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    The Carolina Bulls vs The Denver Bears

    in Finance

    The guys take a look at earnings from blue chip companies Phillip Morris and Royal Dutch Shell, as well as GoPro and Dunkin Brands. Plus, does the outcome of the Superbowl influence the stock market? History says it absolutely does.

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    Universal Language: Sacred Geometry with Zlatko Kanda

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Zlatko Kanda, for a show on "Universal Language: Sacred Geometry."

    Zlatko is a born psychic, intuitive coach, originator of Metatronic Teachings, Sacred Geometry Healing® modality and the creator of powerful healing soul mandalas.

    During his childhood Zlatko inspired his mother into the path of spirituality as a result of the clear future predictions he made between 3 and 8 years of age. These many years later he is once again presenting these gifts in the best possible way for humanity. Worldwide, he has helped many people remember who they truly are, with the energy of love, and the simple yet effective tools of the universe and sacred geometry.

    In 2011 Zlatko was honored to receive from his angelic guides the gift of creating healing mandalas by channeling divine healing energies into sacred geometry. With love, joy and excitement he expanded his abilities to heal and support more and more people through his healings, readings and his unique soul mandalas. This unique form of energy is increasingly being appreciated and recognized.

    Zlatko was invited by many radio stations and Dutch TV several times to present his gifts. Zlatko’s vision for humanity is to share the law of unconditional love, to teach the sacred geometry language, and to heal and empower mankind, along with planet earth. To learn more visit kandalini.com.

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    Green Leaf Network - Dutch Night

    in Entertainment

    Green Leaf Network welcomes you tonight to join us 11:30pm

    Live on Dutch Night! Tonight listen to classic R&B as we 

    speak on celebrity news call 929-477-245

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    Tonight, TaxStone and Chess will be on Live!!

    in Entertainment

    Join 3 Letterman, Hurricane Du and Dirtbag Dutch on tonight's show we have the host of the Tax Season Podcast, TaxStone on with us live. Also on tonight's show one of Battle Rap's rising stars Chess will also be in the building discussing what is next for him this year.

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    Midwest Mix featuring some of the best out of the MIDWEST!!!

    in Music

    Make sure you are tuning into the show that keeps the MIDWEST STYLE FLOWING OVER THE AIRWAVES! Tonight we will be playing music from Raw Gee , That Guy Soda , Dutch Rugar , Rxmedy, Crisis Fresh and more! Make sure to call in live at 718-508-9559. Press 1 to go live anytime for a shoutout, birthday wish etc! Artists if you are looking for interviews text the word INTERVIEW to 612-314-MNTC

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    Exclusive Interview - Classics and Caskets

    in Music

    Make sure to tune in tonight as we have Dat Dude Smurf on air with us tonight in promotion for the biggest battle of the Twin Cities this year! The Classics and Caskets event going down at Arnellias Nightclub Tomorrow January 23rd in Saint Paul. This event is hosted by Dutch Rugar. There will be some new updates about the event in this interview.

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    Unspoken Words: Thoughts of the Millennial Generation

    in Entrepreneur

    Today on Unspoken Words Robert Dunn chats with Loren Rochelle co-founder & CEO of NOM! Loren brings extensive experience in the video distribution industry to NOM, and is a leader in the space.

    Before bringing NOM to life, Loren served as the Vice President Accounts at video marketing company, Channel Factory, working directly with clients to build multi-million dollar relationships while ensuring client goals were met. Prior to Channel Factory Loren helped build distribution companies from the ground up such as Giant Media (acquired by AdKnowledge) and Feed Company.

    In Loren’s early Marketing days she worked with RedBlack, a startup specializing in custom E-commerce stores for successful content sites. She lead the marketing team to develop strategies across multiple properties, determining necessary tactics to deliver positive ROI and increase site traffic for retailers.

    Story-telling. Listening. Building partnerships. Navigating difficult situations. Keeping calm during crisis. Disruptive thinking. Team building, Offering restaurant suggestions. Scrabble. Being the glue.

    Past Clients:
    Red Bull, Mozilla, Adidas, Ford, Nestle, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, GE, Tanqueray, Maker’s Mark, Beefeater, Logitech, Microsoft, eBay, Intel, Dutch Tourism, Orbitz, Expedia, Air New Zealand, ConAgra, Nestle, Levi Strauss & Co, Pom Wonderful, Summer’s Eve, CLIF Bar, HEAD Tennis, Capital One, Taco Bell, TaylorMade, Kraft and more.


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    414 S. MAIN STREET. 


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    RA:Interview with Dr Assis Malaquias on decline in oil prices & Angola's economy

    in Radio

    Rádio Angola (RA): We had the honor to interview Dr. Assis Malaquias, Professor and Academic Chair, Defense Economics and Resource Management at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, to discuss issues, mainly, on angolan economic crise. Dr. Malaquias examine the Angola's economic, in particular, the recent decline in crude oil prices and its impact on the local economy, including the purchasing power parity - PPP. He also spoke about the dutch diease and the need to diversify the state's economy to keep it relevant and vibrant. I can't think of a single country where human rights and human dignity are not respected and it is stable, stated Mr. Malaquias.

    Interview conducted by Serafim de Oliveira

    Rádio Angola is one of the projects of Friends of Angola in Washington DC. Questions and suggestions can be sent to: info@friendsofangola.org.


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