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    Designing Your eBay Store

    in Business

    Get tips on what to consider when designing your eBay Store. Call in to have your Store reviewed live, and your questions answered!

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    Aquarium Talk the Podcast on AVN: Buying Fish Online vs Fish Store

    in Pets

    Aqua Alex has just recently bought fish from both online fish store and his local fish store. He bought all saltwater fish. In 2016, there are tons of places to buy our tropical fish from for both Saltwater and Freshwater. For most hobbyists, buying fish is a special occassion that makes it feel like a holiday!! Which is the best place to buy fish, online or at a local fish store??? I will discuss this with you.

    Topics for the show:

    ~ The good and bad of Local Fish Stores

    ~ The Good and Bad of Online Fish Stores

    ~ My tips for buying fish from fish store and online

    ~ My tips for Accumulating them

    Enjoy the show fish keepers, thanks for the listen and your support!

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    The Apple App Store Needs An Enema!

    in News

    Apple's beloved App Store is full of great apps and games.  BUT...  Are they doing it right?  Find out why they need to clean up, clean out, or fess up to the nonsense

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    Selling OOAK Skins on eBay by Dragon Backbone

    in Marketing

    Tune in to meet this awesome seller I met at a local eBay workshop I was presenting in Ocala FL. This seller was so interesting to me I invited him to be a guest on my radio show. Meet Phil, the owner of DragonBackbone.com.  He has been selling online for quite awhile and his family roots go back a few years creating these unique and OOAK items. In eBay terms that stands for: Original, One of A Kind. 

    Visit his eBay store while you wait at: SomethingUneek

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    Welcome 2016 Astrologically- What Is In Store For Us - Annette and Janet

    in Spirituality


    Annette McCoy is here with regular guest Janet Hickox, a gifted and passionate Astrolger who specialises in Human Design Astrology

    Do you ever wonder about astrology, and what it could reveal about your life and personality?
    Are U wondering what 2016 may hold for U? Call in for a mini reading with Janet, have your birth date, time and place ready when U dial USA (347) 202 0232

    First show for 2016
    Welcome back to Angel Heart Radio
    We trust this year has begun well for U


    "Tapping into the Wisdom of the Cosmos to Uplift, Empower & Enlighten People to Their Personal Genius" is Janet Hickoxs passion, her joy and her brilliance. 


     Janet Hickox is a regular guest on Angel Heart Radio at this time of the month!

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    Surviving on Shoestrings: 12 Tips to Outsmart the Grocery Store at its Own Game

    in Food

    Brought to you by Millers Grain House & PREPARE Magazine

    The Food Network may have it’s own Grocery Game (with one of my favorite chef’s Guy Feiri) but it’s no fun when we don’t realize the game is being played on us while we shop in the local grocery store! We have become pretty dependent upon them for our food supply.

    While I will always encourage growing as much food as you possibly can yourself, there’s no denying that we often have to shop at the grocery store.  But with these  12 Tips to Outsmart the Grocery Store at its Own Game – you can avoid being ‘taken’ by the way the store is set up, the music they play, the ‘sales’ that aren’t sales and find ways to beat them at their own grocery game!

    Best Blessings & EnJOY the show,

    Donna Miller

    Let’s connect on the SOS Facebook Page


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    Jade Gemz: Fashion Stylist and Thrift Store Shopper talks w/TRU RADIO NETWORK

    in Fashion

    Tonight we step into the world of fashion and talk with the head of the Jade Gemz movement. Jade has a serious passion for fashion and is ready to take the world by storm. Her art of thrift store shopping (or thrifting) is one of the many things that seperates her from other Fashionistas out here. Also, after we discuss her buisiness side we'll dive in from a different angle so the masses out there have a chance to get to know Jade. Put on your good clothes and get ready for an amazing interview! 



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    SCI Encouragement Group--Becoming a Store Customer

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group host David Gerber talks about becoming a store customer in recovery. We all know what a window shopper is, and many people enter into recovery "just browsing." What happens when we become store customers and dive into our recovery? The possibilities are endless. Listen in as the miracles that are experienced every day at St. Christopher's Inn will be shared.

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    The Hub is Coming to eBay #ebay20

    in Marketing

    The Hub was announced at the eBay Seller Summit in San Jose Sept. 10. It was amazing to see the view on the very large landscaped screen that ran across the stage at the Convention Center.  The crowed cheered when this was shown and I too was excited because it is going to give us a lot of data that we can benefit from. Such as :

    One Unified Hub Dashboard
    Easier Listings
    An area showing marketing activities
    Fast access to new and detailed seller performance
    Awesome Analytic

    This hub will provide about everything a seller needs in one place!

    The waiting list is open. You could be among some of the 1st to experience the hub. CLICK HERE to join the waiting list.  The Hub is scheduled to go live Oct 20, 2015.


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    Chevron Shawty Presents... "Corner Store Legend" The mixtape

    in Hip Hop Music

    Jonathan Watson also known as Chevron$hawty hails from Huntsville, Alabama and is a very gifted rapper/songwriter who has a conscious yet gritty approach to his craft. Chevron chooses to focus more on the realness of the human conditions of life without privileges. You can hear this in the many songs that Chevron$hawty has ghost written for in the Huntsville Alabama area and throughout the whole South.
    -Chevron broke onto the music scene in 2004 with a very powerful campaign. However his debut single “She’s The One” alongside another prominent Huntsville Producer, Mista Freezy took place in early 2009 where he has been going full throttle ever since.

    Chevron$hawty has been featured on many Mix tapes including Dj Dirty Money’s TrapBoi Musik volumes 60 and 63, ChilliGrindWill Down South Hooligan’s Vol. 1, Dj Ken’s trap Monsters Vol.6, and TheRealDjAce’s Beast Mode 3, His most notable to date is on the Southern Smoke mix tape “Amount to This” which is hosted by Dj Smallz. All of these mix tapes are currently free download which can be found on datpiff.com or livemixtapes.com.

    Continue to look out for MattressKingg and the rest of the Money Hungry Mogul Family! Check out his newest Mixtape Corner Store Legend- available Free Download on Spinrilla.Com and Bando Block 3 Hosted By Chevron$hawty & Bread Winner Kane (Kevin Gates Artist) on the major side of Livemixtapes!


  • eBay is giving us more FREE listings

    in Marketing

    eBay annouced a new fee struction today : 

    Today's #eBay Announcement - Fee's change

    1.       For sellers without an eBay Stores subscription:
    a.  50 zero insertion fee listings for auction-style, or fixed price listings, in nearly all categories
    b.      Offer to try a Basic eBay Stores subscription for one month—FREE.
    2.       For sellers with an eBay Store subscription:
    a.       Basic-level store subscribers will get an increased allotment from 150 to 200 zero insertion fee Fixed Price listings per month
    b.      And—for all eBay Stores subscribers—the monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings will be extended to apply to listings in both Collectibles and Fashion categories
    Learn more at EBAY