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    Let's Talk About It - Dyphia Blount & WGWIII - Opposite Sex Friends and Marriage

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    Is it possible for people to maintain friendships with members of the opposite sex once they are in a marriage or committed relationship? Guys, do you have to explain or introduce your wife or girlfriend to EVERY woman you deal with in your life? Ladies, does your man or husband try to cut you off from all your male friends? Do you comply or do you take a chance on losing who you're in love with over your friend? Have you ever been hit with the " They're just my play brother/sister. "  line, but you knew something wasn't right? Let's talk about it! Join me, The Great One, Walter G. Watson III and my sister in crime Mrs. Dyphia Blount as we get to the bottom of this topic! Feel free to listen, but feel even better to call in and express your thoughts and feelings on the subject. The show be airing at 8pm est, 7pm cst, 6pm mst, and 5pm pst. We want to hear from you! Come, listen, be educated, and educate others. There are two rules: 1) Have a great time. 2) You can't pass judgements on others. See you tonight!

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    Talk Shit Saturday with Dyphia Blount and WGWIII

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    Wassup people! Its Talk Shit Saturday with Dyphia Blount and "Dat Dude" WGWIII. tonight, we are going to open it up and having anything goes, open topic night. we will be touching on everything from current events, to our favorite ratchet TV shows! so be prepared you are liable to hear anything tonight! join us at 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST, 6 p.m. MST, and 5 p.m. PST as we kick it, talk shit, and look good doing it! If you got something to say, then make sure you hit your one and go ahead and state your case. See you all there!

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    Let's Talk Too! Author Dyphia Blount

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Dyphia Blount,

    She is a native of Smithfield, VA who currently resides in Hampton, VA. She’s worked in the Accounts Receivable Corporate World for almost 20 years when her life took a turn for the worst and she needed some sort of therapy. Writing became her therapy!  She began writing erotic poetry and was encouraged to write this book which was started in August 2011. Dicmatized is a Trilogy of Sexcapades Volume I.  It held the #5 spot on Amazon’s Best Rated/Top Erotica list for over two months.  Dyphia has gained an amazing fan base and following since the release and has been told that she saved a lot of relationships/marriages.  Since then, she has written three other works: Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge (part 2 of Dicmatized Trilogy), Suck Me Dry, and has just released Volume 1 of 50 Shades of Dicmatized: Diaries of a Sex Therapist.  All of these books were inspired by life lessons of love, relationship, heart ache, romance, and her all-time favorite "KARMA". With her blackberry in her hand and not a clue of what she was doing Dyphia set down in a quiet place and started typing away!


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    A Day Early Chats with Dyphia Blount

    in Books

    Join host Tiffany Byers as she chats it up with the author of Dicmatized, Dyphia Blount AKA Gemini Phoenix.

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    Family Ain't Always Blood with Dyphia Blount & WGWIII

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    Tonight we will discuss how blood doesn't make you family and family ain't always blood.  Sometimes your blood will mess you over, take from you, talk about you, etc. and still scream #FamilyFirst.  Sometimes loyalty is thicker than blood and showing consistency speaks for itself.  How about those blood family members who support everyone but you, but expect you to support them when in need.  Let's talk about it!  The call in number is 929.477.1281 and you can just listen or press one to speak to the host!

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    Author Dyphia Blount and Khymberlee of LipstickRadio

    in Entertainment

    Tonight its Wine Down Wednesday we have special guest Author Dyphia Blount of Dicmatized and Radio Personality Khymberlee Carlyle of Lipstick Radio.Tune in NikkiRichShow.com and call in 323.580.5749

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    Let's Talk About One Night Stands with Dyphia Blount & WGWIII

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    What exactly is your idea of a one night stand? Can a one night stand be so good that it eventually leads to a relationship? What about a person makes you want to hit it and quit it? Is a one night stand supposed to last the whole night or is it just a 30 minute fun session? Join me, the large and in charge playa from the Himalayas, Walter G. Watson III and my ride or die partner in crime Dyphia Blount as we discuss the concept of the one one stand. Get ready people cause this topic will be off the chain! Call in and listen to the show or better yet join in on the discussion and let us know your thoughts, ideas, insights, and opinions on the subject. We go live at 8pm est, 7pm cst, 6pm mst, or 5pm pst. There are no judgements of each other and everyone's opinions matter. Come join us and have fun as we talk about it!

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    Let's Talk About Cougars with Dyphia Blount and WGWIII!

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    Ladies have you ever found yourself leaving a long-term relationship and back in the dating world, but the only guys you attract are younger guys?  How old do you have to be to qualify as "Cougar" status?  Mothers has your son brought home a woman that's damn near your age and you wanted to cut her?  How young is too young for an older woman?  Please join us tonight as we talk about older women/younger men and what they really want out of the relationship...sex, attention, etc.  Or can you really connect with a man that's years younger than you.  Make sure you follow the show and call into 929.477.1281 to speak to us.

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Dyphia Blount

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    I believe God has a plan for all of us and we need to have Faith and believe that everything happens for a reason. I left my job of seven years and wrote my first book Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In which was published in June of 2012. It even made #5 top rated, best erotica and held the spot for over 2 months! I am also an advocate and founder of Breaking the Silence of Abuse (www.breakingthesilenceofabuse.com) spreading the word, “I am not a victim, I am a survivor!” I'm so proud and overjoyed that you all took the time to read one or all of my books and I want you to know...without you, there is no me! My tagline is ~ Why try to fit in, when you're meant to stand out? Friend me on Face Book (Dyphia Blount ~ Author Gemini Phoenix or like my FB page http://www.facebook.com/authordyphiablount ), follow me on Twitter @AuthorDyphia and on Instagram @AuthorDyphia! www.dyphiablount.com

    Contact Info: Dyphia Blount at 757-705-8386

    Email: msgeminiphoenix@gmail.com

    Website: www.dyphiablount.com

  • ADR-Monday Motivator - Dyphia Blount - Credit Counselor

    in Business

    This week Dyphia Blount - Credit Counselor will share how to get out of a hole and then stay out. Budgeting for needs vs. wants. Also business implications of credit issues. This will be fun learning - really! Dyphia is a wealth of knowledge in an upbeat package. Listen live or download later.

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    Let's Talk About Do You Believe in Divorce with Dyphia Blount & WGWIII

    in Lifestyle

    This episode we will discuss when you say your vows of marriage, are they forever?  What are some of the circumstances that just can't be worked out?  If your spouse continues to cheat on you, are they really the one that God meant you to be with and stay with?  What about verbal or mental abuse...would you try to work things out and pray that they will get better?  Does counseling always help?  What do you say?  Don't be afraid to join us and discuss your beliefs and why you feel so strongly about them.  Call into the show 929.477.1281 or click the link to listen.  You can set up a free BTR account and join the chat room to discuss as well.  Make sure you hit follow so you won't miss another show.  Thanks in advance!