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    1st Anniversary Show .Walk down Memory Lane!

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    This past year we had twrking dogs ,men with commitment issues and our guy Poke Chop sharing his attraction with ratchet women. Its ben a great year, join us as we walk down memory lane.

  • Is it Love/Hate... Or Vica Versa?

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    Why do the nice guys end up in the friend zone and the bad guys chased? Why are fast women sought after and respectable women deemed boring or stuck up? 

    We'll be touching on the backwards mentality of romance within some of the minds of inner city black men (and women). This song we play (Vica Versa) will give you an idea of where we will be coming from... #throwback #mtown #pastortroy 

    "20Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! 21Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!" Isaiah 5

    Are TRUE Christian women considered the women to watch out for - to the world are we the immoral woman? Are we the ones men cant trust?? Why is it men say they cant (and will never) trust women but are constantly trying to woo her with flashy things? Just to get her in the bed?? All of that, for a lay. Soh. Instead of love its lust... and whats to be loved becomes hated. The moral woman ends up getting perceived as the immoral one; 2 Samuel 13:15 we see how Amnon had gone from LOVING Tamar to HATING her more than he'd loved her.

    Also, is the worldly mentality of the inner city male within the inner city Christian male?? Christian men who cant seem to commit and have the same trust issues as men outside the church

    We MUST hear from yall on this!

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    Random Tandem! Speaking on some things...

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    This episode we're discussing some random thoughts we felt we'd speak aloud. Join in on the convosby calling in if you like. We love hearing from y'all.

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    Evidence for an Exodus: Sermon Jam (you don't want to miss)

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    Sermon jam tonight with Pastor Stephen Darby called Evidence for an Exodus.

    Exodus chapter 1 shows a parallel of blacks in America and hebrews.
    He says in the vid that he needs more conclusive study, he did read an book called from Timbuktu that explains us from Israel were sent to Africa. He makes the point "you must know Christ to avoid hell, wether you are from Africa or not. "Come let us deal wisely with them . unless they multiply" is the specific scripture he referenced to. He explains how we have over 400+ years in unpaid wages. He says the government says "we must deal wisely with them" as it states in exodus 1. We are the only ppl they wont pay, germans pay the jews, etc. He explains the resistance of blacks is due to the refusal to pay us our die wages. He says the whole civil war wasn't for us, it was for the ability to keep slaves. The industrial complex/correction center was created for control of black ppl. He mentions how bill cosby was taken to the bottom in 48 hours after being exposed, though bill clinton been doing it for years. They took the only father figure we ever had and took this man to use to destroy the memories we have of the only family most blacks respected. The girls got paid for this. He may have done it, but all these years he was on tv as a clean respectable black man , they wait til the killings of blacks to release this. Welfare program was created to destroy men in the family as bread winner. In 1979 50% were born out of wedlock prior to welfare it was 3%. Today its 73% without a dad in home. Dr juel oneal found that the more years a child is on welfare lowers the iq. 
    He said the great exodus will happen after the system fails in america.  The control over black people is to make us forget where we come from how they brought us to this point and how the exodus is going to begin. 

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    #Ferguson Ground Zero: The Imploding of Racial America?

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    Should we be upset more at the system or ourselves??? Scripture teaches to defend the defenseless. What should we do as a people when our own methods of defense are against us? Where are we to go? What is the responsibility of every American in the wake of all the #Ferguson events/news? 
    Let's talk about this and see what scripture says on this topic. Heck, are people even willing to hear scripture anymore as they consider the twisted connections between whites and the false oppressive messages they taught by using the Bible? 

    Also, there are many riots that have occurred - how many of these riots are started by fake protestors and ignorant looters? They did this during the civil rights era - how much more today? What should enraged people do? And what about the 12 yr old boy, Tamir Rice, immediately gunned down by police officers in the park? Let's talk about it Sunday night 10pm cst. 

    RIP Mike Brown, Tamir Rice and all the manyothers who have been gunned down unfairly by trigger happy cops who are sloppy and fearful and exerting unnecessary force on people.

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    The Miseducation of Sex. Men's Edition!

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    Some men have abandon their rightful place in the family as leaders and the body of Christ has suffered due to this abandonment.. Marriages have been heavily affected by the misuse of rights and worldly ways of thinking on the topic of sex. The responsibility that comes with being the head has been abused and the duties in marriage have been misconstrued with the worlds's demonic system and ideas concerning sexual relations. From the rise of feminism to the emasculation of men, weve devolved to the 'days of Noah', where sex became deviant and highly perverted. Tonight we'll discuss how sex reflects the bride of Christ and the groom, Gods reasons and purposes of sexual relations and how society has led us into abuse, perversion and miseducation of this beautiful gift from God. I'll (Khamsin) share revelations on avoiding the pitfalls in your marriage and how to make things better without reading "Fifty shades of grey". The answers are in the bible. Live on air tonight at 10pm central.

