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    Life Care Planning Part 2 - Elder Care Coordination

    in Caregiving

    On the show Life Care Planning - A New Concept in Elder Care, Elder Law Attorney Brandon Thomson and Elder Care Coordinator Anthony Fischer spoke about how this unique concept can protect elders resources and health care choices.

    In Part 2, Brandon and Anthony will talk about Elder Care Coordination and the vital role in plays in helping the elderly age in place. They will alos explain how an Elder Care Coordinator can help clients adjust to unexpectdd changes in health care condition.

    Co-Host and Elder Care Coordinator Anthony Fischer of Elder Advocacy Group, Inc

    Co-Host and Elder Law Attorney Brandon Thomson of The Elder Care Firm

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    Prairie Elder Care Growing to Meet the Needs of an Aging Community.

    in Caregiving

    Prairie Elder Care one of this year’s 25 Under 25 ® winners will join host Kelly Scanlon to discuss the company’s philosophy on care for the elderly and how two great ideas and businesses have joined as one serving the growing and demanding needs of the aging community in Kansas City. 

    Mandy Shoemaker is the co-founder of Prairie Elder Care, which she founded with her sister in law, Michala Gibson in July of 2014. For 20 years Mandy worked as an elementary school teacher, consultant, and principal.  In July of 2014, the first care home opened. Mandy and Michala currently have two residential care homes for people with dementia and have plans for expansion in 2017. 

    To hear more shows with host Kelly Scanlon, Please visit our archives.

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    Transforming Difficult Decision Making in Elder Care Planning

    in Family

    Families today are assuming responsibility for the informal care of over 75 percent of elderly family members and are often faced with difficult decisions from a bewildering array of choices:? e.g. estate planning, financial issues, and guardianship.? In the best of circumstances, this can be a stressful process and sometimes leads to disagreements, confusion, and conflict at a time when the best intentions of the family are to work together for the needs of a loved and respected aging family member. With the help of a trained professional mediator, family members share information and perspectives, explore and evaluate options, and develop workable solutions through a process that promotes open and positive communication.? The mediator is a neutral, who does not offer advice and believes that each family is unique and knows best what solutions will work for their family as a whole.? For families in conflict or simply wanting help through a transition elder care mediation offers a process which can reduce stress and prevent a crisis.

    Louise Phipps Senft, an attorney, is the founder of the Baltimore Mediation/Louise Phipps Senft and Associates, the first trans-formative mediation firm in Maryland. She designed and continues to teach what was the first certificated mediation training course offered by the law school. Ms. Senft was voted “Baltimore’s Best” mediator, 2002 by Baltimore Magazine and named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women for 2004, 2007 and 2009 by The Daily Record. She lectures extensively and was appointed by Chief Judge Robert Bell of the Court of Appeals to the Maryland ADR Commission and was later appointed as Chair of the first ADR Family Mediation Initiative for the State. Ms. Senft was the initiator, co-creator, lead trainer and supervisor for the Baltimore City Circuit Court Family Mediation Services Program.

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    An Elder Care Attorney Isn't in Case You Die, It's In Case You Don't

    in Caregiving

    Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, as he interviews Elder Care Attorney, Christopher J. Berry, Esq. Certified Elder Law Attorney.

    Estate Planning and Elder Law is not an area for a “generalist.”  Your quality of life and your life’s work is more important than that.  It is important to work with a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA).  The CELA designation is the GOLD STANDARD in estate planning and elder law.

    The clients that we work with value the peace of mind,  that their goals are being met with the absolute latest in legal strategies to protect assets and preserve quality of life and care.  These are only available when working with a Certified Elder Law Attorney. Any attorney can say they “do estate planning or elder law”, but only CELAs can say they are the top 1% of estate planning and elder law attorneys.  Michigan Elder Law Attorney, Christopher J. Berry, Esq., was the second youngest attorney in the country to become a CELA.

    To accomplish our clients goals, we utilize a variety of legal and financial strategies to protect your assets and help ensure you receive the care you need today or in the future. Asset preservation is the name of the game. We want to protect your hard earned assets from probate, long-term care costs, and taxes.

    We call upon various governmental benefits to help pay the catastrophic cost of long-term care, including VA benefits and Medicade.

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    Elder Care Mediation

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    On today's show, I am pleased to welcome Doris Haas and Bonnie Para from Elder Care Mediation in Florida to our show.  Doris and Bonnie are both Florida Supreme Court Mediators with extensive experience in senior care. 
    Families are complex entities, and it is not unusual for submerged anger or conflict to boil up in times of stress. Siblings can often find it difficult to work together to help their aging parents, especially when there is unresolved conflict between them.  It can feel impossible to think about being together to make decisions regarding the well-being of their parents. Hence the need for Elder Care Mediation! 
    Our episode on Tuesday will surround the importance of Elder Care Mediation and why having an objective third person involved in the process is beneficial to everyone. Through our conversation with Doris and Bonnie, we will all learn how to 'Be A Healthy Careiver!'

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    Aging Gracefully Elder Care Series – Host Felton Wooten: Part 4 of 12 Intellect

    in Business

    Part 4 of 12 "Intellectual"

    Guest: James Adkins ( http://www.tricarecounseling.com/ )

    Mr. Adkins, A licensed counselor and business owner discusses the steps needed to overcome grief in situations where your elderly parents or loved ones are suffering from memory loss. He is well known in the Tri Care communities for his leadership and health practices,including the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional issues, and use of a variety of therapeutic techniques.


