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    LivingEden: Celebrating Spring's Morphogenesis !! Rainforests, Edible City

    in Spirituality

    Easter Blessings of Joy and Abundance to ALL!!  Have you noticed, honored and acknowledged spring's energies bursting forth??  Don't know where we are going with this week yet but I will get back to that.  Let's have some spring fun together......checking out rainforests, Edible City Movie, Morphogenesis, new airplane in service to the New Eden....The ever present Goddess of Compassion with her "heart with wings"  Go to pictures of australia's rainforests and under the picture section that comes up click on the line "more Australia rainforest images"  You will get loads of fantastic rainforest pictures with animals, bugs, birds, people, nature galore.  it is wonderful!!  Enjoy!! while being part of the show.  Please send in your questions, sharings, interests, inspirations... to blogtalkradio.com/livingeden and/or www.iamgoddessiam.com using the comment section at the bottom of the pages.

    Next week Stacy Goforth and Valinda Salve have a fabulous show here with me/us.  Discover what has happened in their lives since their last visit to our show and be blessed.  They will also do an powerful energy healing for everyone.  Love you all

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    Learn About Foraging for Wild, Edible, Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms

    in Prepping

    Brought to you by PREPARE MAGAZINE - Pick up your FREE Digital Subscription HERE

    I had a great time getting to meet Abby personally when I persuaded her to come and teach at one of our local Preparedness Meetings.  Her style of teaching was so 'hands on' even for a classroom setting that everyone walked away learning so much - and she has so much MORE to share!  

    Listen to this episode and get in contact with Abby to learn even more of what the forest provides for us!

    Abby Artemisia is a botanist, herbalist, and professional forager living in the small community at the base of Mt. Mitchell in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She was raised and received her botany degree in Ohio. She has worked on organic farms across the country, including the west coast, where she learned about plant medicine and spirituality from Native Americans. She became a mom and started her own herbal tea company and an apprenticeship in herbalism. Now she teaches about edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms while foraging as much as possible. Her mission is to inspire nature (re)connection and health empowerment.





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    Edible Flowers

    in Food

    Herbs for flavor, vegetables for the table... and for color and an extra little "special", how about some edible blooms? Click in to today's show for suggestions on edible flowers to grow, and how to use them in everyday and special meals. 

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    Edible Gardens

    in Podcasting

    Julie Molinare/ Landscape Designer Julie's back and spring is  here!  Find out  about Edible Gardens . Call in with your questions and ask Julie 347-327-9451.
    Julie Molinare is a Certified Landscape Designer living in the Santa Clarita for over 15 years. Julie taught the Introduction to Landscape Design Class @ CSUN Tseng College of Extended Learning and is Owner/Designer of The Grass Is Always Greener Designs 661-917-3521

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    Incredible Edible Baja Arizona

    in Environment

    Jared McKinley
    Associate Publisher & Co-founder, Edible Baja Arizona

    It’s all about celebrating the foodways and Tucson and the borderlands in ways that delight and entice readers to enjoy this magazine from cover to cover. Because of its important and relevant content, Edible Baja Arizona has become one of the MOST successful of the other “Edibles” throughout the country. Join us to hear Jared share with us the reasons for their success, hear about some local people, local bakeries, local farmers and why they are committed to supporting a strong local economy. Edible Baja Arizona is even changing the dialog about the Tucson/Mexico border from negative to positive! Please plan to join us. This show sponsored by Discount Cab.

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    Listen as Chef Marshandria Grice from Edible Bliss Catering shares her SHINE

    in Culture

    Join the Authentic 1, Trenace' Carter, and her Special Guest Chef Marshandria Grice. Marshandria is living her ULTIMATE AUTHENTIC life as the CEO and Chef of Edible Bliss Catering. This woman is a Certified Personal Chef. OMG, her food is delicious!! I will also have my special guest Brian McDouglad. Brian is CEO and Producer at Black Paper Union. I am so excited to be able to share Brian's SHINE. It certainly is one that is inspiring, especially for those that think they don't have any talent or gift. This man right here!!! Join us Wednesday 7pm eastern standard time. May 6,2015

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    iAgriscape, Elegant Edible Landscape Education

    in Gardening

    With most of our population living in cities, the concept of edible landscape is taking on new relevance. IAgriscape is an innovative solution to provide the education and expertise to help people from all over the world transform their home front or back yards into productive food gardens. With consulting as well as online training, with plans to have trained experts in all areas of the nation, iAgriscape is a great example of combining the best of modern technology to improve local food access, local communities and preserve resources. Justin Rohner, Arizona Based consultant of iAgriscape joins the program to share his enthusiasm as well as plans for a new project to be launched in the weeks that will enable people to access a complete online course for all aspects of sustainable home edible gardening.

