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    Chocolate pudding really does grow on trees - Dead End Jobs with Elaine Viets

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    You’ve heard of mangoes, passionfruit and pomegranates. But what about the Chocolate Pudding Fruit?  Chocolate Pudding really does grow on trees. Jeannie Fernsworth with the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council tells us about naturally strange delicacies on this week’s Dead-End Jobs Show.

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    The Dead End Jobs Monthly with Elaine Viets

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    The Dead End Jobs Monthly with Elaine Viets July2013 Jim the Turtle Guy: A walk on the wild side
    It’s turtle season in Fort Lauderdale.  Jim the Turtle Guy spends his nights walking on the wild side. Jim Ressegieu is coordinator of the Museum of Discovery and Science Turtle Watch Program. He’s there when the loggerheads come ashore to lay their eggs on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches. That's Jim releasing a young loggerhead into the wild. 
    Wags and Tails
    Do you have a child that loves spending time with animals? Is your child shy or afraid to read out loud in front of others? If you have answered yes, then we have just the program for you! Join the Humane Society of Broward County and the Broward County Libraries for our monthly Wags & Tales Reading Program.  This program enables children between the ages of 5-12 years old to read an age-appropriate short story of their choice to an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog. The intent of the program is to make reading fun and boost the child's confidence in reading out loud. 
    Concierge by Design
    Need someone to start your Ferrari while you’re away? Freshen the ice? Wait for the cable TV person? Concierge by Design offers this and more. A unique new service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    The Big Bear Brewery 
    South Florida is a great place to drink beer. But  we’re also the home of an award winning brewery. The Big Bear Brewery in a Fort Lauderdale suburb has won major awards. Today, we’re talking to brewmaster Matt Cox on the Dead-End Jobs Show.

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    Bullying & Emotional Abuse in Adults – Recognize the Signs!

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    "Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke," stated former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Adult bullying is a rising concern in the real world and online. Adults are as malicious as bad kids on the playground, but no one is supervising their activity or protecting their targets. And their victims are other adults who are not immune to the trauma of bullying. When one uses superior strength or influence to intimidate others, that’s classic bullying. Emotional abuse is characterized by subjecting another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, like anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. In one Seinfeld episode, George and Jerry recall their tyrannical gym teacher who used to give boys wedgies and encourage them to beat each other up. Girls don’t do anything like that, do they? Jerry asks Elaine. Oh no, Elaine replies. We just tease each other until one of us develops an eating disorder. The worst part of being bullied or abused in a relationship, is that often you don’t even realize it’s happening. Manipulative people twist your thoughts, actions, wants, and desires into something that better suits how they see the world. Bullies don’t want cooperation, they want control. Emotional bullying is often subtle and found in adult relationships and in the workplace. An emotional bully might use sarcasm, threaten, belittle, or humiliate. Join me and Life Coach Jenn A Nocera as we discuss the specific signs of bullying and emotional abuse. After the show check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Elaine Mellon on Tell Me a Story

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     Here is a mother with a gut feeling that something was missing, a piece of the puzzle that would help her to help her son get through school. Here is a woman with more than just a bit of education herself, a Master of Science/Certificate of Advances Studies in Counseling with a concentration in School Counseling and her B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Psychology, so when Elaine Mellon knew what she knew, she KNEW there was more to know.  When all was said and done, Elaine’s experiences became a book titled: unREAL Education – Beyond Report Cards.  We invite you to visit her website, www.unrealeducation.com and we invite Elaine Mellon to tell us a story, this is bound to be one you will not soon forget!  You are also invited to www.themagichappens.com where you can learn all about our digital magazine, our YOU Tube Channel, all our social media sites and of course connect with our radio network archives. 

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    VOTWM~ Nobody But Jesus Paid the Ramson For Many

    in Christianity

    Tune in for praise, for worship, for prayer, and for the life-giving Word with your Host Minister Elaine.

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    Social Media Manners- with Elaine Swann

    in Women

    Elaine Swann is the president and CEO of Elaine Swann Enterprises a lifestyle brand company that develops etiquette-inspired products and coaching services for everyday living. Elaine uses her extensive knowledge of the etiquette trade to educate organizations, universities, businesses and individuals throughout the United States. 

