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  • 02:06

    PMP: Ecology & Environmentalism

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and KaliSara as they talk ecology and environmentalism from a Pagan perspective. Joining them on the air will be several guests including Shauna Aura Knight, Lupa Greenwolf, Arthur and perhaps more.

    Learn how you can effect your local ecology and environment. Learn how to peserve and protect the same.

    Shauna Aura Knight is an author, artist, teacher and activist. Find out more on her blog site: shaunaaura.wordpress.com

    Lupa Greenwolf is an author, artist, teacher and activist. Learn more at her site www.thegreenwolf.com

    Arthur has a degree in ecology with a background in enivornmentalism.

  • 00:29

    Constitutional Ecology with David Green

    in Environment

    David focuses on large-scale urban design and planning projects for the firm. He has been involved in the execution of hundreds of projects in the past 20 years ranging from the adaptive re-use of multiple historic structures to multi-thousand acre urban design and planning projects. His work and research focuses on issues of development, particularly within an urban framework and the creation of a strategy for sustainable cities that includes aspects of public policy implementation, criteria for implementation of development controls as well as strategic infrastructure implementation. David was awarded the AIA's Atlanta Chapter Silver Medal in 2003 as well as the AIA Georgia Bronze Medal in 2008 for his work in community planning. David received a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been a member of Georgia Tech's College of Architecture faculty since 1992 where he teaches architecture and urban design and is currently appointed Professor of the Practice of Architecture. He lectures widely on issues of urban design, planning and architecture.
    Read David's paper on Constitutional Ecology

  • 01:59

    PNN - an early Thaw

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - Progressive Activists address progress made so far in 2016
    News Director Rick Spisak and Associate Producer Brook Hines bring the voices of Activists to thirsty ears;

    Our political commentator Brook Hines with be producing a segment here at PNN and bringing us the Racial Justice Committee of Organize Now, they will be discussing their “decriminalization campaign” in Orange County, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how YOU can get involved right now in your community. [ www.orgnow.org  ] 

    We will be joined by Kofi Hunt long time progressive activist who will bring his perspective on the issues of 2016.

    Adam Weissman one of the Spokespersons of “TradeJustice New York Metro and Global Justice for Animals and the Environment” will address the ongoing TPP negotiations now as we stand on the dangerous shore of FAST TRACK.

    We will also be joined by Dr. Alina Valdez who will address her run for office District 25.

  • 00:31

    The Keys to Healthy Understanding Your Inner Ecology the Body Ecology Way

    in Self Help

    Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP, is the international best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity, The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation, and Stevia: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener. An Advanced Fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, she is on a mission to change the way the world eats.  

    In this very important interview we will learn how and why we need to detox our bodies on a regular basis as this is the key to avoiding most diseases. It now well known that 80 % of our immune system is actually in our gastrial intestinal track and disease begins in an unhealthy gut.

  • 00:53

    Vigil for International Peace and Ecology - September 20th NYC

    in Culture

    Guest: Reverend Susana Bastarrica. 

    The Vigil for International Peace is a transformational, grassroots effort dedicated to promulgate peace through participation in art, song, dance, music, prayer and ceremony. The purpose of this Vigil is to awaken humanity to harmony and peace through the power of intent and celebration. The vision is to heal and bridge lives and communities to achieve divinity alignment and recognize the oneness in all

    In 2001, the United Nations unanimously passed resolution 55/282 designating September 21 of each year as an "International Day of Peace."  The intention of the resolution is to have the entire World observe a full day of "global ceasefire and nonviolence." All peoples and organizations are invited to commemorate the day in an appropriate manner.

    As one way of observing the Day, many peace-based individuals representing a wide variety of cultural and spiritual traditions, are advocating an "International Day of Peace Vigil" with the following objective:

    “To encourage the observation of a worldwide, 24-hour vigil for peace and nonviolence on the International Day of Peace, 21 September of each year, in every house and place of spiritual practice, by all religious and non-religious  and spiritually based groups and individuals and by all men, women and children who seek peace in the world."

    The event in NYC's Central Park bandshell will feature representatives and leaders from a variety of local, national, and international organizations, children’s choirs, musical and vocal ensembles as well as dancers and renowned international artists.  

    Linda Lombardo hosts. 

