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    Secrets To Success in Creating a Best Seller with Michael Drew

    in Business

    Our Returning Guest Michael Drew is back with Exclusive insider information you MUST HAVE IF you are an author/writer of a book who wants to get on the Best Sellers List!


    IF you had the opportunity to sit down with an Icon of Industry who has successfully launched 85 consecutive books onto national best sellers lists and has over 1,000 Amazon titles, would you?
    SAY YES!
    If you had the chance to pick the Brain of the "Marchitect"™ who has a proven and easily verifiable track record of designing the architecture to  market, sell and promote your product or service to our current market place, would you?
    SAY YES!
    IF you had the convenience to access this informational gold both LIVE so you can ask questions directly to THE  MARCHITECT™ and also have the luxury to listen and study it later, would you?
    Well....... you have praying and your prayers are being answered!!!!  Book mark this show to listen live to Michael Drew CEO & Founder of Promote a Book JOIN US AS
    WE BROADCASST LIVE Wednesday 01-27-2016 at
    11:11 am PT/1:11 pm CT/2:11 pm ET/7:11 pm London/8:11 pm Munich & Milan
    One thing I can guarantee, is you will be amazed and learn at least one valuable tip that would normally cost you thousands to obtain and if applied it will put you one step closer to realizing your dream! So join us and DO TELL A FRIEND!
    For Archived Broadcast go to TheBottomLineShowLive.com
    This show has been brought to you by our show sponsors:

    Chef Anina-The Chef to the Stars


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    Growing In The Grace Of God

    in Religion

    Our Guest Tonight: Rev. Reuben Lissage, Pastor

    The Missionary Guide Baptist Church

    5855 Golf Rd.Carlton Mi.

    2nd Thessn. 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way, The Lord be with you all.




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    HIGH POWERED Episode 37 NYE Party LIVE "Escape Prohibition"

    in Culture

    Listen in to the excitement and festivity of CanILiv's Speakeasy New Year's Eve Party at the Joint, Escape Prohibition!!  Amidst the smoke, jams and positive vibes we will send our farewells to 2015, and welcome in the New Year with hope and promise.  LIVE from downtown LA,  Milan & Aja interview guests, vendors & community leaders for perspective and insight on key issues facing our community in 2016, and this critical time for action - to get CCHI on the ballot, and win! 

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    George Holz ,Holz Hollywood the true Hollywood story of photographer George Holz

    in Photography

    Holz Hollywood is the true Hollywood story of photographer George Holz. George Holz was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee , graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and assisted for Helmut Newton, whom he credits with guiding his career. As a fledgling photographer, he lived in Milan and Paris, where he shot beauty and fashion for major European magazines such as Italian Vogue and French Elle. Afterward, he moved to New York City, where he set up his famous studio on Lafayette Street, traveling frequently to Los Angeles and Europe to shoot fashion, advertising, and portraiture for major publications such as Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. His fine-art nudes have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. His shows have included “Original Sin” and “Three Boys from Pasadena – A Tribute to Helmut Newton” with fellow Art Center alumni Just Loomis and Mark Arbeit. Holz has collected a variety of prestigious industry awards over the years including a Grammy and a Clio. Holz works as an adjunct professor and lectures internationally at museums and universities, mentoring young photographers and passing on his photographic aspirations to “always begin and end with light, ” to “do it all in-camera,” and to “bring modern photography back to the level of the artful burn and dodge of the past.”Holz continues to travel extensively for his commercial work, fine-art shows, and lectures, and is currently working on several projects, including his upcoming book of nudes. He presently bases in the rustic Catskill Mountains of New York, where he lives on a farm with his family, two dogs, and flock of East Friesian sheep. When not exploring remote locations and photographing his muses, George’s favorite pastimes include traveling the American backroads in his '58 Airstream and conversing with his chocolate lab, Ruby.

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    Managing Holiday Stress by Managing Your Daily Habits

    in Education

    Here we go again...the holidays.  For some, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many of us, it's more of a mixed bag: stress, added expenses, family (with all the good and bad), travel, illness, and yes, the food, fun and general festivities, too.  There's nothing new in being more frazzled at this time of year, but wouldn't it be nice to feel less frazzled?  Whatever your approach to self-care is throughout the rest of the year, the holiday season is when your daily and weekly routines - your habits - are more fragile than ever.  With all the additional demands on our time and the increased number of emotional stressors, we risk letting go of the very things that keep us on a more even keel, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, depleted and having a lot less fun than we'd like. By keeping a few guiding principles in mind, you can be more emotionally prepared to handle the stress of the holidays, and feel like your best self in the meantime.

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    HIGH POWERED Episode 36 Will Hip Hop Lead Cali Legalization?

    in Culture

    LIVE in the studio with Milan Amore and co-host Aja Fonseca join CCHIradio for another #HighPowered evening with several of the talented, independent artists who will perform at the Holiday Sesh Event in LA to raise awareness and support for CCHI2016, including Niko Suave, DJ Trademark, Convo, Black Robb and Caliribean! 

