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    Let Us Pray - The Catholic Rosary

    in Christianity

    In this Catholic reciting of the Holy Rosary we will be meditating on the Glorious Mysteries along with the mentioning of special petitions from folks like yourself and from the headline news sources that are worth mentioning and praying for.

    If you would like your intention mentioned and prayed for, you may do so by sending us an email to; (info@celticcrossministry.com). NOTE: In the subject line, reference, (Let Us Pray). And we'll include it in our Prayer Programs.

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    CR Gibbs - If The Earliest Known Evidence of Mankind Was Uncovered In Africa...?

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    Host Historian CR Gibbs discusses  "If The Earliest Known Evidence of Mankind Was Uncovered In Africa Why Isn't History Taught From That Point On?" "Until Lions Have Their Own Historians, Tales of the Hunt Shall Always Glorify the Hunter” unknown. A group of restless men atop a ridge in the Afar desert of Ethiopia. A few of them are pacing back and forth, straining to see if they can spot fragments of beige bone in the reddish-brown rubble below, as eager to start their search as children at an Easter egg hunt. At the bottom of the hill is a 25-foot-long cairn of black rocks erected in the style of an Afar grave, so large it looks like a monument to a fallen hero. And in a way it is. Tim White and his colleagues assembled it to mark the place where they first found traces, in 1994, of “Ardi,” a female who lived 4.4 million years ago. Her skeleton has been described as one of the most important discoveries of the past century, and she is changing basic ideas about how our earliest ancestors looked and moved. In addition to Ardi, a possible direct ancestor, it is possible here to find hominid fossils from as recently as 160,000 years ago—an early Homo sapiens like us—all the way back to Ardipithecus kadabba, one of the earliest known hominids, who lived almost six million years ago. At last count, the Middle Awash project, which takes its name from this patch of the Afar desert and includes 70 scientists from 18 nations, has found 300 specimens from seven different hominid species that lived here one after the other.

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    Martydom, Easter the Abomination of the Church

    in Christianity

                                                                      Acts 12: 1 -5

    Easter=Eostre whch is named Ostara who was a Anglo-Saxon Goddess but comes from the Ancients such as Semiramis, Inanna, Ishtar,Isis, Astare, Asharoth, Queen Of Heaven, Diana & Mother Mary. There are many more names for the Easter Goddesses depending upon which country was worshipping her.Easter has nothing to do with Passover people and it never will becuse it was all a Fable, in which, God warned us about. If you celebrate Easter you are worshipping Semiramis the Wife of Nimrod & the Babylonian Queen, a she Devil. The tradition that  ministers in the Pulpit knows this also they just choose to keep a tradition that God is very much against. Jeremiah 44: 4 -30

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    My Prayer Closet

    in Christianity

    Protestant Prayer Vigil every Tuesday Evening at 6:00 PM EST here on the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Radio Network. Hosted by the Most Rev. Dr. Andrew Manley of the HSACCFM.

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    Friday Night Prayer Vigil & Communion Service

    in Religion

    Friday Night Prayer Vigil & Communion Service

    Join Johnny Baptist and Cathy in the chat room for a Holy Communion Service and an hour of united corporate prayer and praise helping to draw us closer to our Lord Jesus, and our awesome Heavenly Father God.  This night we will pray together, share in some Biblical mysteries, and partake in Holy Communion to honor our King. 

    God Bless You - See You There!!

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    My 2015 No Oscar show

    in Music

    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn


    My 2015 No Oscar show


    (1)   Art Mooney & Orchestra ‎– Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Good-Bye) Columbia film “Jolson Sings again “

     (2)   Jerry Wald & Orchestra   A friend of yours Bing Crosby Film “ The Great John L” 

     (3) Harry JAmes & Orchestra ‎– Easter Parade  "As Thousands Cheer".

     (4) "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers "Here Come the Waves "

    (5) There is a fellow waiting in Poughkeepsie "Here Come the Waves "

    (6) Johnny Johnson Sing Baby Sing " Sing baby Sing"

    (7) Les Brown Sleigh Ride in July "Belle of the Yukon "

    (8) Freddie Slack Here You Are "20th century fox “My Gal Sal "

    (9) Page Cavanaugh trio Daddy-O "A Song is born"

    (10) Page Cavanaugh trio Redskin Rhumba "A Song is born"

    Link to podcast to listen and enjoy this music:


    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    All on Shellac 10” 78 rpm and released in the US 


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    The First Sunday of Lent

    in Religion

    “If one member suffers, all suffer together” (1 Cor 12:26)

    “Make your hearts firm!” (James 5:8) – Individual Christians

    Today is the First Sunday of Lent, why is this important?  Because for many of us who worship on Sunday it is the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday where we come to together as one to worship as we continue on this 40-day journey to examine ourselves and move to the next leve in our spiritual walk.

