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    Pagan Traditions

    in Spirituality

    During this evenings show we will be talking about some of the many traditions of Paganism and Witchcraft from around the world.

    This is by no means will be a complete listing of the traditions that are available to join. This is ment to be an intro for those of you that desire to know what the traditions are and which might be right for you.  

    If you find some of these interest you make sure you study them indepthly before making a decsion to follow it.

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    Spirit of Color - May Edition

    in Spirituality

    May 28, 2015

    Spirit of Color @ 9 PM EST

    Emotional and Mental Effects of Color - How does the color pink make you feel? Can the color yellow help you to think more clearly? Understanding how color affects you, through your emotions and thoughts, is an important element for interacting with your environment. The psychology of color is a broad phrase that gives a wide berth to our human interactions with the full color spectrum. Our Spirit of Color hosts will share their wisdom for how to embrace and harness your unique psychological responses to various colors and how to use this ability to better understand yourself and others. Please join Kristine, Donna, Minnie and Neshi for this lively discussion about the emotional and mental aspects of color.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    Echinacea, Chicory & Magnesium!

    in Health

    On tonight's show Rosie is going to be discussing the health benefits of Chicory, Echinacea and the importance of Magnesium.   Chicory is a great source of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron folic acid, and potassium, as well as vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K.  

    Although Purple coneflower is usually used internally for the treatment of viruses and bacteria, it is now being used more and more for the treatment of external wounds. It also kills yeast and slows or stops the growth of bacteria and helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue. It combats inflammation too, further supporting its use in the treatment of wounds.

    Magnesium is the second most abundant element in our bodies, and is used in regulating over 300 enzymes and reactions in the body.
     Magnesium is found within every cell of the human body;  Is a cofactor in over 300 enzymatic reactions;  Is essential to the basic nucleic acid chemistry of life, through the interaction between phosphate and magnesium ions; Is essential to all living organisms;  Is vital for every system of the body; Is linked to other minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium and every body system requires magnesium.

    Tonight's show is sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.bhtshop.com.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    Energy & Weight Loss with Kamal Polite A.P. DOM

    in Self Help


    We continue our chat with Kamal Polite A. P. DOM on The Body Type System This system, as Kamal teases is coming from Ancient Chinese Secrets.  It uses the principles of the Five Element Theory where our bodies mirror a particular element, whether it be Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, or Wood.  Today we discuss how to increase your Energy and Lose Weight  with the Body Type System.   For more information, please check out his website.


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    IoUC: Online Civility with Peggy Parks

    in Technology

    You have probably heard of "haters" or "trolls" or "cyber-bullies."  Where did they come from?  Why do they attack?  Has the digital world of social media and mobile created a new underground culture of bad behaviour?  Join Deb and Tom as they converse with Peggy Parks, a leading civility expert form the Parks Image Group, Inc. (www.theparksimagegroup.com) about the lack of civil behaviour online and what we can do to make the Internet a safer place to express ourselves and disagree in a respectful manner with those who we do not share the same perspective.  Respecting boundaries, taking responsibility for our own online comments and conduct, and setting a good example for others are some of the topics we will hit on during the interview.

    About Peggy: Peggy Parks has the opportunity to see people in business settings as well as social ones. A key element in her observations is noticing how people treat each other. That’s how she discovered a lack of civility in the world and decided to do her part to change that.  As the Southeast’s leading Civility Expert, Peggy views good manners, the ability to listen to learn and to appreciate other viewpoints as key elements for civility. And a person who practices civility actually polishes their personal image.  Featured in numerous publications, radio and TV, Peggy is pleased to count UPS, Southern Company and The Coca-Cola Company among her clients. Peggy can be reached at Peggy@TheParksImageGroup.com or 404/266-3858.



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    We Are Everyday People - with Host Keith Bledsoe

    in Current Events

    Our youth have been totally desensitized via various elements of "the system". An element that too many folks embrace, worship, and are entertained by...We live among a systematically programmed "zombie" mentalisized element of human beings.

    When morals no longer matter...When "politics" deems what is normal and natural...When you worship the very elements designed to oppress...When you love your oppressor but hate yourself…You end up in this current state of The United "System" of America.

    Chiraq...Folks still trippin. Ass backward.

    What is your perception of The President Obama Admin....I will share with you mine.

    I dare to be different…with truth!


