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    Sports Week in Review - August 25, 2015

    in Sports

    In this weeks show we will preview all QB's and WR's in this year's Fantasy Football Draft. We'll take a look at key injuries this pre season and how that effects the fantasy draft. We'll talk about NFL training camp fights. Are there more this year or is the press covering them more? We'll look at New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton's comments on the issue. Also, USC Coach Steve Sarkisian created quite a buzz this week at the schools annual "Salute to Troy" reception. We'll discuss his comments and fallout from those comments. Pluse, Davis Love III, Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Wilson, Art Briles, and more. We'll close with our panels winners and losers in the week of sports. 

  • Gay's PSA

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    This week on Gay's PSA, I will have with me 2 PHENOMENAL WOMEN in the persons of Gigi Ocasio - Creator/Executive Producer and Cast member of hot new Reality Show, "Independent Women" and Charla Young, talk show personality and founder of the Power to Exhale Movement!! These powerful women will tell you about how they came to be who they are and where you might hope to see them next!! Join us at 4:30 CST/5:30 EST for Gay's PSA on Survival Radio Network by linking in at www.gayspsa.com or by calling in at 917-932-1078. #‎gayspsa

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    IPAYTON Management and Entertainment, LLC. entertainment- mgmt and magazine

    in Entertainment

    Join in as we introduce IPAYTON Management and Entertainment, LLC

    Iris Thomas Payton is the Owner/ CEO Of IPAYTON Management, Magazine and Entertainment, LLC.

    John (Lustaboy) Payton is the COO of IPAYTON Management, Magazine and Entertainment, LLC. and Owner/CEO of Cold Fusion Entertainment, LLC.

    Kenneth Neal Sampson CEO of Youikque Interprize "YI Family " and Team

    IPAYTON Management and Entertainment, LLC. is a leading entertainment- mgmt and magazine company representing some of the finest Talents in Both The Fashion and Music Industries......We got you covered



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    2015 NFL SuperFan Series: the New Orleans Saints

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    With the NFL preseason and regular season on deck, it is time to kick off the NFL "SuperFan" series 2015-style!  Tonight I will preview the New Orleans Saints' upcoming season with Saints' fan Tyrone Miller. 

    Topics to be covered include:

    What went wrong with the 2014 Saints?
    Thoughts on the Saints' draft?
    Should coach Sean Payton be on the hot seat?
    Will Rob Ryan fix the ailing defense?
    How will the Saints fare in 2015?

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    What's Your Story w/ Sharolyn Payton

    in Relationships

    The Monday, June 29nd episode of "What's Your Story?" will be dealing with the topic "Setting Boundaries vs Building Walls." Some of the thoughts we will discuss are:

    1. How do we know the difference between a wall and a boundary?
    2. When we build emotional walls, where do the "bricks" come from? 
    3. To what degree do our personalities impact our response to choosing to build walls rather than set boundaries? 
    4. How much influence or impact does our environment and lifestyle have on the height, breadth and depth of the walls we build to "protect" ourselves. 
    5. How do we remove the walls and instead begin to establish healthy boundaries?

    "Building Walls vs Setting Boundaries" Please bring your thought provoking questions and comments and join us Monday night at 7pm (CST) on "What's Your Story?" by calling 347-324-5327. If at anytime you wish to share your thoughts with the host, simply press 1. You can also find us online at www.blogtalkradio.com/taylorkennediemedia/2015/06/23/whats-your-story-w-sharolyn-payton

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    Kingdom Night Goggles

    in Self Help

    In light of recent Supreme Court decisions, I have heard much despair and hopelessness voiced in the church. Many people who tout themselves as believers have thrown up their hands and relinquished the United States over to the enemy for the release of destruction under the guise of God's judgment.

    But to this I say, YOU ARE SEEING WRONG!!!! 

    Judgment and destruction is neither the will nor heart of GOD! But if the Church accepts this FALSE reality as its truth rather than the WORD of GOD, we activate a self-fufilling prophecy by failing to create a paradigm rooted in the heart of God for the outpouring of his GOODNESS. 

    There is an alternate response to these decisions and the trends. THEY CAN BE CHANGED AND REVERSED BY THE POWER AND GLORY OF GOD. But it will take a church full of KINGDOM CONFIDENCE in the power, love and ability of GOD operating THROUGH HIS PEOPLE!

    Are you A kingdom soldiers wearing NIGHT GOGGLES?! Are you cultivating the capacity to SEE IN THE DARK AS GOD SEES?!

    ARE you equipping yourself with the OVERPOWERING LIGHT OF HIS GLORY?! 

    Are you positioning yourself on a HILL like a LIGHTHOUSE ready to ARISE and SHINE!

    I am so excited! I am a STAR! The darker the night---the brighter THE LIGHT!! 



    ARE YOU SHINNING????!!!!!