    We are to surrender ourselves to prayer and to the reading of Scripture, to fasting and to giving alms. Lent is a time of preparation for the death of Christ on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday (traditional accounts). It is a period of 40 days of repentance, with prayer, fasting, pentience, abstinence and confession to one another. 

    Fasting for certain periods of time, fasting from certain foods, but also fasting from other things and activities.  Likewise, the giving of alms—not only through the distribution of money, but through the sharing of our time and talents.

    The thoughts above are in part by the Lord Himself who touched (inspired) my heart through the words of The Pope (St. Francis) in his words to the Cahtolic Church.


    +HDH (Bishop Haywood)


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    Friday Night Talk Radio - Talk About Everything

    in Radio

    Man Allegedly Raped, Beat Girlfriend’s Toddler Son To Death Over Soiled Diaper, Picks Her Up From Work With Corpse In Backseat


    Girlfriend of Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape partner Ray J arrested for 'beating him to a bloody pulp' after strip club visit
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2956218/Girlfriend-Kim-Kardashian-s-infamous-sex-tape-partner-Ray-J-arrested-beating-bloody-pulp-strip-club-visit.html#ixzz3SFDXcDkN
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Detroit Walking Man Who Got $350,000 in Online Donations Forced to Move After Threatshttp://www.theroot.com/articles/news/2015/02/detroit_walking_man_who_got_350_00_in_online_donations_forced_to_move_after.html

    'My son is a HERO not a vigilante': Family of mom who was shot dead in road rage attack insist they were RIGHT to go hunting for suspect who ended up killing her 


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    Wrestling Unwrapped: Off The Shelf- Debut Episode

    in Wrestling

    It's the first episode of Wrestling Unwrapped: Off The Shelf! The show for DVD enthusiasts hosted by DVD enthsiasts.

    Join hosts Harry Broadhurst and Patrick Ketza as they explore Pro Wrestling DVDs inside and out, from their personal collections. Exploring the main points, bonus features, easter eggs, shows, and everything each set has to offer, and letting you know if the DVD is worth your buy. 

    This week, join Patrick and Harry as they explore two DVDs very near and dear to them. The first DVD will be the very first ever SHIMMER DVD, Volume 1, where they will talk about all match and bonus features (including some really goofy trailers on Patrick's version), and talk a bit about how SHIMMER has evolved, as they head for their 10th Anniversary.

    The second DVD set they'll talk about is the first (and only) entry into the WWE Greatest Rivalries Series, Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. The sit down discussion with JR, along with every match featured on the set (which lacks one BIG one) will be discussed and talked about by our wonderful hosts.


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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0013 Lent, Morality & Growing Immoral Culture

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America.  Guest Andy Bravo calls in to discuss the issues today. Today, I discuss the vast differences in the Culture of Life and its nemesis, the Culture of Death also known as the Culture of Anti-Life or the Culture of New Morality of Immorality. I introduce this topic as being important in these days of Lent especially for Latinos who are mostly Catholic. Today, I compare the issues of Abortion, Homosexual marriage and euthanasia as being examples of the new morality of immorality. For example, Homosexuality is clearly immoral but by seeking through the courts under the pretense of "Equal Protection under the Law" to nullify enumerable state laws the set the guidelines for the state to sanction marriages the homosexual community hopes to gain such sanctions and make their relationships "normal" and part of a new morality. In other words they have sought to cast anyone who disagrees with them as a bigot and immoral themselves for defend their own moral standings. Thus, I point out the "New Morality of Immorality" which is not unrelated to other machinations of the culture of death or anti-life which also favors abortion on demand and euthanasia. How many cultures have practiced these horrific and immoral behaviors? Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, America in the days of the Indian Wars and many more. Today, in America, as I read there are expanding efforts to promote euthanasia which my caller, Andy Bravo mistook for End of Life Palliative care. That is why I discuss these issues so that Latinos in America will be well informed.

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    It's a Wonderful Life

    in Family

    Noon Easter, 11 am Central: "It's a Wonderful Life," host Sharon Thomas

    A celebration of life, from birth to natural death

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