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    Coaches' Corner with guest Elaine Lockard

    in Spirituality

    My guest tonight is Elaine Lockard, founder of NEWPATHFORLIFE.
    Elaine is a Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Business Mentor, Professional Intuitive and Healer, who knows first hand that the knowledge of self is the greatest asset and most vital key to all transformation and healing one desires. She expertly and compassionately guides and supports her clients to discover their unique treasure of self-knowledge, thus allowing them to banish fears, gain self trust and confidence, grow and shine in their gifts and abilities, and be able to choose for themselves, and stand proudly in, every aspect of who they are and their life. For more information on how Elaine can help you shine the light of knowledge on your life, visit her website at www.elainelockard.com

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    Stop spinning your wheels! Start creating the life you want with Elaine Lockard

    in Women

    Elaine Lockard is known as The Confidence and Credibility Alchemist. As a Certified Coach, Consultant, Professional Intuitive, Numerologist, Energetic Healer and Author, she knows from personal and professional experience that all healing, change, success and occurrences in life begin with YOU!

    She has met many individuals who have attempted to improve their lives, attract more income and brighten their outlook, but haven’t experienced lasting results.  And it’s not for lack of them trying or wanting a change . . . It’s simply because they were not changing the right things. They were changing symptoms, not the root cause.

    She has found that a most effective way to get to the root cause and start making changes that last is through an Energy Scan. By scanning the energetic patterns in your body, she can help you know and understand your root issues thus allowing you to begin creating the life you truly want.

    For more information on Elaine and her Energy Scan, visit her website at http://www.elainelockard.com/energy-scan/

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    Elaine Lockard - Intuitive - Healer - Spiritual Coach

    in Paranormal

    Join us on Paranormal N More Radio for our special guest Elaine Lockard. 
    Elaine is an Executive, Business and Spiritual mentor, consultant and coach, as well as, a Professional Intuitive, Healer and Author. She knows, through her personal life and spiritual journey, that full Conscious Awareness of self and being connected holistically in mind, body and spirit, is your greatest asset in life to find your purpose, healing and happiness. From an abusive childhood, through being raised by a disabled mother, and by healing herself from emotional and physical issues, she understands deeply the challenges faced by many and the courage, creativity and determination needed to overcome them. She has the unique gift of being a “bridge” between the practical and spiritual realms, walking in each simultaneously. Her passion is to help her clients more fully realize their true inner strength, potential, and value and to evolve higher, not only for themselves, but also to reach out to help heal our world. Elaine invites you to contact her, and learn more about her work, through her website, http://elainelockard.com  

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    Elaine Lockard, Healer, Author, Coach, Mentor

    in Spirituality

    Elaine is and always has been a healer. She heals:•    intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually•    through the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, information, and energy•    through providing YOU the tools and processes to heal yourself and your businessShe firmly believes that all healing, change, success and occurrences in your life and business begin with YOU! And by having the courage to know, understand and develop those parts of yourself and your business as necessary, you can achieve whatever you desire.Through her work as an Executive, Business, and Spiritual Coach, Assessment Specialist, Career Strategist, Intuitive Business Mentor, Professional Intuitive, Numerologist, Energy Healer and Author, it is her passion to help you do just this!She is a practical person and her working style reflects this through the main use of assessments and structure while deftly incorporating more esoteric aspects of spirituality. She has the unique gift to walk the line between both, touching each clearly and simultaneously, acting as a “bridge” between both planes, to give you a deeper, more overall vision and understanding of you, your process and path.- See more at: http://www.elainelockard.com/about-2/#sthash.JFTbNGU0.dpufFor more information go to: http://www.elainelockard.com

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    VOTWM~ The Manifested Presence of Jesus After Resurrection Being Alive

    in Christianity

    You are intvited to be apart of what God is doing with this ministry. Tune in for worship, praise, and the preaching of the life-giving word of God,

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    How One Woman's Breakup Became a Breakthrough

    in Women

    Pamela Elaine Nichols, the mother of four children, like many mothers put the wants and needs of others first and ignored her own. When her marriage ended, she set out to heal herself and on the way discovered a 4-part “Resilient Beauty” practice for health and happiness, and now shows other mothers how to bounce back after a breakup. Through her business, Destined for Greatness Enterprises, Inc., Pamela Elaine inspires mothers with motivational music, lessons and videos as a singer, author and producer. 

