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    Daddies Duties Show

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    Yes, we are not afraid to say it: We love black Fathers." We here at Daddies Duties, which is an organization that provides legal help and contacts, fatherhood coaching and other various programs to aid and support Black and Latino fathers, overstand that blacks fathers in this country get no love in the media or court system. The objective of this show to discuss in a somewhat a sandbox fashion the woes and barriers in my life of being a black father in today's era as we also talk about proper solutions.

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    Duties of a Prayer Warrior & Intercessor

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    While prayer warriors are truly selfless individuals who desire to offer their prayer for the good of others, there are distinct advantages to being a prayer warrior. Spiritual growth is the most significant advantage to being a prayer warrior.  An Intercessor is one who stands between or works on behalf of another. For instance, a lawyer is an intercessor in that the lawyer argues points of law on behalf of their client before a judge. Another picture of an intercessor that of a parent protecting their child from danger. A parent will move between their child and the danger and do everything within their means to protect that child.

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    live Chat:Ladies don't perform duties of a wife to a man who is not your HUSBAND

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     Ladies don't perform the duties of a wife to a man who is not your husband

    What are the duties of a wife? Grandma told me... about getting a man.. To know if you are both in love, you feel a "connection" in bed. If you feel ALONE in bed when having sex, you are with the WRONG man. This is CRITICAL! The connection of mind, body, soul!

    2. There is real love that everyone wants but it does not happen to everyone — it is called "soul-mates," spiritual, supernatural. This is the highest form of love — it is a religious feeling.

    3. When having sex and the female does not enjoy it, I strongly recommend that the female gets on top of the man. It always works, the female has a climax and enjoyment. If he wants to perform oral sex on you, enjoy it!

    4. Always make sure the man's penis is CLEAN. Make sure he washes it with soap and water before coming to bed.

    7. Some men are pre-mature ejaculators; that is very frustrating and bad for the female. He needs help to learn to control himself until the female is ready.

    8. There should be foreplay to get the girl ready. As you get older, more experienced, you can skip all that and it is over in 7 minutes.

    9. Perhaps you already know all these hints. I hope you find it helpful; I love you and do not want you to make a mistake. Never marry someone and say "Well, I can always get a divorce if I'm not happy."

    10. Make sure you never marry an abusive control freak. When a man loves you, there is respect.

    11. Never, never tell a boyfriend if you have any savings, inheritance-to-be or your salary when you graduate. http://www.nerve.com/advice/sex-advice-from/sex-advice-from-my-grandmother call in 661-467-2407

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    Outsourcing spousal duties. Can it save your marrige?

    in Relationships

    Outsourcing duties that are usually your spouse's has been done since the beginning of time. Sexual duties, cooking and peace and quite are a few of the duties that are outsourced. Some have said outsourcing saved their relationship. is that possible?
    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    Episode 318 Summertime duties

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    Summertime duties- summer is a very active time for private security officers.

    Residential communities, hotels, amusement parks and beach areas are full of residents, vacationers and become a prime area for crime, fights, robberies and security officers must stay vigilant.

    We will discuss the duties and break down the different property types that require specific enforcement.

    We'll also be discussing our upcoming private officer memorial and new services and websites.

    And last but not least, we'll announce recent appointments to our advisory board and more!

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    Ways IFA practitioners, balance priesthood duties with various professions ?

    in Spirituality

    We welcome you to join IFAGlobalSite.com blog talk radio.  This is a Global humanitarian healing, educational vehicle. The purpose is to bring awareness teaching the wisdom & cultural science oracle system of IFA a originating from West Africa Nigeria.  The System of IFA is a cultural based tradition for all nationalities for those who want to learn how to spiritually and physically achieve there highest potential in life. 

    Please join Hosts: Professor Babalawo Ifategunse Osadele & Apetebi Omirelekun Ifadunmade- Ifalase

    Thursday March 5th 2015 

     8.00pm-10.00pm EST.   

    Topic discussion: Ways of how IFA practitioners, incorporate IFA traditions within their work environments and profession?

    With Guest Appearances from :

    Professor Awo Babatunji Muasta Ifarinu & Apetebi Preistess of Obatala Osalami Omisoore (Nakia Blake BSN- RN) Founder of Natural Nursing Solutions Inc www.naturalnursingsolutions.com


    "IFA Is The Solution to Solving Our Problems"


    Visit www.ifaglobalsite.com

    Email info@ifaglobalsite.com   



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    State Adjutant General: Duties, Elect or Appoint? SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore

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    I have been surprised by the chatter going around about South Carolina's proposed State Constitution Amendment election. The crust of the matter isSouth Carolina is the only State in the Union to elect their Adjutant General. Amendment 2 on the November 4th election day will make the office an elected position. As with every matter the opinions vary from who cares, they must be elected and it is stupid not to have the Adjutant General not appointed.

    We are going to examine the duties and history of this position> We are also going to explore the pros and cons of having an elected or appointed Adjutant General.

    Later in the morning the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party will join us for an overview of the Mid-term Elections (State and National) as we get closer to the day we pick our new political representatives.

    No matter what State, city or county you live in the candidates and issues may be different; however, all of us face similar issues and we can discuss what do you look for to make your decisions before going to the polls.

    See you "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST.


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    Duties of the Heart: Introduction

    in Judaism

    The most rockin' yet indepth Hebrew Roots radio program on the air

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    ''UPPER Room'' Reasonings = LIVE

    in Spirituality

    RSS # 34   Book ofNUMBERS

    Portion Outline

    Numbers 1:1 | The First Census of Israel
    Numbers 2:1 | The Order of Encampment and Marching
    Numbers 3:1 | The Sons of Aaron
    Numbers 3:5 | The Duties of the Levites
    Numbers 3:14 | A Census of the Levites
    Numbers 3:40 | The Redemption of the Firstborn
    Numbers 4:1 | The Kohathites

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    Fantasy Series Proves Reckless Ambitions can be Messy Business

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    Reckless Ambitions: The Medford Family Chronicles
    New Fantasy Adventure Series by Author, John Paul Ried

    About the Book:
    The beloved and respected Emperor John Cardillion IV is dead. His four sons, a Cleric, a Fighter, a Magic User and a Thief/businessman, all intend to destroy each other to rule the Palamaran Empire. Earl Thomas Medford, the Lord Chancellor, intends to win the impending civil war and marry his daughter off to the next Emperor. Which brother to choose because all four are greedy, selfish, despicable megalomaniacs?

    Lady Christina Medford and Imperial Guard officer Nicholas Armand have fallen hopelessly in love despite their duties and responsibilities. If her father discovers or even suspects their romance then Tina, Nick and many of their friends might be quickly executed. Why take the risk? Love is insane and irresistible.

    About the Author:
    John Paul Ried grew up in Upper Montclair New Jersey and has recently relocated to Phoenix Arizona. He has taught both college level history and English classes at Essex County College and Illinois Central College. Mr. Ried also has taught Special Education classes in public schools in both Kentucky and Nevada. Along with teaching, Mr. Ried has an extensive fundraising background. Since 1978, Mr. Ried continually plays First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and has brought to life his Campaign World for his readers to enjoy. He draws inspiration from his very demanding cat named Enalan.

    For more information: