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    Nat'l security experts discuss Paris & Anon organizer promotes int'l protest

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    Starting at 9PM est tune in LIVE with Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez III for a Politics in Review discussion, Presidential elections, refugees, and Much, Much More.

    AT 9:30 Special Guest Anthony Mele, an international firearms dealer and security expert, will be discussing what happened last week in Paris, and what happens next.

    AT 10:00 Special Guest Chuck Williams, a homeland security expert from Delaware, will also be discussing what happened last week in Paris, and what happens next BUT his perspective will most likely be different from Mr. Mele's view. This should be interesting!!

    AT 10:30 Anonymous organizer, Asher Gemler (We have been trying to get on the show for weeks!) will be on promoting OpExposeCPS, Stop Forced Adoptions international protests this weekend. You don't want to miss this show!!

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    Lucha Libre and Laughs Unmasked : "Clobberin' Time" Results, Analysis 11/15/15

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    The First EVER Lucha Libre and Laughs After show, Broadcast LIVE!!! from the Oriental Theatre in Denverwith host, and MANAGER TO THE STARS Hollywoodtonyp, and Referee Nick Gossert. We will have results and as many guests as possible from the event

    Lucha Libre & Laughs returns to the Oriental Theater with CLOBBERIN' TIME!
    Our Main Event features Caleb Crush vs Mike Sydal.

    Royce Isaacs takes on Heavyweight Champion Johnny Crash. Who will walk away with the title? Be there to find out!

    Lucha champion Elektro has to defend his belt against not one, but two challengers, as he steps into the ring against Golden Star and Tony Ortega in a triple threat match!

    Sammy Six Guns jr, Lonnie Valdez, Bruce Rogers, Xander Kreed, and more in action.

    Our Headlining comedian, Andrew Orvedahl, just wrapped production on his series Those Who Can't, which will premier on TruTV in Febuary.

    We've also got Anthony Crawford, Eric Henderson, Janae Burris, and Byron Graham telling jokes.

    Color Commentary by Nathan Lund and Sam Tallent.

    Hosted by Bobby Valentino.

    Only $10

    Thanks to Sexpot Comedy, Denver Relief, El Charrito, and Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

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    Guns! Rights! Freedom!

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    Tonight we are talking about Gun Rights!! Join Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez III starting at 9pm est with "Politics in Review" for the week of Nov. 8. At 9:30pm Special Guest Tom King, president of NYS Rifle and Pistol Assoc. will give us an update on the status of their lawsuit vs. Gov. Cuomo and NYS in their efforts to undue the (Un)SAFE Act. At 10pm Special Guest Rob Pincus, an expert in firearm education and safety will be on to discuss the proper way to stay safe while handling a firearm. And, Raquel Okyay will be giving an update on current pro-gun legislation circulating in Tallahassee: Open Carry and Campus Carry.



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    Iration joins the Evening Stink - Episode 2

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    Well, we're here.

    Episode 2, which means Episode 1 wasn't a complete failure.

    With over 2,200 streams and live listeners in the first week, we are appreciative of all the support we have gotten and couldn't do this without the support. Also, thank you to all the Dr.Bones and Tetra fans that have carried over. 

    On today's show, we will be joined by Adam Taylor, bass player from Iration, for a segment to talk about their current tour, as well as new CD, Hotting Up.

    We will also be joined by Auntie/Granny D later in the show who will give us the, "Hawaiian word of the day." Don't forget to collect these words for a chance to win a Hawaiian Gift basket later in the year. 

    Enjoy the show !  

    Iration Biography:

    With over 150k albums sold, Iration is an alternative/reggae group of musicians formed in Isla Vista, CA. A deep-rooted reggae influence is fused with elements of rock and pop to create smooth original sounds that keep listeners’ feet moving, hands swaying and hearts beating – “We’re all about luv”, states the band. The group is made up of members Joseph Dickens (Drums), Joseph King (Engineer), Cayson Peterson (Keyboard/Synth), Micah Pueschel (Guitar/ Vocals), and Adam Taylor (Bass). 

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    Remember the 5th of November - Episode 1

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    In 2010, The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, took the world by storm. Literally the world. 