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    Sharon Weil w/ James Stark: Permaculture & The Ecology of Leadership

    in Lifestyle

    Sharon Weil talks with James Stark about permaculture, tending the inner garden, and the wisdom of living in alignment with nature. He is co-founder and co-director of Regenerative Design Institute, a permaculture school that “grows people, and the new community leaders for our times.” He co-directs the Ecology of Leadership and Ecology of Awakening programs at RDI. A community visioning leader, James shows us how to tend the inner soil so the seeds of our visions can grow in the world. This conversation was so lively, it continues on to next week! www.regenerativedesign.org   www.passing4normal.com

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    in Radio

          2015 was an interesting year, and you can say that about all years, that pass.  You could say that about 1905, when 1906 came, something happened, people died, folks got married, the stock market's ups and downs.  Police brutality, fish full of mercury - (lyrics from Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me -THE ECOLOGY) - what else is new?  We're in 2016, and do you remember Amelia the plane that flew into gonesville?  Well, wonders never stop - and Donald Trump kicks off his claim for the country's throne.  Is the confusion he's having within his own party, just theatre for all of us to focus on, while someone's taking the country out the back door on us?  The Cool Critics are funky - 347-205-9366, ya'll gonna call?

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    Mitchell Rabin On Life-Purpose & Sacred Stewardship: Inner & Outer Ecology

    in Culture

    What is our purpose here on Earth anyway?  It's certainly time to explore this perennial topic. In today's show, Mitchell will lay out a way of thinking, of embracing a set of values, priorities and the value of integrity as a means of promoting and implementing solutions to many of the salient issues facing humanity and sentient life on the planet today.

    Its value to you is if you are wondering and wandering "What's it all about..." today you may find yourself more greatly rooted in yes, more questions, but also some more concrete answers and directions that may lead you to a more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life.

    There may be time for question toward the end so please tune in!



  • 01:54

    UDL: "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto"

    in Education

    "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." These words to live by from the award-winning author Michael Pollan resonate at the heart of his newest work, "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto." He considers what science does and does not know about diet and health, proposing a new way of thinking about food that is informed by ecology and tradition. Pollan is Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley.

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    in Entertainment

    Guest: KEN PENTEL (Director of The Ecology Democracy Network, Former Candidate for Governor of Minnesota, Political Strategist) Ken is committed to creating the Tools and Strategies needed to change our Political System. His Non-Partisan approach to Political Organizing is a breath of fresh air in the current Political chaos. Ken illustrates how we are all interconnected with one another and our planet. We have to take care of our planet first and foremost, because our Eco System is in a state of Great Imbalance, putting All LIFE at RISK. Ken gives us an overview of the Fundamentals of Organizing and how to be successful when dealing with Group Dynamics.Ken says that we need our Healers and Artists NOW more than ever, and he Encourages ACTIVE and CONSISTENT PARTICIPATION on all Levels of LOCAL POLITICS. Ken Biked across MINNESOTA, going door to door and creating solid relationships with the community.Ken says that we must focus on STRUCTURAL CHANGES such as changing our Model of Economic Growth from The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator). He also is adament that we MUST get BIG MONEY out of POLITICS and change the system to a PUBLICLY FUNDED system. He also stresses that we must change the WAY that we vote to a system that is PROPORTIONAL, so that everyone gets a VOICE and a REPRESENTATIVE that reflects their VALUES. He discusses INSTANT RUN OFF VOTING as a vehicle to change the 2 Party system on the NATIONAL LEVEL.Ken says that it is IMMORAL to keep Leaving our Problems for FUTURE GENERATIONS and that we need to WAKE UP and get to WORK, before it's too late.Ken Reminds us to STAY ENCOURAGED and to REMEMBER that Small Groups of People, Facing HUGE ODDS...Have been able to CHANGE THE WORLD! kenpentel@yahoo.com
    CONTACT THE SHOW: e.mandisa@gmail.com 206-600-2730

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    If Everyone Acted for the Greater Good with Duane Stjernholm

    in Social Sciences

    What would life be like if nearly everyone acted for the Greater Good? What if the world's trustworthy and consciously aware people, those who don't act from selfish motives, got together and welded their power and discernment by majority vote?

    Potentially they could influence elections, boycott corporations and industries that are injurious to global health, force government representatives and employees to truly serve the people and not their fiefdoms, reset the global economy, demand peace from the world's powers, put love first, and change the course of the planet.

    "Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe. It's a starting point," says today's special guest Duane Stjernholm, author of two new books that inspire people to join the movement he has initiated, United Earth Ecclesia (UEE). His books The Earth Citizen's Guide to Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good and UEES or Not UEES-That is the Question invite people to step away from the life of struggle and strufe and commit to joining with others to co-create a saner, gentler, more abundant world where nice people lead.

    Duane Stjernhom, the proud founder ot the UE holds degrees from both Colorado State University and Iliff School of Theology, backs his proposals and visions with a lofty degree in both Psychology and Religious Philosophy/Metaphysics.

    He is here today to unite us as Responsible Citizens of Earth who will do everything possible to protect and improve the ecology of  our planet.