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    What Do Edward Snowden and I Have in Common?

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    Find out what do Edward Snowden and Letitia Peters have in common. Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for additional information. Read the documents that were sent to the U.S. Nation's leaders, which there was NO RESPONSE since late 2013. NSA's PRISM should be terminated or suspended as per U.S. and International Laws. You can opt-out at any time with prejudice. Her request to opt-out has never been addressed. The USA Freedom Act should not be ratified. Read her opt-out form to read the other loopholes that need to be closed. It is more than metadata.


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    Aug. 31, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Edward Snowden and Conspiracies with Bill Binney

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    William Binney started his career as a patriot and ended it as a patriot.  He's a former NSA official who publicly blew the whistle on cover-ups and covert operations before the public even knew who Edward Snowden was.  Now, Binney feels Snowden is a patriot as well. Binney also believes that 9/11 was preventable. A month after it happened, he resigned in protest from the US National Security Agency (NSA).

    Binney was part of an elite NSA team which designed and built an intelligence-gathering system to target and collect data on terrorism threats. He belongs to an intimate group of four whistleblowers, each of whom left the NSA after raising concerns about failures in the agency's intelligence-gathering capabilities.  Binney spent four years in the Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War before transferring to the NSA in 1970. 

    He rose to become technical director of World Geopolitical & Military Analysis at the Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center (SARC), a 6,000-strong research centre he co-founded at NSA’s headquarters in Maryland.

    - The NSA buried key intelligence that could have prevented 9/11

    - The agency’s bulk data collection from internet and telephone communications is unconstitutional and illegal in the US;

    - The NSA is ineffective at preventing terrorism because analysts are too swamped with information under its bulk collection programme;

    - Electronic intelligence gathering is being used for covert law enforcement, political control and industrial espionage, both in and beyond the US;

    - Edward Snowden’s leaks could have been prevented.

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    Edward Snowden

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    Tonigh we discuss Edward Snowden's press conference in Moscow 

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    Edward Snowden

    in US Government

    Tonight's show is about Edward Snowden

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    Edward Snowden Discussion With Washington Insider Herald

    in Politics Conservative

    Was he right or wrong and what should be done with Edward Snowden?

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    Edward Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?

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    Topping the "Newstalk" shows on the airways, cable and reular TV is the Edward Snowden situation. Is Snowden a traitor? Is Edward Snowden a patriot? 

    What is a traitor? What is a patriot? 

    If you speakup against what you consider wrong with this country are you a traitor or patriot. 

    Also, Sally Atwater, candidate for SC Superintendent of Education will be jumping In the Pickle Barrel.



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    The Edward Snowden Crisis

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    Tonight we speak about Edward Snowden's new travels. 

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    Ed Snowden Scapegoat

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    "To some people the whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero; not to me. It is pretty clear that his bean-spilling has taught some of the nastiest people on the planet how to avoid being caught; and when the story of the Paris massacre is explained, I would like a better understanding of how so many operatives were able to conspire, and attack multiple locations, without some of their electronic chatter reaching the ears of the police. I want these people properly spied on, properly watched – and I bet you do, too". Boris Johnson

    Whistleblowers are always accused of helping America’s enemies (top Nixon aides accused Daniel Ellsberg of being a Soviet spy and causing the deaths of Americans with his leak); it’s just the tactical playbook that’s automatically used. So it’s of course unsurprising that ever since Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing enabled newspapers around the world to report on secretly implemented programs of mass surveillance, he has been accused by “officials” and their various media allies of Helping The Terrorists Glenn Greenwalt

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    uncle edward!

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    uncle edward joins me!

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    Join us and meet Edward Baker of Oregon to hear why he feels

    an urge to take on this tremendous challange to run for the

    President of the United States of America in 2016.

    PLease see this link for Edward Bake's Campaign


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    Snowden On Hillary, Captive Opens This Weekend & America's Religious Freedom

    in Politics

    Dr Katherine Albrecht-Internationally known privacy researcher, consumer advocate, and bestselling author discusses Edward Snowden's comments re: Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. Plus Anneli-Marie R's kidnapper researched her on Facebook.

    Ashley Smith-Her book, Unlikely Angel, Is Now A Movie, "Captive" Opens This Weekend.  "CAPTIVE," which tells the miraculous true story of Ashley Smith, who in 2005, was at a crossroads both personally and spiritually, when God stepped in during a harrowing encounter with fugitive Brian Nichols. 

    Todd Moss-After The Golden Hour Comes his next novel, Minute Zero. Moss is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow at The Center for Global Development, a Washington think tank, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

    Bruce Hausknecht-The Future of Religious Freedom in America is discussed with Hausknecht, an attorney who serves as Focus on the Family’s judicial analyst. He is responsible for research and analysis of legal and judicial issues related to Christians and the institution of the family

    Jillian Kay Melchior-Writes investigative reports for National Review as a fellow for the Franklin Center and Independent Women's Forum. Her latest report is on “Disability Hearings: Are Lawyers Judge-Shopping?”