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    The S.O.N. Zone hosted by S.O.N.

    in Radio

    The S.O.N. Zone is the Shining Over Negativity Zone bringing you that Positive and Uplifting Element of the Hip Hop Culture. Hosted by Mr. S.O.N. ( @TheSONZone on Instagram and Twitter) join him as he helps you mellow out your weekend with some great conversation and great tunes. Every First and Third Sunday. Powered by PreGame Radio( Instagram: @PreGameRadio Twitter: @PreGame_Radio)

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    The Magick of Meditation

    in Lifestyle

    We will be finishing up our peppermint topic. Talking about a few benefits of the oil.

    The Magick of Meditation. Meditation is a profound form of relaxation that helps us to contact our inner spiritual source.

    Have you ever meditated before? Want to learn how to meditate? We will be talking about a few steps you can use and keep in mind when taking up the art of meditation. 


    *Well it appears we were having a bit of a problem with the conncetion at the end of the show due to a storm in the area. I was however done with all my information for the show, so it worked out pretty well. Sorry I didn't get a chance to properly sign off. I'll see you all next week ;-) *


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    SDG 192 Praise the Father, Praise the Son. Praise the Spirit, Three in One.

    in Spirituality

    Ephesians 1:1–14

    Praise is the key, yes praise because it's an essential element to get us through all of our difficult times

    And that's what we'll be doing for all eternity; praising the Lord.

    In fact, that's why we're saved, so we can praise Him and worship Him.

    So if your prayers are getting dry start praising God and they'll get rich again.

    Or if you're feeling low replace a few groans with a couple of Alleluias instead and see that doesn't pick up.

    And if you ever run out of things to pray about just start praising God and soon you'll have an ocean to swim in.

    Or when it seems that God isn't near, start praising God.  Remember, God occupies the praise of His people.

    Now, the focus scripture for today's message won't be read all at once because it's actually one very long sentence.

    It begins in Ephesians 1 verse 3 and it goes all the way through to verse 14.

    Paul just keeps on talking, never even stopping for a breath.

    One phrase leads to another phrase, that leads to another phrase, and then another phrase.

    And praise Jesus that he was so inspired because we are going to discover here in these verses the most all-inclusive statement of the entire Gospel.

    Now as we look into it a little deeper you'll see is it's like a hymn of praise that even has a refrain.

    First of all, there's praise to the Father who selected us and then there's a refrain.

    And, then there's praise to the Son who saved us and then there's a refrain.

    And, then there's praise to the Holy Spirit who sealed and there's a refrain.

    So stay tuned to learn all about it as we Praise the Father, Praise the Son. Praise the Spirit, Three in One.


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    Variety Radio Station for Local Undiscovered Artist of all forms Wichita, Ks

    in Entertainment

    Radio LIP 1 5/14/2015


    WINNERS with the most nominations TO BE ANNOUNCED ON JUNE 3RD 2015 enter this code 51415RLIP1 see link below for nominee  submissions

    Celebrating the host's Birthday and the revival of Life Is Poetry Radio.  Get your music,beatbox creative writing, poetry, comedy, and any other type of creative art exposed.  LIP Radio is an element of the Small Budget Marketing Matrix designed to promote local economic development.

     Small Businesses, local organizations, non-profits, and performing artist will benefit from the 7k+ network of locals through this cost effective advertising and marketing.  Visit http://smallbudgetmarketingmatrixbyog.com to contact the host about any subject. 

    Disclaimer not all photos or material used in this episode belong to Small Business Marketing Matrix or affiliates nor the host.  Material is copyright protected and can not be duplicated for commercial use.  Any content written or designed by Florence Hernandez is also protected and any manipulation or duplications will be punishable by law and assesed for damages.  Please respect the local community and do not mis interpet or mis use this showcase.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Life Is Poetry!  "I Have A Dream "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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    The Porch - The Power of Testimony

    in Spirituality

    There is power in the open declaration of what the Lord has done for you.  This lost element of the early Book of Acts Church needs to be restored to its rightful place in our worship services.

    Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book of Acts Church, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into how the early church served the Lord.

    Our desire is to find and restore the priesthood of the Believer and the world shaking influence the Early Church had. By delving deeper into scripture, we will find the Church the Lord intended and not the one man created.

    The Church Age is not over and, therefore, what took place in the Upper Room is as much for now as it was on the Day of Pentecost. If you know that there is more to your spiritual walk with Yeshua/Jesus and you want more then you are welcome to join us on this journey as we get back to basics!

    The Porch is an outreach of Solomon's Porch Inc. http://www.onsolomonsporch.org.  If you have any questions please visit the site and use the comment button.

    Firefall Talk Radio is a part of the Firefall Media Group, a 501 (c)3 Not for Profit.  Please consider supporting our efforts to educate, edify and inspire.  http://firefalltalkradio.com

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