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    High Powered Episode 35 (Take 2) with Milan Amore & Aja Fonseca

    in Culture

     Listen to Milan Amore & Aja Fonseca tonight LIVE from So-Cal  on another High Powered episode of #CCHIRADIO as we discuss the effects of Prohibition over the last couple decades and how it has affected, and beenreflected, in the media & music culture of the West Coast.  In the first hour we will have guest Lisa from the 420 Times Magazine, one of the original hemp freedom fighters who helped with Prop215, and in the Second hour Pot Brothers at Law, Craig & Mark Wasserman to provide insight into the current situation with Medical Cannabis under attack in California as of late with AB266. In the last half hour we share a powerful and inspirational clip from a speech given by Chris Conrad earlier this year at a CCHI Rally in Berkely. 

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    Bl. Théophane Vénard

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Théophane Vénard studied at the College of Doué-la-Fontaine, Montmorillon, Poitiers, and at the Paris Seminary for Foreign Missions which he entered as a sub-deacon. Ordained a priest in 1852, he soon departed for the Far East. After fifteen months at Hong Kong he arrived at his mission in West Tonkin (N. Vietnam). At the time, it was illegal to proselytise in Vietnam.

    Shortly after his arrival a new royal edict was issued against Christians, and bishops and priests were obliged to seek refuge in caves, dense woods, and elsewhere. Father Vénard continued to exercise his ministry at night, and, more boldly, in broad day. In November of 1860, he was betrayed and captured. Tried before a mandarin, he refused to apostatize and was sentenced to be beheaded. For three months during his captivity he lived in a cage, from which he wrote to his family beautiful and consoling letters, joyful in anticipation of his crown. His bishop, Monsignor Retord, wrote of him at this time: "Though in chains, he is as gay as a little bird".

    On the way to martyrdom Father Vénard chanted psalms and hymns. To his executioner, who coveted his clothing and asked what he would give to be killed promptly, he answered: "The longer it lasts the better it will be". His head, after exposure at the top of a pole, was secured by the Christians and is now venerated in Tonkin. The body rests in the crypt at the motherhouse of the Paris Foreign Mission Society in Paris, France.

    He was canonized on June 19, 1988 by Pope John Paul II.

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    High Powered Episode 35 "The Legal-Lies of Legalization"

    in Culture

     Listen to Milan Amore & Aja Fonseca tonight LIVE from So-Cal  on another High Powered episode of #CCHIRADIO as we discuss the effects of Prohibition over the last couple decades and how it has affected, and beenreflected, in the media & music culture of the West Coast.  In the first hour we will have guest Lisa from the 420 Times Magazine and in the Second hour Pot Brothers at Law, Craig & Mark Weiserman, and we will try again for West Coast Hip Hop artist, contemporary and friend of Tupac Shakur, Roscoe @ScoesworldDPG. 

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    Couples therapy: becoming parents to the new baby

    in Education

    Even the strongest relationships are strained during the transition to parenthood. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework and new fiscal concerns can lead to profound stress and a decline in marital satisfaction – all of which affect baby’s care. Not surprisingly, 69% of new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings. Couples can learn how to prepare for life with their new baby and how to be the best parenting team possible by finding new ways to strengthen their relationship, and foster their baby’s development during this challenging time.

    In her English-speaking counseling practice in Milan, Italy, Karen Rigatti helps couples with relationship issues, parenting of a new baby and culture shock and other challenges faced by expats. As a certified professional counselor,she specializes in working with clients on stress management, anxiety, life transitions (marriage, divorce, new parenthood), work-related conflicts, couples therapy, and cross cultural issues. Her office is centrally located in the Bocconi University area, overlooking Parco Ravizza.

    Karen has made Milan her home since 2008. Originally from the US, she specializes in helping other English-speakers improve their quality of life through professional counseling.

    Originally from Arlington, Virginia, Karen graduated with a degree in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She transferred to San Francisco and then London, before moving to Milan where she lives with her two daughters who were born here.

    Karen is a member of both the American Counseling Association and AssoCounseling in Italy, holding a Master’s degree in Counseling from the Centro Berne in Milan.

    The best way to connect with Karen is through her website www.KarenRigatti.com or by telephone 349 130 5648

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    HIGH POWERED Episode 34 with Milan Amore & Aja Fonseca

    in Culture

    Join Milan and Aja for a spectacular, fun-filled night of dabs, dinner and dank discussion!  LIVE from the #CCHI2016 SoCal Monthly Potluck! Special guests in the first hour include Aaron Dena, owner of Bus Mag & Organizer of The Bus Cup, Tanganika activist & owner of Jayn Green Cannabis Infused Body Butters and in the second hour, we will be LIVE in the studio with Stephanie Landa talking about Dr.Dina's #AdoptAPrisoner Challenge andArtist, Roscoe from the #DogPound will discuss the epic dab video, his latest Album the growing  support for #RealLegalization in California from West Coast HipHop!

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