    Felton Wooten in his 12 part series instructs the listeners through interviews on the proper care for those at home and how to determine if your elderly relative is being abused in a care facility.

    Felton Wooten is an author, workshop presenter, licensed Nursing Home Administrator and licensed Assistive Living Administrator. His most recent book is “Daddy the Other Parent”. He has co-authored an Abuse Prevention for the Caregiver Manual, developed a training DVD on elder abuse prevention and published an article in the Values Realization Journal on “Making a Career Change”. www.thinkBIGradio.com/host-felton-wooten

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    Lisa Hirsch, Author of My Mom My Hero, Writer for Huffington Post, Elder Care

    in Caregiving

    Lisa is a successful blogger with a worldwide audience. She spent the majority of her career in the fashion industry in creating and launching several different companies.Today she has had numerous articles published as well as writing for health care web sites and newsletters both in the United States,UK,and Canada.
    She has also been published in a women's inspirational book.She was a guest speaker at the School of Social Work at Columbia University in New York City.She resides in Manhattan with her husband and has one loving son. Her commitment to her mom and Alzheimer's has passionately changed her life.

    Her first published book is My Mom My Hero, which is about a mother and daughter's bittersweet journey and how Lisa's love for her mother after she became ill was transformed.

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    Patty Hedrick Interview, Elder Care Expert, Founder of North Star Elder Care

    in Caregiving

    Patty is a registered nurse and the CEO and Founder of North Star Elder Care, a division of MLHCC, Inc. She is certified in rehabilitation nursing, case management,  life care planning, and is an elder care specialist, and testifying expert. As a registered nurse with close to 25 years  experience  working in a variety of settings, both in and outside the hospital, she has seen what a difference the right team of professionals can make in caring for you or your loved ones. "When I was in nursing school, my father had a stroke and was paralyzed on his left side. In one day he went from this incredibly independent, strong man, to requiring help with almost everything. I remember us working closely with the rehabilitation team, both in and outside of the hospital setting, and watching my father work very hard to regain his independence. It forever changed the course of my nursing career. I was so grateful to the rehabilitation team for the quality care and hope they gave us and my father.  I knew then that I wanted to become a rehabilitation nurse."

    Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, author, speaker, life coach, and radio talk-show host for caregivers who are burned out, but his most important role is being a caregiver to his lovely wife, Charlene. His latest book that he is now working on is entitled: The Caregiver's Caregiver, A Guide to Avoiding Burnout. It is designed to teach caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones (due to an illness or disability) how to take care of themselves FIRST. If they don't learn this, they will likely suffer burnout and become as helpless as the person they are caring for. Tune in every Wednesday at noon, PST, (Re-Broadcast Saturdays at 3:30pm PST) for interviews with experts in the caregiving field, as they discuss topics of great interest to caregivers, which will help them avoid burnout. www.DaveTheCaregiversCaregiver.com

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    How to Face the Elder Care Cliff

    in Health

    America is approaching an elder care cliff. Will you, your marriage and your career survive the ELDER CARE CLIFF? There are approximately 65 million UNPAID family caregivers in America and 46% of them are in the work force. Surprisingly, the caregiver dies either before or shortly after the person that they are caring for due to the stress associated with caregiving. Caregiving is the new SILENT KILLER of people, love, marriage and family.

    STELLA NSONG is building the bridge to transform America’s elder care cliff through education, innovation and collaborative initiatives. Her book The Caregiver’s Cliff Notes:

    27 Things To Do When Your Parents Are Losing Their Independence offers a road map to surviving caregiving and it shows what 76 million baby boomers need to know when it comes to finding caregiving solutions outside of the nursing home.  http://www.eldercarecliffreport.org/

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    Aging Gracefully Elder Care Series: Host Felton Wooten-Part 2 of 12 Spirituality

    in Business

    Part 2 of 12:  Spirituality

    Felton Wooten in his 12 part series instructs the listeners through interviews on the proper care for those at home and how to determine if your elderly relative is being abused in a care facility.

    Guest: Charles Shepperd - www.sircharlesgourmetsauces.com

    Pronounced dead for over 45 minutes Charles shares his experience of how his life changed and his second chance enabled him to get his affairs in order.  In business now with his wife they share their love of  their gourmet sauces brand throughout the Carolinas.

    Felton Wooten is an author, workshop presenter, licensed Nursing Home Administrator and licensed Assistive Living Administrator. His most recent book is “Daddy the Other Parent”. He has co-authored an Abuse Prevention for the Caregiver Manual, developed a training DVD on elder abuse prevention and published an article in the Values Realization Journal on “Making a Career Change”. www.thinkBIGradio.com/host-felton-wooten 

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    The Veterans Benefit Crunch, Feds Change To Rules In 2016

    in Caregiving

    This week on Elder Advocate Radio, Elder Law Attorney Brandon Thomson joins the show to discuss the upcoming changes to Veterans Benefits and how it may be important to apply for benefits before the changes are made.  Brandon will discuss how to use a trust to preserve assests that can help pay for home care.

    Then Host Anthony Fischer willl discuss elder care coordination and how it can help elders and their familiy members prepare for a health care crisis.

    Connect with the show on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elderadvocacygroupinc/?ref=hl

    Host: Anthony Fischer, Elder Advocacy Group Founder


    Guest: Brandon Thomson, The Elder Care Firm