    With thousands of listeners, two years of hard work, and 73 shows under their belt, they decided to retire from the fame and glory to focus on school and traveling the world. 

    Three years later; millionaires as you'd expect, Blazzay (Tetra) and Tyla (Dr.Bones) found their lives mundane and lacking that spark it once had. Money and power just wasn't doing it for them anymore. Then they realized that their heart remained in the radio industry. 

    Luckily, still having the contacts they had, Blazzay and Tyla got the ball rolling on a new show that would surpass the fame that, The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, once had. Thus, The Evening Stink with Blazzay and Tyla was born. 

    The show will be formatted similarly to The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, but with a longer time frame (half hour to a full hour), more music being played as well as new fun and exciting skits that will be sure to have America laughing for days to come. 

    This is the beginning of something new and amazing, and we can't wait for you all to join us on November 5th, 2015 from 8:30pm - 9:30pm to witness the beginning, The Evening Stink, With Blazzay and Tyla. 

    All previous Dr.Bones and Tetra Shows will still be featured on BlogTalkRadio and will be below any new episodes that The Evening Stink puts out. Thank you. 

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    Raquel in Your Face!

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    Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez III will be discussing week in review including THE METS big win, Politics this Week, and much more.

    At 9:30 P.M. est Special Guest Gergo Hades owner of So. Florida Cop Watch, has revamped his website, with a new writers, new location, and new content. He will tell us about this endeavor and fill us in on the problems of police corruption.

    Second Hour: Join Fla dad John Oral, Dr. Mario and Gary Woods who will be discussing family court solutions.



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    Candidate for U.S. Senate Augustus Invictus tells his side of the story!

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    Join us for "Politics in Review" wiith Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez, who will be discussing the Democrat debate, the President's gun ban goals, and much, much MORE!!

    Special Guest Augustus Invictus, who is running for U.S. Senate from Florida, is making national news for being a target of false accusations. He will be telling HIS SIDE of the story, and

    Special Guest Ted Taupier and Dan Brewington will be on the Second Hour to discuss how the corrupt court system, unlawfully, took away their firearms, freedoms and future.


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    Raquel in Your Face!

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    First Hour: Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez will be discussing the May 17 shoot-out in Waco, TX that left 9 people dead, and 130-plus people in jail. The majority have been released and are telling their stories.

    Second Hour: Special Guest Jason W. Hoyt will be on to discuss his NEW book Consent of the Governed: The People's Guide to Holding Government Accountable. He will be taking your calls. Ted Tauppier and Shane Gates, both victims of government abuse, will be on to talk about their cases.

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    Raquel in Your Face!

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    Efrain Gonzalez and I will be discussing the shooting at Umpqua Community College yesterday with Special Guest Ismael Sarmad Mba Mhs, whose expertise is in Homeland Security. Al will be asking the questions NO ONE wants to ask!!

    ALSO TONIGHT Special Guest author and investigative reporter Michael Volpe will be talking about his NEW book Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney's Kafkaesque Divorce, AND Special Guest Neil Shelton, a NC dad who has been trampled on by a very corrupt family court system and state assemblywoman who behaves like a criminal, will give us an update on his case

    STARTING AT 10PM est I have invited community leaders and public corruption victims in St. Tammany Parish to come on the show to discuss my explosive story at Daily Surge last week regarding Sheriff Jack Strain.

    SPECIAL GUEST Shane Gates, a police brutality victim, who is being pursued by St. Tammany officials on charges he has already been found not guilty will be on to discuss his case. Shane said they are doing this to avoid two federal civil rights lawsuits he has filed against parish officials for treason and other crimes. This is the subject a my new story COMING SOON.

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    Raquel in Your Face!

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    TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! at 9pm est on "Imploding The Illusion" join me and Efrain Gonzalez for "This Week In Politics" review, including Blockbuster story about a bad behaving LA sheriff nicknamed "BooBoo", and...

    AT 10 pm my Special Guest Ted Taupier will be discussing his over a year-long ordeal being held under house arrest, kept away from his children, and his livelihood because of accusations of crimes, that were never committed by him or anyone else.