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    Twitter Talk ~ NCAA Women's Final Four lurks in shadows during Championship Week

    in Sports

    For the first time all four coaches in the NCAA Women's Final Four are men. As always, the University of Conneticut earned the number one seed and cruised to another Final Four. However, like the Men's bracket, the women's bracket only has that number one seed. Oregon State, a number two seed, will face three-time defending champion UConn in one semi-final. The other semi-final has number four seed Syracuse facing number seven seed Washington. 

    The women's tournament is overshadowed by the Men's tournament, but that doesn't mean it won't be an exciting Final Four. Can UConn win two more games and be the first team to win four consecutive titles? 

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    Interview with a Puppeteer and Professional Storyteller..Akbar Imhotep

    in Entertainment

    Akbar Imhotep a 2012 Governor Arts & Humanities Awardee has been a professional story teller since 1985 and has performed throughout Metro Atlanta and the Southeast.  For 19 years he ws storyteller in residence at the Wrens Nest and worked for 6 years as a storyteller for Project discovery at Zoo Atlanta.

     Before wearing the mantle and garments of a storyteller he was puppeteer in residence at the center for Puppetry Arts and toured nationally with the Vagabond Marionettes.  He started his artistic career as an actor with the JC Players at Paine College.  

       His artistic influences include  Vincent Anthony Executive of the Center for Puppetry Arts, Ebon Dooley his first writing instructor and J. C. Taylor his college drama instructor.  He has also served as president of the Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia and the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc




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    The Unthinkable That Is Lurking Behind Appearance of Normalcy

    in News

    Guest: (hour 3):: Stan Deyo - Tuesday's with Stan

    Behind the facade of normalcy lurks the evil machinations of a cabal of globalists intent on taking down America and the West. Will they have the ability to keep the illusion of normalcy going until the elections? What is being hidden by the stage magic of the political theater that is captivatiing the attention of so many?

    An in-depth look into exactly what the headlines of today are covering up, from war, to the push for global digital currency, to the implementation of trade agreements, the massive alien invasion to the war against our Judeo-Christian roots. A step-by-step report on what few others are reporting.

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    2nd Samuel Chapter 7 King James Version.

    Here we find David in his home, God has given hime rest from his enemies,and he is talking to the Prophet Nathan, and the prophet tells him,go do all that is in thy heart for the Lord is with thee.

    Paslm 33: 21& 22 For  our heart shall rejoice in Him,Because we have trusted in His holy name. Let Your  mercy, O, Lord, be upon us. Just as we hope in You.



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    The Art of War author Stephen Coonts tells it like it is

    in Books

    STEPHEN COONTS is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels that have been translated and published around the world. A former naval aviator and Vietnam combat veteran, he is a graduate of West Virginia University and the University of Colorado School of Law.

    Listen in as he and our host Rodger Nichols talk about Coonts' new novel The Art of War and his first novel, Flight of the Intruder, published in September 1986 by the Naval Institute Press, and spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists in hardcover. A motion picture based on this novel, with the same title, was released nationwide in January 1991

    Book Synopsis:  The Chinese dragon is flexing its muscles. As its military begins to prey on neighbors in the South China Sea, attacking fishing vessels and scheming to seize natural resources, the US goes on high alert. But a far more ominous danger lurks closer to home: a Chinese sleeper cell has planted a nuclear weapon in the harbor at Norfolk, Virginia, the biggest naval base on the planet. The target: a secret rendezvous of the Atlantic Fleet aircraft carriers and their battle groups. When the CIA director is assassinated and Jake Grafton is appointed to take his place, he gets wind of the conspiracy, but has no idea when or where the attack will occur. In the meantime, a series of assassinations, including an attempt on the life of the President, shake the country and deliberately mask a far more sinister objective. Can Jake Grafton and his right hand man, Tommy Carmellini, stop the plot to destroy the US Navy?

    Author website:  http://www.coonts.com/

    Author biography, bibliography and awards list: bit.ly/1oZcmt4


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    Saturday Morning Intervention: One Touch From Jesus Is What We Need

    in Christianity

    We will continue with Mark 3:1-5 (LUKE 6:6-11) Jesus presents to us in His actions that miracles still go on in spite of the hatred that surrounds us.  Please call in and be a part of this astoshing discussion why our heart need God's creativity to still be going on in our lives to manifest something different in us to receive His Greatness that we long for right now.  It is only His miracle blessings will His children survive what evil still lurks around at us.  I hope this will encourage your heart.