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    WELCOME TO THE GANGSTERS SPORTS..WITH AARON HERNANDEZ...TONIGHT....IT'S NBA DRAFT PARTY...LIVE FROM MY JAIL CELL..BEING PART OF THE SPORT CITY CHEFS..TP..SAY'S...TALK BASKETBALL TONIGHT....so..what the hell..I WILL...let's breakdown the NBA DRAFT...the way i can..LIVE FROM JAI CELL...of course..UPDATE ON MY BOY...tommy brady..NO GUILTY BITCH..he did nothing wrong people....MAYBE SOME NFL..talk...NHL TALK..fantasy sports talk..HELL YA..tweet and facebook the show 4 me punks...ALWAYS LIVE PEOPLE...send me tools..SO I CAN GET OUT OF JAIL PEOPLE..the best show on btr punks....CALL THE SHOW FOOLS...AND AWAY WE GO

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    Gay's PSA

    in Self Help

    "laughter is good for the soul"!

    This week, I will have comedians Steve Brown and Scott Haynes, aka Comedian Whodi, on the show with me talking about what inspires them as comedians and about the upcoming Juneteenth and Father’s Day Comedy Crack Up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Tune in today and each Friday at 4:30 CST/5:30 Eastern time. You can call in at 917-932-1078 or link in at www.thishasbeenapublicserviceannouncement.com

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    What's Your Story w/ Sharolyn Payton

    in Motivation

    Tonight at 7pm (CST) on "What's Your Story?" Special guest will be Dr. LaWanda M. Clark, The Communitarian. Dr. Clark's work and life is focused on the relationship between self and the community in which a person shares values, norms, meanings, history and identity. I'm super excited to have Dr. Clark joining me for this powerful episode as we dig deep into the idea of role reversal, manipulation and misuse of "perceived" power and the emotional fallout that follows these behaviors.

    Dr. Clark will share her personal story with us as we attempt to unpack this controversial topic...What happens when "THE PREY BECOMES THE HUNTER?!?". Based on the proverbial saying..."It AIN'T NO FUN when the rabbit got the gun?!?!."

    HOTT TOPIC!!!!!! "THE PREY BECOMES THE HUNTER!" Please bring your thought provoking questions and comments and join us Monday night at 7pm (CST) on "What's Your Story?" by calling 347-324-5327. If at anytime you wish to share your thoughts with the host or guest, simply press 1. You can also find us online at www.blogtalkradio.com/taylorkennediemedia/2015/06/16/whats-your-story-w-sharolyn-payton

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    What's Your Story w/ Sharolyn Payton

    in Self Help

    Join us on Monday, June 8th at 7pm (CST) for "What's Your Story?" Our special guest will be Ms. Kathy O. Lofton of The Caregiver Project and "I am a Caregiver" documentary. This show will highlight the stories of caregivers and advocates and the unique challenges that they face. Ms. Lofton will be sharing her personal story as a caregiver. She will also talk about her work on "The Caregiver Project" ~ "I am a Caregiver" documentary and share some insights into the challenges, best practices, as well as resources available for those in the role of caregiver and those who support them.

    We will also be exploring the topic "The Heart of a Caregiver" 
    Be sure to join us on "What's Your Story?" by calling 347-324-5327. If you wish to share your thoughts with the host or guest, simply press 1. You can also find us online at www.blogtalkradio.com/taylorkennediemedia 

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    NFL All Pro Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview NFL All Pro Eddie George.

    Eddie's compassionate and competitive spirit carved a special niche for him in the professional sports arena, particularly the NFL where he is only the second NFL running back to rush for 10,000 yards while never missing a start, joining Jim Brown. Only Walter Payton (170) has started more consecutive regular-season games than George’s 128. In addition to the Heisman Trophy, George won several NFL Rookie of the Year awards in 1996, and was the Tennessee Titans’ starting tailback until 2003. Throughout his tenure as one of the NFL’s premier running backs, Eddie not only possessed an explosive combination of speed, power and toughness, but was the epitome of durability. Eddie’s punishing north-and-south running style won him the 1997 AP’s “Offensive Rookie of the Year” honors as well as four consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl from 1998-2001. Drafted in the first round by the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans, he owns virtually every franchise rushing record. Eddie led the AFC Champion Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

    Gaiam® Releases New Athletic Yoga Content Featuring NBA All-Star Kevin Love and Former NFL Pro Eddie George, Designed to Enhance Athletic Performance

    Brand Targets New Audience with Website & Marketing Campaign Geared Towards Athletes

    NEW YORK, March 19, 2015 —Yoga has long been a secret weapon of the world’s top professional athletes, and Gaiam, a leading lifestyle, yoga and fitness company, has launched new programming and marketing efforts to share the benefits of yoga to athletes of all levels. Featuring professional athletes and top yoga instructors, Gaiam’s new series of Athletic Yoga programming is now available on DVD and digitally.