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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Forum subject,"Mind/Body/Spirit"

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    Sunday 10/25/2015, 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Dynamic Dojo Talkradio with Restita & Robert!

    "Mind/Body/Spirit" Episode!  Call to join the discussion  (347) 677-0699

    Join Restita and Robert as they discuss "Is it required to bring 'spirituality' into training"?, motivation for training, things that kill motivation, "What do people dislike in martial arts schools?", mindsets for training, and other subjects!

    Rusty & Robert have talked a lot on the air about the combat applications of martial arts and the comparisons of styles and methods, however, let's talk about the mind/body/spirit aspect! How does our mindset, attitude, preconceived notions or developed opinions and stereotypes affect our training and how we look at other systems, is spirituality a "requirement" to be called a "martial artist"? What aspects make or break a student's outlook on their own schools?....and much more!

    Call us at (247-677-0699 around 6:30 pm to add your thoughts, concerns, questions, tips, etc.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: 3rd Anniversary Show!

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    Sunday November 8th, 2015. 6:00 PM Pacific Time

    Its our 3rd anniversary show! Join Restita and Robert as they reminisce about the past year on the air, and thank all the guests and guest co-hosts for another great year of "Dojo Talk"!  Its an open forum night, so we can talk about anything else as well as our 3rd year on the air. So call us this sunday at 6 pm PST, at (347) 677-0699

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: w/ Sifu Angie Abad and Sifu Jayson Mancia

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    Join us Sunday February 7th as Sifu Angie Abad & Sifu Jayson Mancia join us at the Dojo! They will talk about training and teaching together as a married couple at their martial arts school, Abad-Mancia Martial Arts.  They teach Kajukenbo and Hula at their school.

    Dont miss this episode to learn about their method of Kajukenbo (from Sifu Angie's father, GM Alan Abad), tips on working together, the concept of "Ohana" (family), etc.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Kathy Long rings in 2016 with Restita & Bob!

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    Join us Sunday January 3rd 2016 at 6 pm PST, as 5 time World Champion kickboxer Kathy Long join us at the Dojo!

    Kathy Long started martial arts when she was fifteen. She holds a Master degree in Kung Fu San Soo as well as a black belt in Aikido. She has also trained in Kali (Filipino stick and knife fighting) and Brazilian Jui-jitsu.

    In 1991 Kathy was voted Woman of the Year by the Black Belt Hall of Fame, and in 1992 she was chosen by Inside Kung Fu magazine as Female of the Year. The five time world Kickboxing Champion was honored by Black Belt Magazine as Kickboxer of the Year in 1992. In 1996 she was inducted into the Bob Elias Sports Hall of Fame as well as several others throughout her career.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Last show of the year: How do you celebrate the holidays

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    Sunday December 20th, 2015. 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Guest call in number (347) 677-0699

    Its our last show of 2015, and we like to wrap up the year by getting our listeners and friends together to talk about "How do you celebrate the holidays?"

    Call us at (347) 677-0699 to join the Dojo's open floor, and tell us about how you celebrate the holidays with your family or at your martial arts schools. What are you favorite foods, activities, etc? Doesn't matter what you call the winter holidays....we welcome everyone to share their ways of observing this time of year!

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    Dynamic Dojo TalkRadio: With guest, Rich Boyce

    in Sports

    Having overcome many obstacles during his life, Rich Boyce credits martial arts for giving him tools to pull through. He will share his philosophy of what it means to be a martial artist.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: With Actor/Producer Michelle Tomlinson

    in Performing Arts

     Sunday September 27th at 6 pm Pacific Time, join Restita & Robert as they welcome Actor/Producer/Acting coach Michelle Tomlinson. Call in to speak with Michelle (347) 677-0699

    As a survivor of Papillary Thyroid Cancer, Michelle Tomlinson uses her life to spread light, have fun, work hard and taste every moment to its fullest.