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    The Conversation Returns "Racism In America" As It Relates King's Dream

    in Radio

    The Conversation Returns with talks about "Racism In America" As It Relates King's Dream. The lingering vestiges of America's past racism remain a serious challenge to our hope for a nation that lives out its most cherished values - liberty and justice for all. Continued incidents, which stir racial tensions, remind us that hatred and animosity still fester. Suspicion lurks under the surface of many interactions. News events repeatedly remind us of the tenuous and fragile nature of racial harmony in the United States of America. Join Host Tracy L. Bell as we relate King's dream in today's society of racism.

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    The ORACLE Speaks With ... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    I am thankful for the breath I breathe, for the tears I shed,for the joy in my heart and for YOU in my life. I have been blessed with so much. Oh to be sure, there many "things" that I want; that I have had before, on more than one occasion. Then I didn't really appreciate the "things" I had. One thing for sure, I appreciated the "poeple" in my life; my husband, daughters, family, friends and fans. Oh, I am thankful for so much. Especially for you, those of you who listen to the show every Sunday. Thank you. Thank you G-D.


    This Week's Theme from The ORACLE's Heart:


    I am led by the spirit to share a word of caution: beware the evil that lurks with-in. It's manifestation oft times can not be seen by the eye, yet, instead, by the sense that all is not right. Heed that sense. It is the guidance of Adjusters who know the path you must lead to your greater knowing. Trust that instinct for knowing the TRUTH.


    A Special Tribute to Retired Congresswoman, ambassador Diane E. Watson. I simply call her Cousin Diane. We'll be honoring her at the Zen Lounge on Ventura Blvd., just West of Lankersheim. 3 PM PST. Come meet a living legend and have a good time at the same time. Live music, awesome food and great company. 

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    "What Lurks in the Land of Enchantment" with Mark Trujillo and Lydia Eustice

    in Paranormal

    In the sand and heat of New Mexico, the coming night is often a welcome respite for travelers and locals alike. Beneath the catamount cry and the wolves howl lies a land of history, spirits and strange happenings. This Sunday, we speak with two Paranormal Investigators that will bring to us the dark that the Land of Enchantment has to offer. Join us Sunday at www.LivingParanormal.com/Live to participate in the live chat with our special guests Mark and Lydia. 


    View the Site to find the links and a playable list of the EVPs featured on this show! 




    *The Blog Talk page will not allow enough room for all of the links mentioned.





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    in Prayer

    It's easy to flippantly say that we would never do this or that if we have never faced "this or that" situation. But, what might desperation make us do? One king in the Bible unfortunately found out.

    God had given a clear command in scripture not to engage in the practice of necromancy (inquiring of the dead). Everyone knew about it but the people of Israel periodically fell back into this sin.

    Saul, Israel's first king agreed with God and banned the practice. "Saul had expelled the mediums and spiritists from the land." (1 Samuel 28:3) Yet, when he got in a severe crunch, would he stick to his own policy? No. The Philistines had gathered at Gilboa and when Saul saw their army he was deeply afraid. He inquired of the Lord and the Bible says; "the Lord did not answer him." (Verse 6)

    So desperate to get information about the battle's outcome, Saul had his servants find a medium and required her to bring up Samuel from the dead. But Samuel had nothing good to say to Saul. In fact, he told Saul that by the next day he and his sons would also be dead. So it was.

    We can learn from Saul so that desperation never clouds our ability to make right decisions during crunch time. Saul became desperate because he was not trusting in God anymore. He had stopped that a long time before and now he was running on empty.

    Cultivate trust in God in the easy and the hard times. Then when desperation lurks around you will be able to counter it and boldly say: "When I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee." (Psalm 56:3)

    Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    EverythingDMV Radio:Active Presents: "Let's Talk Football!" w/ Hangman Brooks

    in Sports

    Theophus "Hangman" Brooks legendary football player in D.C. who lurks in the hearts of men forevermore. 

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