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    The Reasons Why Wives SHOULD Have Sex With Their Husbands

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    Ok. STOP THE PRESSES! We women hear it all the time. We have given EVERY excuse as to why we think we SHOULDNT give the husbands sex. We all have the married girlfriends and male friends who struggle with this issue and I, Essence, have been married myself and have been there.

    This has been a MAJOR issue and sometimes deal breaker in marriages!

    And why is it SOOOO easy to give up sex when you aren't married to the man who hasn't honored you with the legal covenant??? Oh but it's an issue for someonce that ring is on? Yes, we're going to talk about it.

    We are addressing this serious topic Sunday night per listeners request. As always we will be on at 10p cst on Taboo Talks. Get your cocoa, candy, anointing oil and chips and get ready to listen in. Feel free to call in and be sure to share this convo with others! 

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    Sunday Night Confessions 'Ladies Edition'!

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    Tonight we have two amazing guest, Crystal Olsen and Mary Vaughn. These ladies will confess the mistakes they made and express the importance of using wisdom when making decisions. Crystal Olsen is the editor of Street Gospel Magazine. Mary Vaughn is a faithful listener and an outspoken freelance writer who uses her voice as a weapon against the enemies deceptive devices. Both of them have input that may be the testimony you need to hear. They will lead us on the journey of the road to recovery tonight in our painfully true "Sunday night confessions. Join us at 10pm central.

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    You Say You Don't Want Drama Yet That's What You Fall For?!

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    We notice there are many women who talk about waiting on their "man of God" and talk about certain godly male characteristics but we rarely hear or see Christian men talking about and going after a godly woman and desiring godly traits. Many men claim to be Christian but dont go by Christian standards and get with either nonbelieving women (as men in the bible were known to do), or get with those barely saved Christian women who may provide more natural interests for them but aren't HARDLY strong in the word or Christian path. Some men even pick and marry the church-going woman but she's not spirit filled - just knows how to play church very well but has no true interest in scripture or biblical thinking - and the Christian men seem just fine with that. So which is most important to men - the natural or the spiritual? And Christian women always attract unsaved men while Christian men stay far away leaving the Christian woman thinking no Christian men are interested. We have more to discuss on this but this is a major point we will touch on for sure

    Some men complain of how they don't want women who give them drama yet that's who they seem to fall head over heels for if she's attractive enough to him in some way. Also we'll be talking on polygamy - the mans common desires to be with more than one woman at a time. And how even in the midst of much drama The Lord is still creating a set up of victory for our good and His glory! 

    We will be in Genesis taking a look at the dramatic lives of Jacob, his family and how God's glory came out of a pool of dysfunction... 

    Our lives and minds are dysfunctional without Christ because we are carnal without His Spirit taking the lead. 

    This will be an interesting discussion.

    This Sunday 10p cst

    Share Taboo Talks with your friends. We appreciate you hanging with us!

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    The Black History of the Bible Part 2

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    Join us tonight as we go through the Bible observing the rich and maybe even shocking black history within it. Growing up, we were taught and shown many false images of the people of the bible. Blacks among other people of color were seemingly replaced with European celebrities (which is sadly still occurring today in Hollywood such as the movie Exodus gods and kings). But what does scripture actually teach?

    Taking us through thescriptures is Elijah Israel, a teacher of the Gospel and minister at the Israel Church of Jesus in Illinois. We are truly blessed to have him with us tonight - a fellow laborer in the faith of Jesus Christ. See more about his ministry at: http://www.israelthechurchofjesus.com

    Please be prepared if you can be, with pen and paper because you will want to write down scripture references in tonight's teaching. Powerful! You will never look at the bible or black people the same again. 

    Share and discuss this show with others. Enlighten others to the rich history and continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Scriptures from part 2:

    Matthew 15:21-24 Matthew 10:5-7

    Deuteronomy 28 the curses blacks see today 

    Deuteronomy 32:8,19

    Psalm 83:4-8

    Revelation 2:9, 3:9 

    Revelation 7 seals the 12 tribes of Israel

    Leviticus 26:38-42

    Romans 11:2


    Scriptures from the part 1 episode:

    Deuteronomy 28 & 30:1-4

    Joel 3:1-3,6

    Revelation 2:9 & 3:9

    Matthew 15:21-24

    Luke 21:24

    Isaiah 42:22

    Exodus 1

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    Hush Matzaball Fills In for Mike Sledge...For The Election Prophecy!!!!

    in Comedy

    Hush Matzaball fills in for Mike Sledge to discuss his election predictions with half his bagel tied behind his back, just to make it fair for the chattle. Also Hush will discuss excellence in broadcasting and the tea party and a new neo-con morning in America. Also hush will discuss the true conservative backlash and how Jesus loves the GOP!! Plus your phone calls and the best in kosher politically incorrect radio!!!

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