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    Welcome to our first CHATBOX live and SIN EATER Saturday for 2015 Time to talk it out then throw it out.  Too many people are walking around with mokeys on their backs and chips on their shoulders.  Others are just out there in la la land.  Call in and get whatever topic you like off of your spirit and chest.  Trust me when we talk it out we can walk it out then throw it out! Join Host C. Maria Wall aka the Realist for this in your face chat session. 

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    Sleepy Hollow Addicts - "The Sin Eater"

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    ♥After a 3 week hiatus Sleepy Hollow returned last night to a thankful fan base!  We'll recap "The Sin Eater", which guest starred Fringe alum John Noble and also take a look at what's in store for episode 7. In case you missed the twitterfest with Sleepy Hollow writer Aaron Thomas, I'll give you the Q&A rundown- what did he tell fans? 

    ♥Want to be a SHA? Tell us what you thought of the episode and call 646-200-0145...this is your chance to BE HEARD!


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    Picky Eater Challenge - Recipes

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    It seems there is a Picky Eater in every family.  I had one, an award winning one.  I know the challenges of hearing kids say, “I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I won’t try it, NO.” Their lips tighten shut. They also  gag and make “yucky, no way Jose!” faces.  It may be because it is green, has a “funny” texture, the food is mixed (casserole), it’s not sweet ... their reasons of refusal are endless and often creative.

    Is this phrase, “Thumbs Up, No Yucks” music to your ears?  If so, then this is the show for you.  Stacey Antine, RD, founder of HealthBarn USA, wrote the book, Appetite for Life: The Thumbs-Up, No-Yucks Guide to Getting Your Kid to Be a Great Eater.  Her goal is to have your kids eating fresh healthy foods while giving you a thumbs up with a smile.  She is our Co-Host this week.

    And, you can expect to hear some great recipe ideas your family will love including easy ones you can fix in a jiff, plus ones you can eat on the run!

    Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen. Listen in while you are busy preparing or already enjoying your dinner. See you then!

    … for the health of your family,
    ellen (host)
    Family Food Experts.com

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    Reluctant or Picky Eater? There IS a difference

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    Join Jennifer M Hatfield, MHS,ccc/slp when she discusses how to tell if your child is a picky vs a reluctant eater. Is it typical childhood pickiness or something more?  Learn how to tell and the steps to take if you need assistance. 
    Be sure to visit our webpage www.therapyandlearningservices.com as well as our Facebook page {https://www.facebook.com/therapyandlearningservicesinc} to learn other great tips for speech, language and feeding skills. 
    Helping your kiddos BLOOM!

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    My Kid is the Pickiest Eater I Have Ever Met! Help!

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    In today's episode, David, Eric, and Michele talk about picky eaters. It is a universal problem that affects between 25-80% of children, with the higher percentages being displayed in the Autism/Developmental Disability populations.  There are many reasons for picky eating and David and Eric point out important signs to look for. Specifically, David and Eric explore the implications of picky eating, parent strategies for unique situations, and the one technique that has been empirically proven to work. For follow up resources on picky eating, please check the resources tab on www.sponderworks.com.

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    Why So Serious Odd And Strange

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    Goblins are taking over Dubai see what they did to this man after he didn't pay them.

    Cheater cheater pumpkin eater or should we sat Patriot players, the New England Patriots May have cheated during the AFC championship game.

    Real life Doogie Howser, kid pretends to be a doctor...but why he did it will shock you.

    A 14 year old mural in a hospital has come under fire and scrutiny, 4 super heros doing something unthinkable to Wonder Woman 

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    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie

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    A little about me: I've been a finalist in a cooking demonstration competition, prepped and plated up food alongside some famous Food Network chefs, volunteered at large food and wine charity events, and judged at World Food Championships competitions in California and the Finals in Las Vegas. But my greatest passion is for quality food that doesn't bust the average family's budget!

    I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to balance my diet by eating healthier during the week. So, I observe #MeatlessMondays and #FishFridays because it's not just healthy, but also economical (and good for the environment)! If you're a die-hard meat-eater like me, you won't give up meat for even one meal a week unless the dish tastes great. So I search out dishes where you don't feel like it's missing something or lacking flavor!

    I will also talk about what you can do with things on sale, or re-purposing leftovers. I once fed a hungry group of 20 poker players a corned beef & cabbage dinner on St. Patrick's Day, (yes, mostly men) for only $20. And a few went back for second and third helpings!

