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    The Unknown Show with Bud Smith

    in Writing

    A talk w/ Juliet Escoria author of Black Cloud (CCM 2014) and Mark Cronin, publisher of the Heavy Contortionists 

    Black Cloud lives at: 

    Heavy Contortionists lives at:

    Bud Smith's books are Tollbooth, F-250, and Everything Neon. He works heavy construction in NJ and lives in NYC. 

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    My Music

    in Music

    Just all the songs I like. PTV BTR SWS 1D 5Sauce aka 5SOS ect ect

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    World War Radio Morning Hip Hop and R&B Show

    in Entertainment

    World War Radio where we discuss the hottest topics in entertainment, sports, politics. ect and play the hottest underground and mainstream music out!!! This Friday we will be asking "Would you rather be rich or famous?" "Do you feel certain artist sell out for fame and riches?" and name three items you cannot live without on a day to day basis! Call 760-542-3911 to speak to your host Adonis Da Specialist, Boss Luciano and co-host Boss Ridah EVERY FRIDAY 9am TO 11am

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    Conscious Monday

    in Education

    Defining the Revolutionary Culture of the of the 21st Century Part 2 The Fight against Technology In part 2 we will be talking about the tools that are being used against us in the fight to end things like the Prison Slave system, the unjust injustice system, the corporate control of the government, the incarceration of our youths, the greed of the capitalism, the propaganda of the media, Police Murders ect ect..., and how those tools operate and the known capabilities of those tools. The Technological Edge that Big Business and those under the influence of Big Business within the government enforcement agencies have is HUGE. Data Mining, Big Learning, Zettabytes and Quantum computing are things we need to be Conscious of. Discussing possible solutions to the problems these things pose and how we can defend ourselves against these things will be the focus of this conversation. .In order to do this we NEED YOUR INPUT.....Please Call 713 955 0708 at 6:30 CST 7:30 ET 4;30 Pacific press 1 and share your views.....

      We'll be Defining Consciousness and talking about what it means to be Conscious in a society that is OPPRESSING our community. Forming Bonds between different "Conscious" communities and seeking solutions on how those different communities can work together to reach solutions to the problems the system that oppresses us all creates.

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    wildMustangs View

    in Sports

    this is your show its my first time so be nice haha  this is just to talk about angles storyline ect ppvs

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    World War Radio Hiphop n R&B show talks Sex n Virginity

    in Entertainment

    World War Radio where we discuss the hottest topics in entertainment, sports, politics. ect and play the hottest underground and mainstream music out!!! This Friday we will be asking Would you pay a one time fee for sex with the person of your choice for a lifetime when ever you want with or without knowing they fact they been or can be with other people?Was your virginity worth loosing to the person you lost it to? Or do you wish you would a waited? Was it good or did it suck?Call 760-542-3911 to call and speak with your host Adonis Da Certified Specialist, Boss Luciano and co-host Boss Ridah. Tune in every Friday 9am to 11am est!!!!!

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    Wake Up America And Face the Dragon...Victoria's Voice

    in Politics

    THE EDITORS REVIEW IS JUST FABULOUS…AND I QUOTE…”The typical reader of this Manuscript will be people who are inclined to politics, whether as active participants (elected officals.lobbyist) or observers (analyst, voters,ect.) THIS BOOK WILL ALSO CATER TO POLITICAL SCIENCE STUDENTS AS A READING TO EXPAND THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF LIBERALISM AND PRAGMATISM”

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    Kingdom Keys Series 8, Strong Christian Leadership - Avoid the Drama...ect.

    in Christianity

    Christian Leadership Series 8: Next Topic: Staying Focused On the Mission.... Don't Get Caught Up in The Drama, Politics, and Emotional Trauma.

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc., Donna Ghanney, CEO, Certified Christian Life Coach & Host will discuss Seven Key Points to Strong Christian Leadership with Minister Belinda McKenzie McAlester, Oklahoma, Apostle Paulius Amoa-Kodie of Christ for the Africans Ministry, and Tressa White, Boley, OK.


     7:00 AM Pacific, 8:00 AM Mountain Time, 9:00 AM Central, & 10:00 PM Eastern Call in to the host 001 (646) 668-2413 USA or join us LIVE AND TELL US YOUR THOUGHTS at:

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kingdomempowermentinc           ON LAPTOP OR DESKTOP http://www.m.blogtalkradio.com/kingdomempowermentinc       ON MOBILE DEVICE



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    Dusobanuze Ijambo ry'Imana, turwanye ubuyobe! Tubaturwe n'Ukuri( Yohana 8:31-32)

    in The Bible

    Bene data muri Kristo Yesu, satani yasaze arimo arishyira ahagaragara, ku buryo n'abakozi be atakibahishira. Cg se ni rya Jambo risohoye ko Nta cyahishwe kitazagaragara!!!

    Turaganira amagambo ari muri Ezekiyeri  34:4-----. ku birabana n'abashumba b'ibisambo b'abagome..ect....

    Ariko Itangazo ry'Umwuka ni:: MUSOHOKE MURI BABILONE kugirango mubone uko musanganira UMUKWE!

    Yesu ari ku muryango arakomanga , niwumva ijwi rye uhite ukingura musangire! ntufungurire Satani n'abiyita abakozi b'Imana!

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    Thunder Radio, Messenger Kj Robert

    in Spirituality

    Tonight On Thunder Radio Will Be One Of Kj's Last Long Radio Shows  As  Kj Has A Lot Of Things Happening So Well In His Life ,As Well So Many Have Not Support Kj  In So Many Way's ,How Very Sad  But Kj will be on their Air Tonight at 10;00 pm Est  Try calling in For a free short reading from Kj . call 1714-242-6120 you can start to call in 5 Min's before show go's live All are welcome @ www.blogtalkradio.com/kjrobert13  As will
     Kj will be taking some callers at number 1714-242-6120 , We Are always looking for new great guests to be on with Kj if you like to be a guests email @ openyoureyes13@verizon.net As Well Please Join  His Facebook Page To See All Up Coming Events,www.facebook.com/kenroberts.eyes

    Skills..Psychic, Seer, Clairvoyant,
    Medium, Predictor , Remote Viewing, Heal .,Ect Yes Kj dose have a lot of so many different Gift's

    Career, Work, Health, Deceased, Loved Ones, Destiny, Life Path, Lost People, Pets , Relationships , ect

    Please join me on Facebook here is my link . www.facebook.com/kenroberts.eyes and yes please become a Friend on that page Just LIKE it @ Follow as well
    Check out my website as well at www.kjroberts.net To book a personnel Phone Reading now. After You pay for Your Reading Then Call 201-822-5310 We are updating a lot of things around us and In Our office If You Would Like To Know What Is Going On With Him and  His tour please Join My LIKE Page www.facebook.com/kenroberts.eyes. IT Is A Open Your Eye's Production .

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    WUA: The New Spark Radio Network, Homegrown Terrorists, Ebola, 2014 Senate ect.

    in Politics

    Wake Up AMERICA: Tonight Denncy C and John D will be introducing one of the best new radio networks caled The Spark as well as looking at the 2014 Elections on Novemeber 4th 2014 , Ebola, and Home Grown Terriorst and a whole lot more!

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