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    Business of Food and Drink w/Rana Lustyan of Edoughble Hosted by Erica Collins

    in Business

    Since 2008, Edoughble has been perfecting our recipes, finding the best suppliers, refining our manufacturing, and building a product and brand we're thrilled about. At the end of the day we're a small business with big passion around our edible cookie dough product and we want to get it just right for you. Whether you devour Edoughble cookie dough by the spoonful, as an ice cream or froyo topping, as a mix-in for brownies or milkshakes or in some other creative way, they hope for just a moment in your day you stop, taste some amazing cookie dough, and crack a sweet smile before getting back to that 40 item to-do list. http://www.edoughble.com

  • RE-SCHEDULED TO 10/14/15 -Dr. Hildy and Veronica Hendricks -Tiny World of Nano

    in Health

    NEW SHOW DATE:   Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

    Tiny World of Nano - Updates and More

    To compare life 100 years ago to that of today, one’s mind boggles at the technological advancements made in such a short period of time. Humans have lived on our planet for just a few thousand years, relatively speaking, and in such time lived relatively similar lives until the Renaissance era. After that period in our history, we still knew little in the way of science. However, in the last century of our existence we’ve really started to tap into what we’re capable of.

    To think that 100 years ago, man had just barely achieved his dream of flight. And now, we fly at unthinkable speeds as if it was nothing. We can communicate with nearly anyone at any time on the planet. And we have access to almost any piece of information we could possibly have. With these advancements in technology has also come better medical practices and information. Now that we are in the digital age, we’re poised to take a huge step unlike any we’ve taken before.  MORE>>>

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    Nature Inspired: Edible Flowers with Chef Sebastian Oveysi (May 28, 2014)

    in Cooking

    Join host Christine Agro as she chats with Chef Sebastian Oveysi from Amoo's Grill, A Persian Fusion.

    Chef Seb is a Persian-American Chef who is passionate about showing the world that Persian cuisine is not just about kabobs and rice, but rather rich flavors, textures, creativity and innovation.

    In his culinary creations, Chef Seb demonstrates the complexity of Persian cuisine inspired from different regions of Iran: the spices of the Kurdish mountains, the tropical flavors of the Caspian Sea, and the rich aroma of the desert plains- a cuisine that has come out of the melting pot of the Indo Europeans, the Turks, the Kurds, the Afghans, the Jews, the Armenian Christians, the Mediterranean people and perhaps the Eastern Africans.  These dishes are comforting and flavorful!

    On today’s Nature Inspired, Chef Seb and I we'll be talking about using flowers in your recipes. From garnishes to main courses, edible flowers are a versatile ingredient that lend color, texture and an element of surprise to any meal.



    in Culture

    Same #BUD #TIME, same BUD #CHANNEL, Every Weednesday night from 9:00-pm to 11:00-pm (PST)

    (Be sure to share this link. It's the best way to listen to the live broadcast) 

    Tonight, live from the #BUDCAVE, with your host, Dusty Bowlz, we have another amazing #Guest lined up for all our #LMPG listeners this evening. Ric Hembree Carter. He has two edible companies he has rolling out very soon. Learn more at HempCaterers.com & MarijuanaCaterers.com. He is also doing research specifically for U.S. #Vets suffering from #PTSD that are using and seeking treatment with #MMJ & #CBD. 

    We have more amazing #Music from some of our new #Artists, #Musicians, and #Bands. You will hear some tasty tracks from the #Terpsichords, #DIgginDirt, #HighPraise, #Aphrodesia, #Ancestree, and #NegroGalacticus. You guys are going to to want to check all these guys out @ bandcamp.com and on social media. 

    We will be discussing #Events that the #CCHI2016 has planned or will be attending. Along with talking #GrowTips and #Tricks with Josh from the Good Earth Organics company. Hopper Stone will be on the show giving our listeners another cannatastic #Strain #Review. So be sure to #Tune #In #Tonight @ 9pm #PST.