    I have met some very cool, fun people in the food industry,and I hope I'll be able to share their stories - -  starting with my own! I'll also tackle some of the food news or trends that pop up and share my take on these fads, while sharing information and recipes.

    I have no formula set in stone about how this show will go moving forward, so if I get a lot of interest, I may address questions on air that you send to me! So please tell your friends about this show and let's have some fun while we save money!

    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie


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    Are You an Emotional Eater

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    Join us Mionday evening at 6:00pm eastern as we discuss a very important topic on emotional eating. If you are struggling with with losing weight or any type of eating disorder, you will want to make sure you listen in on this show. Dietitian, Aries Ford and Dr. Calvin Ellison and I will have an in-depth conversation about emotional eating.

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    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy +Eater Molly Schuyler + HK Zack Womack

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    In this episode of Chewing The Fat with Big and Beefy, Chef Rob Burmeister and Chef Clemenza Caserta Jr. welcome 2 great guests. First we are honored talk to Competitive Eater Molly Schuyler who weighs 120 and can consume more food than Rob and Clem combined and still stay so petite. Not only does Molly compete in the eating game but she aids in a lot of charity work. Check her out on facebook. Our second guest has braved the Kitchen of Hell with Gordon Ramsey. Zack Womack is a cast member of Hell's Kitchen 11. Lets see how he liked being screamed at by Chef Ramsey.

    Also in this episode Big will be talking about he rampid Latino Food Eating Frenzy this weekend.

    Clem and Rob will be talking about this weeks food news and trends. Dont forget our Food Fight and Top Five.

    The Curvacious Cook will also be talking about her home cooking recipe of the week.

    Call us and talk to the guests and chefs at 347-215-7771

    Go to Itunes and look up our new feed. Beats and Eats II . Please Subscribe, rate and review. This will help us out tremendously.

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    Guest: Karen Koenig

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    This week my guest is Karen Koenig, author of Outsmarting Overeating: Boost Your Life Skills, End Your Food Problems.

    About the book:

    The reason you turn to food when you’re stressed or distressed is that you don’t have better ways of managing life’s ups and downs. According to Karen R. Koenig, an expert on the psychology of eating, you can transform your eating habits—and your life—by developing effective life skills. When you have enhanced skills, you won’t need to turn to mindless eating to make it through the day and will get the best out of life rather than letting life get the best of you. With Koenig’s guidance, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain functional relationships, take care of yourself physically and emotionally, think rationally, and create a passionate, joyful, and meaningful life. When these behaviors take root and become automatic, food becomes what it is meant to be: nourishment and one of life’s many pleasures.

    About the author:

    I am a psychotherapist, national educator, international author, and an expert on the psychology of eating—the how and why, not the what, of it. For more than three decades, my mission has been to help people with eating and weight problems learn to eat “normally” and maintain a healthy, stable weight for life without dieting and deprivation. My therapy practice is in Sarasota, FL, where I do tele-coaching and Skype consultation worldwide. As a recovered chronic dieter and binge-eater, I meld my personal recovery wisdom with my professional knowledge and experience to resolve eating problems.

    My books are Nice Girls Finish Fat, The Rules of “Normal” Eating, The Food and Feelings Workbook, and What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Treating Eating and Weight Issues.

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    The Freedom Promise: The Book That Will Transform Your Relationship with Food

    in Nutrition

    Wouldn't you love to ... 


    Know WHAT to eat, HOW to eat and WHY your past dieting efforts haven't brought you sustainable results?
    Know that you can TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD to one that is joyous, loving and free?

    Mindy Gorman-Plutzer’s new book, The Freedom Promise, shares powerful insight and strategies related to letting go of disordered eating behaviors and limiting beliefs that keep you tied to a toxic relationship with food. You will not only examine what you eat but explore who you are as an eater. 

    With personal stories to inspire, practical steps, exercises and affirmations, The Freedom Promise will motivate you to examine your behavior with food, explore what it is you are hungry for and guide you as you re-frame and re-write the stories you have been telling yourself about food and your relationship to it.

    Reading this book will bring you to a place where you can experience lasting change, sustainable results and the knowledge that you can be fully nourished in ways other than from the food on your plate. You’ll be guided to find the sacred space where compassion, acceptance, forgiving and the healing reside.



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