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    ARE YOU READY FOR 2012??? with Dynamic Daphne

    in Management

    As the new year approaches  and we take inventory  of where we are , we are sure to see some things remaining on our 2011 list  we did not get to. How can we change that? Well join the conversation at 10:00 AM EST 12/28 so we can work on a ACTION Plan together for 2012 and beyond.
    Call in: 1-646-915-8166

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    You Are Invited To The FIRE-SALE with Dynamic Daphne

    in Self Help

    This December I celebrate a very Special Bithday. And Guess What? I am doing something "CRAZY" and off the Chain.

    I have for you a "FIRE SALE"  YES a Fire Sale which will help you :


    Prepare you for your Super " BREAKTHROUGH"

    Give you the needed guidance to craft tour Success plan for 2016 and beyond

    The will be the the format of Three 90 Minutes Teleseminars 11/30, 12/7, 12/14

    Register by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/FireYourGratitude 

    I will see you at the Fire Sale!

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    Dr. Joel Martin Special guest Happy Birthday Dynamic Daphne

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Joel Martin will inspire and educate your audience. An award winning creative director, she was one of America’s first women to own and operate a full-service advertising agency. She is an entrepreneur who understands firsthand what it takes to create a major brand, be resourceful, inspire a work force, and overcome challenges. Today she is President of Triad West Inc. specializing in diversity, leadership, and breakthrough performance. A master trainer and training designer, she is also producer of Positively Powerful Transformational Events. She wrote the book on How To Be A Positively Powerful Person! and Get Your The Brand Awareness (MBA) The Positively Powerful Way!
    8:00 -8:30 Dynamic Daphne Celebrate her birthday on year with supporters.
    www.blogtalkradio.com/ Daphne-Clarke-Hudson

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    Dynamic Daphne Re-Unite with Ruhamah Rylander

    in Entrepreneur

     Episode One:
    Home Help With a Heart for the Elderly:
    After more than 30 years spent working with the elderly, Ruhamah Rylander, LPN, decided to open a home care company that was unique. "It would show our heart as well as our qualifications, by providing the best care possible to those who are most vulnerable," she said. After meeting all the state licensing requirements, she founded Content
    Family Home Care in October, 2003, in order to provide the best of care for those who need it most. Nex! she carefully recruited a staff that shares her desire to provide the compassionate care she wanted to offer to families and the elderly.
    Episode 2:
    Over Forty years ago two young women were part of the Nursing Class of 1970 at the ST. James Hospital School of Nursing. They went their seperate ways,touch many lives and possible of transform their OWN Lives???.
    Join US to weigh in on the Scoope and learn about what Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson was like back then.
    Has she CHANGED??? well  you must join  the conversation to find out first hand.

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    Empowering Conversation Dynamic Daphne and Keisha Stuckey

    in Business

    Are you tired of the same RESULTS???? then lets talk about HOW to change that with Re-Invention Coach and Speaker Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson and   Faith Building Coach  Keisha  Charmagne Stuckey.
    IT is time for an OVER- HAUL in our
    And guess what it starts with you.

  • 01:21

    Bridget Holland-Stone shares BMX with Dynamic Daphne

    in Lifestyle

    As I continue the book discussion  WHAT'S POSSIBLE? I have located right in my community "A WHAT'S POSSIBLE" Story. 
    It is that of my friend and Walking partner  Bridget Holland Stone, whom I have renamed "BMX" Mom. Join us 12/4 at 7:00 PM as she shares her story and success in the BMX Races.
    7:45 -8:30  Book Discussion from WHAT'S  POSSILBE????
    www.blogtalkradio.com/ Daphne-Clarke-Hudson

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    RESURRECTION CONVERSATION..at 7:00 pm with Dynamic Daphne

    in Lifestyle

    Please join the conversation tonight lets discuss what  Resurrection Day really means for us.
    Callin: 1-646-915-8166
    Time : 7:00 PM EST.
    See you tonight..

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    Can Unforgiveness Block Your Success with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

    in Business

    We live in an age of offence. Everyone is offended. Everyone is angry. Everyone is enraged. And out of this offence flows bitterness, resentment, hatred, and unforgiveness. Jesus said, “It is impossible that no offenses should come” (Luke 17:1). All of us experience offence daily, but the critical question is how our heart will handle it. All unforgiveness comes out of offense and unforgiveness may be the greatest poison to the heart known to mankind.

    Please send me and email to let me know how I can help you with any issues you are experiencing.


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    Island Girl In Paradise Catherine Storing Confidence Coach & Dynamic Daphne

    in Business

    I have a Question For you:

    Now the Question is… are you ready to Ignite your New You?

    To clarify your purpose?
    Only you can birth your true purpose

    Is Your life WHY clear to you?
    We will show you how to connect and manifest your WHY

    Have limiting believes paralyzed your progress?
    Unlock your limiting believes and live the life you deserve and want.


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    Walter F. Mish Producer Shares his Story with Dynamic Daphne

    in Lifestyle

    About: Walter F. Mish: A New Day Radio Show Producer:
    I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in 1997 I had just gotten married in 1996 and working in management didn’t really understand about diabetes so I was not paying that much attention to my health. but i was exercising more watch my diet i changed jobs which was a hardware retail store which was a strenuous job and I lost alot of weight numbers dropped in my blood glucose readings so i felt i was healed I stopped taking my medication and seeing dr.
    I went a couple of years when one day at work I thought I was having a heart attack they took me in the ambulance as they asked questions about my health I proudly announced that I was an ex diabetic, his answer was no you didn’t once a diabetic always a diabetic wow what a slapped in the face only to be told at the emergency room I was diagnosed with cardio myopathy.
    A disease of the heart when the walls of my heart muscles are weakened from diabetes
    So on the mend I started taking meds reguarly and I thought i was getting better but still not paying attention to my health then on august 10th 2006 I drove myself to work it was hot and we worked hard we even took a later lunch. but when i was on my way to lunch i felt light headed
    I thought it was low sugar so i ignored it but when i sat for lunch my left arm kept falling down
    then room started spinning i turned around in my chair and held on my boss asked if I was ok my answer was no, yes I was having a stroke I had blockage in my carotid arteries were clogged cutting off oxygen to the brain which caused me to lose use to my left side.

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    Dynamic Daphne 7:00 pm EST. Rev.Kortni Jones

    in Lifestyle

    A Curious Journey
    Rev. Kortni Jones is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. At a very early age he was frequently visited by angels who guided and comforted him through a very rough childhood. He recalls many early morning journeys out of his body in which he was dressed in a violet/purple robe. On one occasion he quotes, "I had left my body very early one morning, as it was customary for me to do. The early morning sky was dark as usual, though the presence of the Angelic Beings with whom I traveled, most of whom wore violet colored robes, would radiate much Light. These were the moments when I was happiest. As we traveled on beyond what may have been time and space, the darkness of the early morning sky was no more. Instead the Angels radiated an even greater Light. My childlike perception saw it as the sunlight in the middle of the day. In time I grew to understand it to be the "Pure Christ Light." In later years as he grew into adulthood his intense curiosity led him to search for greater meaning in his early experiences. Though he was an ardent Bible scholar, he realized that much of what it contained was unexplained. After much prayer and contemplation, he was guided to other channels of knowledge and inspiration. www.blogtalkradio.com/ Daphne-Clarke-Hudson