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    THE [WO]MAN RE-ELEVATED: fitting for our "SISTARS" yet informative for "MAN". The measuring stick of a nation is determined by its adherence to truth & justice. We aim to raise our own standards of women, our first teacher, to cause the rising of our people, and thereby raise the standards of our nation. JOIN US for an enlightening show where we will highlight the basics and how it affects our personal lives and, ultimately, the world around us.

    Today, our featured guest, Cheryl Nicks is an Amazon #1 best selling author, inspirational poet and speaker. Cheryl utilizes her personal triumph over the drugs, poverty, domestic abuse and alcoholism that plagued her childhood environment to inspire others to take action steps toward choosing a life of meaning, purpose, and service.

    Cheryl Nicks has shared the stage with one of the most sought after motivational speakers on the planet, Les Brown, and has received writing mentorship from Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Cheryl has also spoken on college campuses, to church youth groups, youth camps, and many other venues.



















    Cheryl’s passion for the youth led her to her purpose, the creation of Nicks International Community Foundation a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that assists in the rebuilding of communities in her hometown of New Orleans from the youth up through healing, expression, and community involvement. Cheryl is a certified psychotherapist, a neonatal nurse practitioner, and is dedicated to serving the youth.

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    "Elevated Minds"

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    t is getting closer and closer to the 10 year anniversary of one of the most damaging hurricanes in history Hurricane Katrina. It is a widely accepted misconception that all is well in the city of new Orleans since the storm.  There has also even been coined phrase to describe life in New Orleans (i.e. Before Katrina, After Katrina) Being that the Elevated Minds? gang are all originally from the city we feel we must give a better an in depth analysis on the effects of this traumatic experience on the lives of New Orleaneans in order to give a greater insight to the rest of the world of what is really going on in new Orleans and what other people can do to help.Also we want to hear from you guys! Especially our New Orleans listeners we want you to call in and tell us your Katrina Stories, even if you aren't from the city and would just like to share a friend or family member's story or  how you felt about it, where you were when it happened or even pose a question to us. To tune in call (917)932-1078 press 1 to come on air live with us and share. you can also listen by going to the link below.

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    BIG VISION may be the ticket to BIG RESULTS. Elevated Thinking Show.

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    Moving aimlessly is like being a hamster on a spinning wheel.  Much ado about NOTHING!

    Vision drives activity and direction.  If you have a global destination, you may need a boat or plane and it may take many hours or days to arrive.  Short excursions require much much less effort, and energy.  However, the bigger the destination, the more energy and effort and cost and therefore, fewer of us experience those big trips.

    Same with vision.  When the Wright brothers tinkered with air travel, and Ford tinkered with the automobile in a time of the horse and buggy - those visions pulled them up, and outside of the zone of the ordinary.

    The notion that if you can see it, you can believe it, is not just rhetoric; words said to sound elevated.  This concept was coined out of the idea that a thought creates a reality.  When that thought or vision is BIG, so big it is almost scary, bordering on the realm of the impossible within the current reality -a  NEW door opens.  That door is to a new dimension that can only exist for those who pursue it.

    What if you took your goals and multiplied them by 10?  I did.  The first few seconds I did, I was flooded with thoughts convincing me that this was impossible.  Moments later, I found myself dreaming what it would like if those 10Xed goals WERE possible, and I stepped through a door to a new dimension and anything less seems like a waste of time.

    Chances are, even if I never truly hit the 10X version of my goal, I will go beyond the original goal set.  I invite you to join me.  DREAM BIG!  Then, DREAM BIGGER.  You will find yourself experiencing, an elevated life.

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    Gilmer, Henderson, Hot Tubs And Spas TX 903-238-8021

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    For Easy Back Pain Relief Explore a Hot Tub!
    More than 80 percent of the adult population complains of frequent back pain, and finding relief is important. Here’s how using a hot tub can provide long lasting and safe relief from back pain.

    The Perfect Environment: Heat, Massage and Buoyancy
    For pain relief, the combination of heat, massage and buoyancy is extraordinary. 