    An authority on etiquette and lifestyle practices Elaine  is one of the leading and most nationally recognized Etiquette Experts in the country.  Her advice has been called upon by the TODAY Show, CNN Headline News, the STYLE Network, Huffington Post Live,  ABC, NBC, CBS, The CW and FOX. She’s been featured on the radio, and quoted in national magazines such as Kiplinger, Real Simple, Modern Bride and many more, as well as countless newspapers across the country.  A recent New York Times article dubbed Elaine, among others, “the Emily Post of the Digital Age.” Check out her website at www.elaineswann.com

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES 5 Keys to Wellness, Purpose & Prosperity with Jamie Saloff

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Medium and Author JAMIE SALOFF joins us tonight!

    Join us to explore Transformational Healing: Five Surprisingly Simple Keys Designed to Redirect Your Life Toward Wellness, Purpose, and Prosperity includes:

    A section on relief from pain and emotional distraught;
    Commitment to healing and escape from fear;
    The importance of our deepest heart's desires;
    The reason our heritage plays an important role in who we are;
    How to tap into a built-in guidance system designed to answer life's toughest questions;
    Who we are really;
    and much, much more...

    Jamie will also take YOUR calls!

    Rev. Jamie Saloff is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophesy in Lily Dale, NY and has trained with psychic-mediums and healers from all over the world including: Elaine Thomas, Tom Cratsley, Gregory Kehn, Shirley Caulkins Smith, Bill Coller, Lisa Williams, and Sharon Anne Klingler.  She is an author, business consultant, publishing expert and a healer.  Jamie is available for private appointments.





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    Pet Radio- Josh and His Critters and Actress Elaine Hendrix

    in Pets

    Josh is a cute little dog with a big personality who was born with a cleft lip and now is part of Tina Lythgoe' family. Tina is also a licensed wild life rehab expert who will take in most any sick or injured animal including birds, rodents, raccoons,  oppossums and more. She has the Facebook page Josh and his critters.  

    Elaine Hendrix is an accomplished movie and television actress who has always had a passion and love for animals. She has founded a group called Pet Matchmaker which helps to match adoptable pets with pet parents, and she is doing her own podcast! She will tell us all about this worthy project.

    Please follow our Facebook page and web site

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    STOP Before It's Too Late - Forgiveness

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage, (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost as they focus on forgiveness with special guest Elaine Brovont, a native Californian shifting from a full-time stay at home mom, to Tri Valley Girl Scout Association Director, Non-Profit Executive Director, City Planning Commissioner and Chief Administrative / Operations Officer for an International Engineering and Software Company.  After leaving corporate America, Elaine discovered that her life needed fine tuning and she became her first client. Now as a Tai Chi and Qigong/Wellness and Fitness Instructor in a medical fitness facility focusing on mind body practices, her clients include athletes, baby boomers and the elderly. 

    This week's topic of stopping before it's too late - choose forgiveness, focuses on judgement and anger consuming your time, money and energy.  We look at how love, being valued and appreciated by others is blocked when the story you play in your head is an unforgiving tune of people disappoint me, I should be wary, and I need more protection. Together we will experience tools to forgiveness.

    For today's topic handout for the Radio Show, visit Amy's blog at AmyFrost.com.

    Find out what music our guest uses to stay positively engaged in the game of life. Learn how to build your emotional resilience with music medicine, applying music medicine in your life to manage more easily the ups and downs - take the 2-hour course, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

    Contact special guest Elaine Brovont at epherne@aol.com

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    A Day Of Erotica-Tatiana's Chance Tatiana's Choice

    in Entertainment

    Tatiana is a 40+ cougar who wants to change her boring, predictable life. Through a series of chance meetings with online facebook friends, she begins to discover some very important things about herself which gives her more questions than answers .Hello all! I am Elaine Wood, a wife, mother, and teacher. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York but I’ve called Jacksonville, Florida home for the last 23 years. My husband and I enjoy spending time with our three daughters and volunteering in our community. I have always enjoyed reading but only recently discovered a passion for writing. I especially enjoy writing short stories, poetry and my favorite, romance/erotica. I am currently working on the third book in the Tatiana series. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book! Get the book you will love it on sale now at the Core Store

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