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    Spiritual Cartoonist Earth Day Cards

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Valparaiso, Indiana based Spiritual Cartoonist, Annemarie Marti, about her whimsical line of greeting cards that celebrate Earth Day, everyday.

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    Earth Day Color Healing Circle

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    (Pre-recorded show. Chatroom is open.)

    Join our "Earth Day Color Healing Circle" to help bring love and healing to the planet!

    In this special Earth Day rebroadcast, color therapists Eleyne-Mari, Diantha Harris and Arlene Arnold present a healing hour of meditation, visualization and musical performances by Douglas Spotted Eagle, Barry McCabe, Michael Dimitri, Guardian Mind Mix and Evren Ozan.


    The chatroom will be open to list your healing requests, environmental links and non-monetary pledges to Mother Earth. 

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    Talk W. Green Guy: Earth Day 2014

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    Welcome to the Debut show of "Talk w. the Green Guy"! I am your host Eric Moncrief. This show is dedicated to covering energy saving systems, environmental policies, recycling, clean energy and more!!

    This week:

    Derrick Andre Harris from charlotte,nc Mecklenburg County Solid Waste will share with us all the great waste reductions programs the county has to offer for the residents and what they did for earth day

    Katie Shepard of nc greenpower discusses how their non profit  has been connecting consumers with renewable energy throughout the state of North Carolina for 10yrs

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    Earth Day Awareness, Education, Sustainibility & Global Action

    in Current Events

    In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), Marie interviews Jacmacaire Humby, Creator of HUMANBE whose mission is to change individual and collective behavior of humans through the implementation of concrete and sustainable solutions. Recognized as an organization working to build a more humane society, HUMANBE makes a real change in making every effort to build awareness of our interdependence.

    Present on social networks like FACEBOOK and TWITTER, HUMANBE also promotes the emergence of dynamic with the actors of our society (business, school, association, public...) and has the responsibility to form multidisciplinary and international teams involved in strategic thinking upstream to the operational implementation, in the following areas:

    Mission Zero
    Strategy of Dematerialization
    Charter of engagement
    Eco-design, green architecture and events
    Project support and assistance in seeking funding
    Simulation of sustainable future
    Global Co-Branding
    Limited Editions

    Join the global movement HUMANBE, which is working to create a more human world.



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    “Where a healthy, happy and beautiful YOU starts from the inside out.”
    A featured show on Blog Talk Radio- with Host/producer DONNA L SAM   www.blogtalkradio.com/donnalsam  Join us LIVE! 718-766-4573

    HAPPY EARTH DAY...everyday!
    April 22, 2014 was officially EARTH DAY and IN THE MIX Health, Wellness & Beauty series welcomes Natalie Pace to shares her 28 suggestions on how you can make every day earth day.  Easy changes like paying your bills online to wearing cotton instead of polyester.  Are you ready to change the planet…one plastic bag at a time?
    www.nataliepace.com Download "The ABC's of Money ebook for FREE! limited time


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    The Ceremony: celebrating Earth Day & Beltane

    in Politics

    The Ceremony is a series of on air ritual / ceremonies dedicated to healing the planet and raising the 'vibe of the tribe'.  Tune in to our Solstice, Equinox and quarter day celebrations.  

    Sponsored by Air Amarteifio & Here Be Monsters radio.  

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    2014 World Earth Day with "WE: Women & Environment Show w/ Olanike"

    in Environment

    Climate justice advocate, Sajid Iqbal joins us from Bangladesh in honor of 2014 World Earth Day. Sajid is the Founder and President of CHANGE and shares with us his woork on climate justice, water,sanitation and social business. More specifically he brings light of the role women can play in the climate justice movement and the drive for "greener" cities.Climate justice advocate, Sajid Iqbal joins us from Bangladesh in honor of 2014 World Earth Day. Sajid is the Founder and President of CHANGE and shares with us his woork on climate justice, water,sanitation and social business. More specifically he brings light of the role women can play in the climate justice movement and the drive for "greener" cities.

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    Earth Day - Faery Healing!

    in Spirituality

    During this LIVE show join hosts Adrienne Dumas and ARthur Preston for our special Earth Day show!  We will be doing a Faery Healing as well as discussing connecting with nature and just celebrating Earth Day! 
    Find us on Facebook at

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    Earth Day Celebration with Dr. Albert J. LaChance, MLADC, CAS

    in Entertainment

    Dr. Albert J. LaChance, MLADC, CAS will be introducing his latest book, The Third Covenant, that is at the publishers now and will be release sometime late spring early summer. An Earth Day Celebration for us to reflect on the importance of caring for our Planet.

    Dr. Albert has written and spoken widely on the subjects of psychology, addiction, spirituality, and ecology. For twenty-three years, Albert has owned and operated Greenspirit Counseling, LLC and has counseled individuals, families, and groups as well as consulted organizations regarding interpersonal dynamics. Dr. LaChance is an American Academy Certified Addiction Specialist in the areas of sex addiction, chemical dependency and food addiction. For several years Dr. LaChance was a clinical associate and referral source for Dr.Patrick Carnes. He is a member of the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors and a Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of New Hampshire. Dr.Lachance has been called to speak in over 250 cities around the US, and interviewed widely on TV, Radio, in newspapers, and in magazines. For 17 years, he owned and operated Greenspirit: renamed, The New England Center for Unitive Psychology and Spirituality. Dr LaChance has a unique communication style which pulls together the richness of deep sacred study, developed from the work of Father Thomas Berry and Berry's teacher Pierre Teihard de Chardin. He is now excited to share his message through Blog Talk Radio starting with the principles of the 12 steps.

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    Dueling Climate Reports as We Celebrate Earth Day

    in Politics Conservative

     So what is the real truth? Mother Nature has been in control of Earth’s climate for all of Earth’s history but the United Nations IPCC now proposes that she has relinquished that job to a weak greenhouse gas named carbon dioxide (CO2). This group hypothesizes that since the Industrial Revolution, about 150 years ago, humans have begun to put enough emissions of this weak gas into the atmosphere to wrest control from Mother Nature’s grasp.

    Leighton Steward is a geologist, environmentalist, author, and retired energy industry executive. Leighton's current interest lies in helping to educate the general public and the politicians about the tremendous benefits of carbon dioxide (CO2) as it relates to the plant and animal kingdoms and their related ecosystems and habitats, and the general health of humanity.





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    Holly Stephey Come celebrate Earth day with Vocal Trash !

    in Entertainment

    Come celebrate Earth Day with Vocal Trash ...

    Described as, “Glee Meets Stomp”, Vocal Trash asks you to recycle your imagination as their urban themed Broadway style show energizes audiences From New York to Seattle and Las Vegas to Beijing. The show- World class singing, industrial drumming, award winning break-dancing. Led by producer/creator, Steve Linder and child star Kelsey Rae (Annie), this green minded ensemble tours globally on a relentless pursuit to bring people together utilizing the universal language of song and dance. This is Vocal Trash. Promoting a positive message through song and dance, which to us is the universal language. Taking things that would usually end up in a land fill and making music out of it is what were all about in Vocal Trash. Our goal is for you to leave with a smile on your face.Steve Linder -

    Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich, The Rat Pack
    Kelsey Rae - India Arie, Karen Carpenter,Lauryn Hill
    Larry Parish - Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Greg Dugan - Tower of Power, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Soulive


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