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    Fully Persuaded About Love, Blessings & Sisterhood w/ Angelia Menchan

    in Motivation


    Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published 26 full length books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than 80 ebook novellas on amazon.com. You can access her bibliography on www.amazon.com search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

    Menchan has also published the work of several other authors to date, including children's book, Little Wing by biologist, Erin Gawera, Honorable Menchan Poetry 2013 by Dictator and Genesis,  a breast cancer memoir, Goodbye Breast, Hello Faith by Lena Jordan, My Grace is Sufficient: Living With Lymphedema by Patricia Richardson, The Prayer Journey by Nadine Singleton, F. O. C. U. S. A Crime Family Novel by Darnetta Frazier and the upcoming thriller, Dictator by Malik Vernon Menchan.

    She is becoming a sought after speaker for young women audiences because she speaks honestly, straight and open to the issues that plague them such as teen pregnancy, the importance of education and making life impacting choices.

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    We are Twin: XTRA LOVE released. Willodean debut album

    in Music

    WE ARE TWIN.. Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicholas Balachandran met New York-born and bred singer songwriter Gabi Christine during a 2009 songwriting session and the result was fifteen songs and WE ARE TWIN. In 2013 Zackary Smith (Bass, Keys, vocals) & Justin Frazier (drums) joint the group. The group just finished their debut album called "xtra love" release this November,  blazing a trail for a punk rock, soul & Pop aesthetic that stood out  immediately.  And they have a musical webisode series. We will talk about all of it this Friday.

    LA-based three-man band, Willodean, chronicles longing, loneliness, and lost loves, Willodean is Dan Barrett,  Eric Holden and Randy Wooten. They have just released their self-titled debut album about people as afraid of finding love as losing it. With Dan Barrett’s gravelly baritone, Eric Holden’s upright bass that resonates with sturdy, near-ancient melodies and  guitarist/pianist Randy Wooten’s lyrics the evoke a dreamy world of misgiving and missed chances. We won't miss  the cahnce to ask them about  it  this Friday.


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    Planet Green Trees Episode 228- Forfeiture and DOJ Budget Cuts- a paradox

    in Legal

    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion

    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center, and attorney Jeff Frazier of Komorn Law.

    Tonight- A Michigan man dares to tell news media about the seizure of his property by police without being charged for a crime- gets subsequently arrested at the convenient time of 2 a.m. The man, Wally Kowalski is a medical marijuana patient and caregiver, who had an outdoor garden. And attorney Dan Grow who is representing Mr. Kowalski.

    Also, an amendment to prohibit the DOJ from spending taxpayer money to undermine state medical marijuana laws is included in the 1.1 trillion dollar budget bill being prepared for a vote by the end of this week, or early next week. Joining us tonight- Mike Liszewski Government Affairs Director with Americans for Safe Access-

    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!



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    Alysha Live! Radio Show "Camden United Rally for Justice"

    in Entertainment

    Join me on Wednesday evening December 10 for my special broadcast of the Camden United Rally for Justice.  My guest will be organizers Gary Frazier, Amir Khan, Ronsha Dickerson and Arnold Davis. In lite of the two recent grand jury decisions not to indite Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown and Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner, Camden United will be staging a Non-Violent Protest in the City of Camden on December 11 downtown at Camden City Hall at 3pm.  Listen in to find out the details on how you can be a part of the New Civil Rights Movement for Justice. Come out to lend your support for this non-violent peacful protest a local response to a national problem of police brutality.

    Keep it locked to the Alysha Live! Radio Show for the Best in Talk Radio!




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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Leslie Wolff, CEO/Chief Marketing Strategist & Creative Tactician Smart Marketing Group, met Joe Frazier in early 2004 when he was $800,000 in debt and looking for some help. They worked as a team until his death 3 years ago and eliminated that liability, ensured he had a good living and strengthened his relationship with fans around the world.

    Manager of:

    *  "Creative Thinkers Forum" 

    *  "Celebrities for Marketing" 

    *  "Fearless Marketers" 

    Columnist: Philadelphia Business Journal

    Joe Frazier is a living legend.  Winning the Olympic Gold Medal as a Heavyweight boxer to winning the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Joe Frazier is an image synonymous with hard work, dedication, and durability.  His boxing record (32-4-1, 27KO’s) showed his ability to deliver in the ring.  His credibility with all segments of society enables him to deliver in the marketplace for the right marketing partners.  There is only one Joe Frazier.


