmos Radio Org is a combination of phenomenology and parapsychology that also deals with social pop culture education. Theresa is a member of BMI as a Singer-Songwriter-Producer and enjoys life as a Life Coach. TJ owns TJ Morris Publishing, Timely Manor Books Imprint, TJ Morris Radio, TJMorris Media and TJ Morris ACIR. Theresa has been doing readings since 1984. TJ has a background in the investigative reporter field and has studied and read extensively since her past ET Contact and OBE and NDE experiences. Theresa shares this show to assist others to enjoy their own spiritual journey while on earth. TJ is married to her author  co-author of Roswell Encounters and Taken Up Book Series. Books by Thomas R Morris and Theresa J Morris available on Amazon and Lulu.

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