    An accomplished Actor, Tomlinson has received rave reviews in several Feature Films that have hit Festivals, Theatres and DVD Releases. Although she is more known for her work in Indie Horror Feature Films, such as “THE CELLAR DOOR”, “BRAIN DEAD” and “GEORGE’S INTERVENTION,” Tomlinson has also enjoyed juicy roles in Dramatic Indie Feature Films, such as “UNDERCURRENT”, “OFFICER DOWN,” and “ROAD TO THE OPEN.” She has also been in several Short Films and Plays.  She currently plays the Series Lead in the Web Series “KUNG FU FEMMES”.

    Tomlinson also professionally coaches Actors of every age, ability and experience level to book their auditions and to learn more about the craft of Acting. She has several students who regularly book roles in Television, Feature Films, Commercials and Plays. She quickly and adeptly recognizes the Actor’s essence within minutes of meeting them.  Her specialty as an Acting Coach is to swiftly peel away the layers of junk and accentuate the gifts each Actor brings to her or his performance.

    “AN INTIMATE LOOK with MICHELLE TOMLINSON” is her most recent Producing endeavor and is a labor of love.  Tomlinson is excited to share people’s first hand stories from many walks of life. Her wish is that these true stories resonate and inspire you to take action in your life, in a profound way.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Open Mic Mania! Anything Martial Arts!

    in Sports

    Sunday December 6th, 6:00 pm Pacific Time

    Join Restita and friends for another open mic night, listeners welcome to bring any martial arts subjects to the table!  Call us to join in live on the air: (347) 677-0699

    We'll pick up where we left off on a previous open-mic night, talking about why different people choose traditional or modern martial arts, the pros and cons of each, etc. We'll also talk about "wannabees"...those who talk the talk but never walked the walk, and other stuff as the open discussion leads to other things.

    However we want to talk about anything and everything our listeners would like to talk about, martial arts related of course.


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    Dynamic Dojo TalkRadio : Rant, Rave, & Rap

    in Sports

    Join us sunday August 23rd for open mic night! (347) 677-0699

    Talk about anything related to martial arts, fitness, health, running a studio, your arts, etc. Let's talk about anything! Well, almost anything. ...no politics or religion, please.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: "Rant, Rave, n' Rap"! Open Mic Night

    in Sports

    Sunday 4/26/2015, 6:00 pm Pacific Time

    Its open mic night at the Dojo! Call Restita and Bob at the studio (347) 677-0699 to talk about anything you want, within reason of course! Martial arts topics preferred but we'll talk about anything. Well, almost.....lol!. 

    Want to announce an upcoming event? Talk about a great martial arts book or movie? Are you a martial arts student and have a question about martial arts? Want to rave and something? Rant about something? Give us a call and join us for a fun night of open mic!

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Grandmaster Leo T. Fong

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    Sunday November 30th, 2014. 6 pm Pacific Time.  Join us as we welcome Professor Leo Fong to the Dynamic Dojo! Call us live on the air this Sunday to speak with one of the most respected practitioners in the martial arts world today.

    Leo T. Fong
    Methodist Minister, Martial Artist, Fitness Coach, Filmmaker

     Leo T. Fong was born on November 23rd, 1928. He is one of the most respected martial artists in the community today. Leo was born in Canton, China. When he was five years old, his family emigrated to the United States. At the age of 15, Leo began training as an amateur boxer and was also called to be an ordained Methodist Minister. In 1958, Leo was introduced to Kung Fu, studying Choy Li Fut and Sil Lim. In the early sixties, Leo met Bruce Lee and became his student, eventually inspiring many of the innovative techniques of JKD.

    In the 1970's, Leo Fong went to Hong Kong and started a career in martial arts films. When he returned to the USA he started producing, directing and continued acting in films. Mr. Fong is a retired minister, a film producer, and a martial arts teacher. He has created his own style of martial art known as Wei Kuen Do, which is not just a fighting art, but a style to bring inner peace to the body.

    Full biography of Leo Fong at his website: http://www.leotfong.com/LeoFong/LeoFong.html