    How Does It Work?
    A traditional bathtub feels good for a few minutes, but loses heat fast. In the hot tub, elevated heat targets large surface areas like the back, relaxing tight, stiff muscles and joints for immediate relief.

    Knead Away Tension and Stress
    Light massage is often the key to loosening tight muscles that create stiffness and prevent easy movement. A dip in the hot tub with clusters of targeted jets is the solution to personalized massage from home.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed” Just visit the company website at http://www.ILoveMySpa.com or call 903-238-8021

    Gilmer Hot Tubs And Spas, TX

    Henderson Hot Tubs And Spas, TX


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    THE [WO]MAN RE-ELEVATED: fitting for our "SISTARS" yet informative for our Brothers. The measuring stick of a nation is determined by the it's adherence to truth & justice. We aim to raise our own standards of women, our first teacher, to cause the rising of our people, and thereby raise the standards of our nation. Today, we will discuss our drinking water: what are the different types?; what's in it?; what do we need to do to protect ourselves and loved ones?...  Also, there's an issue surfacing about water rights...what is that about? JOIN US for an enlightening show where we will highlight the basics, how it affects our personal lives and, ultimately, the world around us. 

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    Best Deals Radio (More stock market craziness: 442-point Dow rally vanishes)

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    Fear continues to rock the U.S. stock market.

    A 442-point surge for the Dow vanished at the end of the trading session Tuesday, the latest sign of how anxious markets have become about the health of the global economy.

    At the end of yet another wild day of trading, the Dow actually ended with a loss of 205 points as fears continued to mount over China's slowing economy and its contagion effect on the rest of the world. Just in the last six trading days, the Dow has lost a total of nearly 1,900 points, or 11%.

    Volatility remains elevated, signaling that more turbulence may lie ahead. Just look at CNNMoney's Fear & Greed Index, which is currently flashing "extreme fear."

    "There's still fear around the edges. You need some signs that the market is stabilizing to reassure people it's not going to roll off the edge of a cliff and go tumbling down further," said Bruce McCain, chief investment strategist for Key Private Bank.

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    Stop Being A Hostage To Hostility-God Can Set You Free

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    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the serious consequences of hostility to one's life.  "Hostile people release more adrenaline and norepinephrine into their blood than nonhostile people.  In general terms, these hormones raise blood pressure by constricting blood vesssels and increasing heart rate.  Angry people also have elevated cortisol levels...elevated cortisol levels cause the body to retain sodium (salt). which adds to the blood-pressure problem...over time if the hostility becomes engrained in the person's emotional identity, the blod pressure problems become more permanent."

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    today we see now more than ever the changing dynamics of modern relationships. More people are in long, seemingly happy relationships, starting families, living together, but aren't seeking marriage. Another ever present norm is the sidepiece epidemic. Whether married or not cheating is becoming so widely accepted that there is a highly successful cheating website called Ashley Madison with over 37 million users. Amber Rose recently stated that she feels all men cheat but if he really loves you he will make sure you never find out!? Women are also becoming more liberal with affairs. Is it because the sanctity of marriage has deteriorated? Is it because people want to be in relationships on their own terms and stray away from what religion says a marriage should be? Do you think all men cheat? do you think marriage is needed for a relationship to be recognized or respected? tune in tomorrow night at 10 pm for a juicy episode of Elevated Minds Radio to tune in call (917)932-1078 you can press 1 to answer these questions live on air. you can also tune in by going to the website below or downloading the Stitcher app right on your smart phone.

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    "Elevated Minds"

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    In 2015 we have seen some really unbelievable trends. From words like Thot and Fleek, to a more metrosexual form of dress for men rather than the baggy pant epidemic. Also we are seeing more of an influx in entreprenueurs, side hustles and online businesses. There is also an undeniable obsession with "Reality" tv. We can not even speak of trends without bringing up social media. Social Media has changed this generation more than any other thing out now be it negative or positive. This Sunday Elevated Minds? will be discussing what's in what's out and what's coming back in style as it relates to social trends! to tune in or make a comment live on air call (917)932-1078 and press 1. To tune in via internet go to www.elevatedmindsradio.co you can also listen ny downloading the Stitcher app right on your smartphone!

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