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    Who has access to Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

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    In order to maintain privacy and confidentiality, there are rules of access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) that can sometimes present barriers to delivering the best care.

    Tracy Zervakis and her daughter recently had quite an adventure trying to get the right medicine at the right time, and ran into several roadblocks imposed by the access rules around EHR at her hospital.

    While it sounds like a good idea to restrict access to those with a "need to know," in practice it sometimes get in the way.  Perhaps we need to re-think those rules, not only for the events in a peaceful day at the office, but also in an emergency.  

    Joyce and Mike speak with Tracy about her adventure and about ideas for improving the flow of medical information to patients, to emergency personnel, and to all those who really do "need to know" in order to deliver the right care at the right time.

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    Meaningful Use and Electronic Health Records

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    Joyce and Mike speak with Dr. Joshua Seidman about the concept of "Meaningful Use" in healthcare and how it can be used along with electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care.

    Dr. Seidman is Vice President in charge of Payment and Delivery Reform at Avalere Health.  He is also the Immediate Past President of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

    Previouslyt, Seidman was the Director of Meaningful Use at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. At ONC, Dr. Seidman guided development of resources that helped providers become meaningful users of HIT, and helped to evolve meaningful use practice and policy. During nearly two decades in health care, Seidman has focused on: quality measurement and improvement; the intersection of e-health and health services research; and structuring consumer e-health interventions to support improved health behaviors and informed decision making.

    Before that, Seidman was the founding President of the Center for Information Therapy, which advanced the practice and science of delivering tailored information to consumers to help them make better health decisions and lead healthier lives. At the IxCenter, Seidman focused on stimulating innovation, diffusing best practices, and evangelizing for a patient-centered orientation to implementation of HIT applications.

    See also e-patients.net and http://participatorymedicine.org

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    Total Education Hour 11-12-14

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Jason The Public School Guy will discuss how The US. Department of Education wants to change how teachers are prepared in college.

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    In the Tutor period, alchemists practiced their arts. To this day, we know scientists are protective and secretive about their work. Across Canada, the scientific community has been targeted for a decade by the current federal government pushing an ideological agenda. But think back to the tutor period and governments had less leverage and more obfuscation with those pesky alchemicalists.   They did and did not keep their work secret.  Yes, they did not want others to replicate their findings. This is from the same protectionist thinking that gave rise to passwords and signs of recognition about operative masons. The alchemist had to keep track of his work which he did by developing and writing in code.  Dyspher the code- follow the research.  

    Within the Craft we have often heard what I like to think of as the declaration of the uninformed. We are not a secret society, but we do have secrets.  There are 27,000 languages in use on this blue globe orbiting our star. We happen to use an obscure langage to keep track of our work.  Study the language for yourself. The information becomes obvious.   A mason with a loose waggy tongue can't be of much use. The 'rosetta' stone to translate these glyphs has yet to be found.  Isn't it curious that alchemists have continued to practice and no one sees fit to indict.

    To all those who cannot control their emotion, you will look for an apology for the frustration this causes to blindly rage around the lodge.  So here is a bone;  if you desire what alchemists seek, if you can commit, if you have the ability to go beyond your familiar logical mind, find a book about the Khabbalah.  If your mind is settled enough to know that the alchemists secrets are anything but the revelation of truths- the path may open.


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    Bonnie Albers On Air: Wednesday with Bonnie, KC & Amanda Barrymore

    in Spirituality

    Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.  Each week Bonnie will have famous and highly respected guests joining her on her show, bringing exciting talents such as astrology, spirit mediumship, card reading, healing and much more!!

    Amanda Barrymore is our 2nd hour guest today! Tune in today to listen in and talk to our guest from the UK today!

    Amanda Eloise Barrymore, was born in Suffolk but moved to North Essex in 2000.

    I am a Medium & Clairvoyant. That is the basis of what I do   with my Spiritual Work.

    My ACTUAL  Title is: International Media-Medium and  Clairvoyant , Author and Tutor.

    INTERNATIONAL just means that I have read for people from another Country outside of the UK OR going abroad to read for people in the form of a One2One or in a Public Demonstration.