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    Between the Drifts with Karen Frazier

    in Paranormal

    The question is, what is more terrifying? The unheard slip of flakes and ice as it reverberates through the normally serene landscape, with warm and all too fragile people going about thier lives below. Or are the after effects, that bring something heretofore unseen and unheard that watches your every move?  Today at 9PM-11PM EDT/ 8PM-10PM CDT, join us for a haunting wintery account of a true-avalanche--and true ghosts-- by the lovely Author and Radio Host, KAREN FAZIER. This show also Marks the return of Co-Host Jason Olivo as he joins us to hear this chilling tale!

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    Planet Green Trees Episode 227- The Legal response to A Prosecutors Diatribe

    in Legal

    Tonight 8-10pm EST Listen LIVE! At

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/planetgreentrees or call in 347-326-9626

    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion

    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center, and attorney Jeff Frazier of Komorn Law.

    Some alleged attorney, who works as a prosecutor in Munsing Michigan, got a little out of control, and bad mouthed the MMMA to a jury during a trial. The Michigan Court of Appeals found her behavior to be in appropriate. We will be addressing this issue, and offering appropriate legal commentary.

    Mike McHaney –will be joining tonight, he is from the Alger County Hemp Coalition and testified as an expert in this case.  

    Bernard Jocuns Attorney from Lapper and member of the Michigan Norml Legal Committee will be calling in to discuss the Michigan Normal Legal Committees response to this atrocity.

    Also Komorn Law strike a Victory in Alcona and Alpena, client will be calling in to share the experience.

    In Studio Guests, former attorney general candidate, fellow attorney, cannabis warrior and a admitt3ed fan of PGT attorney Daniel Grow will be joining us. Also in the Studio Attorney David Rudoi.  

    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    Formor's fight against heart disease

    in Health

    ForMor International is an innovative, total life-wellness company that is a worldwide leader in the development of breakthrough health and wellness products.

    FMI has earned a tremendous reputation in the field of nutrition and wellness products. We have formulated and marketed over 100 state-of-the-art products. FMI’s formulation team has over 50 years experience in developing breakthrough products.

    We also provide outstanding and personalized customer service. We maintain service and distribution points in the United States and Poland.

    Formor Medical Advisory Board

    Dr. Sandra Denton is practicing Medical Doctor who founded and serves as the Medical Director for the Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic. She served for over 13 years as an emergency room physician and has over 21 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine. She is a diplomat in chelation therapy accredited by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, and she is Board Certified in Heavy Metal Toxicology. She is an expert in using natural therapies, including chelation therapy, to improve the health and well-being of her patients.


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    in Paranormal

    Join Rev. Dianner Frazier and Rev. One Eagle  tonight as they offer free psychic readings from 7-9pm, est.

    Rev. One Eagle will take you on a guided meditation to "That Most Beautiful Place". 

    Where you can come to know many things about your path. 

    If you would like more detailed readings, you can contact them directly after the shows.  

    Tell all your friends about the show and find out why so many people are talking about - SPIRITLIGHT

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    Charlie Zelenoff #1 Boxer In The World My Case Can Now Be Rested GOAT

    in Sports

    my case can now be Rested I Defeated Geo Zavala he is a super heavyweight ko power his knockouts are on youtube hes not old like mayweather sr Zavala age 25 And I beat the shit out of him with ease dominated him the way i Boxed that fight it was On a Level that no fake "tv boxer" ever performed @ . not even close no ali no frazier no tyson no lennox lewis no mayweather jr not wilder not klitschko these clowns dont come close to me like i said my case can now be rested I am the GOAT 

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    NAREB National Annual Convention 67th - Interview Realtors from New York

    in Real Estate

    National Association of Real Estate Brokers
    National Annual Convention 67th
    Donnell Spivey 28th  President
    Empowering Realtist to Make a Change
    2014 Convention Theme: Homeownership Priority #1
    Convention Location
    Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel
    202 E. Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202


    Harriet Robertson,NRBA,CDPE,NAREB,AREAA
    Licensed Real Estate Broker
    Brooklynnybpo LLC
    1028 Lincoln Place 
    Brooklyn, New York 11213
    email: harriet.a.robertson@brooklynnybpo.com
    Phone  (347) 406 8369
    Cell Phone:  (917) 740-7367
    Fax : (866) 234-1739




    Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA
    President and CEO
    The Power Is Now, Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters
    3739 6th StreetRiverside, 
    CA 92501O  
    800-401-8994 x 703   
    C 714-475-8629
    Skype: 714-845-7263  
    Skype ID: frazier.eric

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