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    E Rock Alternative

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    E Rock Alternative

    Playing 70's,80's,90's and beyond.

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    Do You Know When You Need a Passport or Visa?

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    This episode we will speak with Pauline Salzer of The Passport and Visa Company to discuss the different required documentation for international travel.  Pauline will speak specifically about Brazil with the Summer Games on many people's radar, now is the time to learn what you will need.

    Pauline will discuss the difference in work visas', student, and tourist visa's.  We never know where we may end up and what travel opportunities may come our way so this will be a great show to learn what's needed and the process.

    We'll also discuss tourism trends in Brazil, the many Unesco Heritage Sites, Wellness, and Ecotourism. And of course provide the available package for the Summer Games in Rio Summer 2016.

    In Travel News: Calling all Single Men. There's a singles cruise that has more women signing up than single men and we need to even things out. Find out where they are going and what they will be doing.

    The Quantum of the Seas is in New Jesery about to sail for the first time and there are still some surprises we'll reveal.

    Funjet Vacations and Southwest Airlines have partnered to bring direct flights from Texas to Mexico and the Caribbean!

    Computers Vs Customer Service-Did you know that online agencies are using your personal information to create a customized price for your travel?

    Question of the Month: What Destination is your Favorite for Food?

    Of course Special Packages, Fun Events, and Fun Facts


  • HEART Talk with Ms. E: "WIGG Up" with Valerie Lambert-Reed

    in Lifestyle

    Join Ms. E when she interviews Ms. Valerie Lambert, Founder & Director of Women Inspiring Girls to Grow, Inc.



    WIGG, Inc. is a non-profit mentoring agency whose mission is to help at risk, middle and high school girls obtain a college degree through mentorship, life skills training and professional development.

    WIGG's pledge is:
    "To be the conduit that helps transform young women's dreams into reality"

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    E Rock Alternative

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    Playing 70's,80's,90's and beyond.

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    Passport 2 Your Passion: Seek, Do, Become: Are you a 'B' person?

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    Seek your passion.  Do acts daily that will move you in the direction.  You become the very thing that you think about and take action toward.  "You will be known by the fruit you bear."  No matter what you think of yourself, your world around you reflects those accumulated thoughts and actions.  The quest then becomes, this is where I am now, what thoughts and actions to do I need to hold and do to take me to that place where I want to be.  

    Too many people allow fear to limit their actions. They then use their thoughts to reconcile their lot in life. At the end of the day, we either the have results we claim we desire, or we do not. All people get results. Period.  Some people get results consistant with their desires, while others get different results.  The question is: Why?  The answer is that those that achieve their results truly believe in their passions.  And their life reflects their committment to their dreams.

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Seek, Do, Become. What Does the 'C' word mean to you?

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    The 'C' word makes your life work.  It is not something we say, but rather, it is something we think and do. Courage, confidence, committment are all examples of a 'C' word that we must repeat over and over.  We must also act in accordance with out confidence and courage.  Of all the human virtures, courage is the the most important.  Without it, all the other virtures fail.  

    None of us are born with confidence or courage. We are all born insecure and needing others to sustain us.  But that time passes. We eventually become being that are able to sustain ourselves.  And from here our confidence and courage to act will determine our destiny.  

    As a parent or grandparent, knowing that confidence and courage are learned behaviors, we must do everythiing in our power to continually enhance and grow our own confidence and to help others achieve thiers.   

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Seek, Do, Become: Become an author with Patrick Snow

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    The fear of not being good enough cripples many of us. This is self imposed and limits our own greatness. We are duped into thinking and believing those who achieve have more talent than you. They success and greatness is reserved to only a select few.  If that were true,then who is doing the selecting? The answer, we do. We select others for greatness. We select other for high achievement. But rarely do we select ourselves. Why is that?  Why do we allow others this loftly status, but restrict it for ourselves.

    Best selling author, Patrick Snow,in his best selling book, Manifest your Destiny decided that he would select a path in his life that would allow him to explore his greatest strengths and come face to face with his greatest fears. 

    Patick will join me this Monday evening to discuss being and becoming an author. About saying yes to your life and pursuing your passions which will allow your greatness to shine. 

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    in The Bible

    We're "BACK" !!! SDATA e CHURCH is a profound Radio Broadcasting Ministry touching the "MINDS", "HEARTS" and "SOULS" of Men and Women across the globe!!! Combining "THE WORD OF GOD" clearly taught with today's issue oriented information technological advancements. Offering Biblically-based solutions to America's deepest problems!!! Join us "EVERY" Thurday night at 6:30 PM "LIVE" on Blog Talk Radio.

    SDATA e CHURCH Services are:

    * INSIGHTFUL !!!



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    Passport 2 Passion: Live the life you dream about.

    in Self Help

    Stop dreaming and start living.  Each day that we spend not chasing our dreams, is a day we need to rethink what we are doing? As Steve Jobs so famously put it:  Each day I look in the mirror and ask myself if I am going to spend my day doing what I love, or something other.  And when I find myself having too many days that I am not doing what I love, I rethink my priorities.

    We must daily ask ourselves what is the main reason we are going to do what we do.  And needing to something is vastly different from wanting to do something.

    Tonight we will talk about taking control of our life and living our dreams.

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