    Pamela, who has appeared on Dr. Oz, is the author of Muddy High Heels: 14 Lessons Learned From My Breakdown, Breakup & Breakthrough. She'll be on She Struts Radio Thursday, April16, 6:30pm ET. Don't miss it. It'll be informative, dynamic and fun. 


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    Elaine Williams - Raising Addiction Awareness Through Laughter

    in Self Help

    Elaine Williams, “girl next door” had it all – the brains, the charm, and the talent to be drill team captain, a national honor society member, on the dean’s list, and involved in her choir and community. What she hid was she was also victim of emotional and sexual assault.  Realizing it takes the same amount of energy to make yourself strong as it does to be miserable, Elaine started her journey to a healthy life.

    Elaine Williams is an award winning stand up comedian who has appeared on SaturdayNight Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX, and has been featured in The New York Times.

    She is the author of “Stop the Madness” and today as a certified Life Coach, she uses her comedic talent to engage audiences in discovering that the way to your heart is not through your stomach, and happiness is not found in a bottle.

    Elaine speaks to corporate groups, schools and organizations who are trying to elevate awareness around addictions and abuse.

    Contact Elaine:




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    Can't Stop the Water, Film - Native American Tribe: Sea Levels w/ Oil Pollution

    in Lifestyle

    Tuesday, April 14, 3pm EDT:  Today’s featured film on Progressive Film Hour is Can’t Stop the Water,  a film about Climate Change refugees right here in our own country: they are a Native American tribe and they are in the New Orleans area.

    To discuss the film are its director/producer Rebecca Ferris, chief of the tribe, Chief Albert, and Julie Maldonado.

    Rebecca Marshall Ferris, Director and Producer or Can’t Stop the Water began her career with the renowned documentary film company, Pennebaker Hegedus Films, serving as associate producer on their films Down From The Mountain, Startup.com, Only The Strong Survive, andElaine Stritch at Liberty.

     Julie Koppel Maldonado obtained her doctorate in Anthropology from American University in 2014. Her doctoral research focused on the experiences of environmental change and displacement in tribal communities in coastal Louisiana. 

    Chief Albert P. Naquin is the Traditional Chief of the Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw, located in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. Chief  He has been the chief since 1997.

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    VOTWM~It Was Jesus

    in Christianity

    You are invited to be a part of what God is doing with this ministry. Come and join us as we worship and praise the Lord. Come and be a part of prayer and come and hear the life-giving word being preached

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    SWAG Presents: Elaine Wood and Davino Dixon

    in Books

    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara and Deidra will be chopping it up with Elain Wood and Davino Dixon. 


    Join us for a conversation about becoming successful authors and adventurous entrepreneurs. 

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    Elaine Wilman & The CSKT Water Compact Update

    in Politics

    TVFM guest host will be Elaine Wilman, author of "Going To Pieces...the dismantling of the United States of America". Elaine's first TVFM appearance is  http://my.blogtalkradio.com/the-view-from-montana/2014/11/14/the-dismantling-of-the-us-of-america.   Contact info  toppin@aol.com

    Elaine will discuss how the CSKT Compact contradicts/violates the Winters Doctrine, the Constitution(Fed and MT), environmental regulations, economic studies, supreme court cases/decisions & right of way.
    Sorry for this short notice. However, this CSKT Water Compact bill, SB262 is going full speed ahead. Just to remind you,  the House Judiciary Committee, will hear the bill, SB 262,  Apr 11, 10 AM in Rm 303, Capital Bldg Helena. Bus rides ($10) will be available.

    More info   https://westernmtwaterrights.wordpress.com/  









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