    MEDIA-MEDIUM means that I have been Interviewed by the Press, either by Psychic Magazines/Publications and Radio and TV.

    CLAIRVOYANT is usually the Psychic side of me and that is in the earthly parts of my Readings. Clairvoyance is a French word meaning “To see clearly”  but I can also hear (Clairaudience) and feel (Clairsentience) So, I have all three it seems!

    Check Amanda's website for more info, to book a private reading, or buy her book!!! http://amandabarrymore.co.uk/


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    Roberta Ziegler Tutor Doctor with Kevin Hunter on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Guest Roberta Ziegler, Owner/Operator for Tutor Doctor of Minneapolis, Minnesota joins host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show. Join in to hear why Roberta is passionate about her business and how she is reaching her goal of building a business that is known for quality and success while helping students of all grades reach their full potential.

    Roberta was was initially drawn to Tutor Doctor's commitment and values when helping students attain their goals and build self-confidence. Roberta believes that his one-on-one in-home tutoring is the most beneficial method to maximize results. Parents also have one less event to coordinate in their busy lives and this tutoring service saves them time while coordinating with their schedule and availability.

    Please visit http://www.minneapolistutors4u.com/td-coon-rapids/In-Home-Tutoring-Minneapolis-About-page 

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    #ReturnToTreeHill - EYECON Q&A Part 2

    in Entertainment

    It’s not often that a television show strikes such a chord with viewers that it lasts for an astonishing nine years. But One Tree Hill did just that.

    Whether you found yourself relating to Lucas Scott: the dreamer, Nathan Scott: the athlete, Brooke Davis: the princess, Peyton Sawyer: the artist, or Haley James: the tutor girl; One Tree Hill felt like home, like family.

    This will be Eyecon’s first One Tree Hill convention and with your support and attendance it will be the first of many. So please join us as we travel back to Tree Hill and reunite with the characters we love and miss. #RETURNTOTREEHILL

    Convention Info: Eyecon One Tree Hill Convention in Wilmington, NC on March 27th-29th 2015.

    EYECON will be live on Variety Radio Online Tuesday 25th at 2pm ET to answer all of your questions. If you want to call in to the show you can, or you can e-mail your questions to vro@thevro.com and we will read them live on air.

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    Bellesprit Radio Show, Special guest Diamond Psychic, "Solana`"

    in Spirituality

    About Solana: Radio and Television Personality, Owner and Tutor for Higher Source International, LLC, Tantric Rieki Master (assisting in intimacy and sexual addictions) Psychic Energy medium, Solana is available locally for Psychic Fairs, Ghost Clearing (Building and Land Clearing) and Speaking Engagements. Also available for Individual, Group Gallery Readings (Off and Online), Paranormal Investigations , Phone and Skype Experiences


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    Total Tutor Show How to Develop a Better Attitude

    in Education

    The Total Tutor will interview Bryan Vignery. We will discuss the topic of Attitude.

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    Channeling the Empowered Spirit - Tonight we tap into the Subconscious Mind

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS! Call in early 347-989-0937 Join Alea Dawn and Jennifer Longstreth as we talk about the connection between the Subconcsious Mind and Psychic Energy.  

    And of course, we will have free mini readings for our callers.  

    Jennifer Longstreth is a Higher Source International Certified Medium, Healer, Dream Interpreter as well as a tutor of some phenomenal courses. Jenn has been an empath all of her life, however after her Near Death Experience she became interested in developing her psychic abilities.

    Jenn is a Licensed Social Worker who specializes in the subconscious mind.

    Alea Dawn is an Intuitive Medium working deeply with the clairs to embrace and empower the spirit within. The ego (patterns of behavior and personality) hold us back from living our true purpose.   When the living spirit is empowered through direct communication with the higher self; life transformation can begin from a soulful perspective and changing your perspective changes everything.  Loving spirit, guides, and the occasional deity just may just be channeled in during a reading with Alea.  www.aleadawn.com

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    PITT vs Iowa Prediction with NFL Pitt star Darnell Dinkins

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor will interview NFl Super Bowl Champion Darnell Dinkins. He will break down today's Pitt vs Iowa game. Who will win?


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