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    Jason Moore, author of Internet Entrepreneurship 101 for African Americans

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    About The Book:
    Internet Entrepreneurship 101 for African Americans: Practical Methodologies for Achieving In Internet Business is designed to be used as a blueprint and motivation for those in the African American community who are striving to become successful in Internet business.

    About The Author:
    Jason Moore is a business school graduate of Howard University. He has many years of both entrepreneurial and corporate experience from Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft Foods to owning several Internet start-ups. As well as an active advocate that began with volunteerism in Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Club, and mentoring, Mr. Moore is also President and Founder of Innovative Ideas Group LLC and Chairman and Founder of Unite for Action Inc. He became in involved in activities that specifically helped blacks and other groups, a public speaker, as well as chair and director for several councils and committees. Jason’s extensive professional experience includes entrepreneurship, Information Technology (IT), business, business consulting, E-Commerce, SEO and online/digital marketing.

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    How about building a BUNCH of prisons all across the nation funded through private investment corporations. Then have politicians create laws such as BREATHING while blinking; hire millions of police officers to arrest the offenders?

    A costly symbol of Florida's budget crisis stands on a dusty country road in the Panhandle: a nearly completed private prison that cost the state $113 million and remains idle two years later.

    The fate of the empty complex is now the subject of an intense political fight in the Capitol.

    But opening privately run Blackwater could force the closing of two state prisons. And the influential labor union for correctional officers says 639 guards would lose their jobs during a time of record unemployment.

    Gov. Charlie Crist said he doesn't oppose private prisons, but he doesn't want to lay off state workers. "I want to do everything to protect jobs, jobs, jobs," he said Tuesday.