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    Are the Religions of Politics & God Death Traps?

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    Can it be said that all religions (those of politics and God) are deceptions to get the masses to believe in a higher cause in order to take lives?  Why is this topic so important in a world of radiological, biological and chemical evolution?

    What is the purpose of following religions? 

    How does one get started in these religions (politics and God)?

    What if any of us just stopped practicing these religions?

    What could an individual's life look life if the Creator's potential (thinking and building humans) came out instead of following the masses in religion?

    What keeps people following these religions?

    What could cause one to stop following religions?

    What is the 1st physical step a listener could take to lead their own life instead of following the beliefs of religion (Politics & God)?

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    The Cosmos Existed Long Before Religions, Gods Made Man And Man created God

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    The manicdepressive character of the the religions are false and the bible plainly lies--believe and faith  can't make lie to became truth.

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    Eastern Bias Takeover: IT'S TOURNEY TIME

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    It's tournament time.

    After six months of hockey, 59 hockey teams are whittled down to 16 for the right to call themselves national champions. And with the Frozen Four in our backyard of Boston, this is going to be one of the most exciting and anticipated tournaments in recent memory.

    Both Boston College and Boston University will start their runs out east, with the Eagles slotting against Denver in the Providence, RI regional while the top-seeded Terriers will play the last at-large team in - Yale - in Manchester, NH. There's a local feel to this tournament, one that could conceivably end with the Terriers and Eagles playing in the national championship.

    Tune in live Wednesday at 8 PM as Joe and Shep take over BC Interruption Radio with a live version of Eastern Bias. Call in at 646-200-0446, and let your voice be heard before the teams converge on their regionals for the start of the national tournament. The Race To Boston is on!

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    NBA: Trade Deadline, Eastern Conference post-All-Star break preview

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    All-Star weekend has concluded in the NBA, and roughly 30 games remain for each team. In the Eastern Conference, the Atlanta Hawks appear to be the dominant team. Around the NBA, many consider the Hawks to be the San Antonio Spurs of the East. Should they be this highly regarded considering they are 6.5 games ahead of 2nd place Toronto but haven't done anything in the postseason recently?

    After the top-six teams, the level of play appears to drop off significantly. Outside of those six teams (Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Cleveland and Milwaukee), should teams consider tanking? Can any of the teams outside of Atlanta make a serious push at whichever team comes out of the Western Conference?

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    Free for All Showtime 9pm eastern Call in number (646)-200-0190

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    Tonight is a free for all show.  But some of the ideas to talk about that were mentioned were noobs, boobs and dildos?  Show time is at 9pm eastern.  Call in number is (646)-200-0190.

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    Associations, Denominations, Religions, Cults, Sorcery, Personal Relationship..

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    How can I know which way to believe?  Which one has  a common sense approach?  Should it be easy enough that a child can understand it?  Should there be a standard, a book, should it stand in the daylight as well as it does in darkness?

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    The Greys dominated much of the Earth in the years before the Ice Age. Their way of life is based on a symbiotic relationship with nature. The Ice Age began and destroyed much of what The Greys had built. Retreating into a massive cavern beneath the Earth, with the intent of emerging to retake the world when the Ice Age had passed, The Greys were shocked to discover that the primitive barbarians that they had left on the surface managed to survive and flourish, evolving in body and mind and developing inorganic technology, the complete antithesis of The Greys. In order to retake the Earth, Jesus set into motion a plan to genetically engineer the perfect warrior from his DNA. This warrior is called The Christ. The Christ's mission is to raise an army that will conquer the world, paving the way for the return of The Greys. The arrival of the Christ  will wipe out all evil on Earth.



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    Episode 9: Gary White Jr. DB of Eastern Michigan University

    in Football

    On tonight's 9th episode of "Inside the War Room" we will be joined by talented Gary White Jr. of Eastern Michigan.  He is 6'0 205 lbs who can play anywhere in the secondary which will be a huge plus and will drive his value up for NFL teams.  He is a hard worker on the field and off and is well respected by teams and coaches alike.

     I really love what he brings to an NFL team and what he could provide for a secondary!



    Twitter Tag: @Hollywoodwhitex





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    Let The White Man Have All Of His Religions

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    Spiritual Guidance: Eastern Thought compared to western mentality

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    The topic of today is to introduce the various Eastern schools of thought versus westen scoiety mental. We will discuss and breakdown the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and yoga and other practices that originated in Africa that will pave the path to spiritual enlightenment.


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